115 - Middleton - Moston circular

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Manchester


Middleton Bus Station (Stand J) 09:30then hourly until15:30
Middleton, o/s Medical Centre 09:3115:31
Middleton, opp Limefield Park 09:3215:32
Rhodes, opp Kings Drive 09:3215:32
Rhodes, opp Croft Gates Road 09:3315:33
Rhodes, opp Broad Street 09:3415:34
Rhodes, opp Boardman Lane 09:3415:34
Rhodes, nr Bonny Brow Street 09:3515:35
Rhodes, nr M60 09:3515:35
Higher Blackley, opp Old Hall Lane 09:3615:36
Higher Blackley, adj Heaton Park Road 09:3715:37
Higher Blackley Glenbrook Road (N-bound) 09:3915:39
Higher Blackley Heaton Park Road (S-bound) 09:4015:40
Higher Blackley Acre Top Road (N-bound) 09:4115:41
Higher Blackley Munn Road (E-bound) 09:4215:42
Higher Blackley, opp Youth Club 09:4315:43
Higher Blackley, opp Plant Hill Road 09:4315:43
Higher Blackley, opp Cecil Road 09:4315:43
Higher Blackley Chain Road (Stop A) 09:4315:43
Higher Blackley Victoria Avenue (Stop D) 09:4615:46
Higher Blackley, opp Hilldale Avenue 09:4715:47
Blackley, opp Housing Office 09:4715:47
Blackley, nr Grasdene Avenue 09:4815:48
Blackley, opp Haverfield Road 09:4815:48
Higher Blackley, opp Benmore Road 09:4915:49
Higher Blackley, nr Amesbury Road 09:4915:49
Charlestown, opp Pennine Close 09:4915:49
Charlestown, nr Kirkway 09:5015:50
Charlestown, opp Cartmel Cout 09:5015:50
Charlestown, opp Moorway Drive 09:5115:51
Moston, opp Northwold Drive 09:5115:51
Moston, adj Northwold Drive 09:5115:51
Moston Greengate (Stop C) 09:5215:52
Moston Gardener's Arms (Stop H) 09:5215:52
Moston, opp Leyburn Road 09:5315:53
Moston, adj Nuthurst Road 09:5415:54
Moston, o/s Broadhurst Fields 09:5415:54
Moston, opp Horncastle Road 09:5515:55
Moston Cemetery (o/s) 09:5515:55
Moston, opp Blue Bell 09:5615:56
Moston, nr Leighton Street 09:5615:56
Moston, o/s Ben Brierley 09:5715:57
Moston, opp Post Office 09:5815:58
Moston, opp Edward Street 09:5915:59
Harpurhey, nr Hillier Street North 09:5915:59
Harpurhey, opp Asda 10:0016:00
Harpurhey, nr Hemmington Drive 10:0116:01
Harpurhey, nr Carisbrook Street 10:0116:01
Harpurhey, nr Rochdale Road 10:0216:02
Harpurhey Road (at) 10:0216:02
Harpurhey, nr Irk Bridge 10:0316:03
Lower Crumpsall, nr Waterloo Street 10:0416:04
Lower Crumpsall, nr Crescent Road 10:0516:05
Blackley, nr Factory Lane 10:0516:05
Blackley, opp Andrew Road 10:0616:06
Blackley, adj Old Market Street 10:0716:07
Blackley, opp Oakworth Street 10:0816:08
Higher Crumpsall, opp Pike Fold Primary School 10:0816:08
Higher Crumpsall, opp Chapel Lane 10:0816:08
Higher Blackley, opp Ashenhurst Reservoir 10:1016:10
Higher Blackley, adj Sandyhill Road 10:1016:10
Bank House, opp Sandyhill Road 10:1116:11
Bank House, opp Bantry Drive 10:1216:12
Bank House, opp Inchcape Drive 10:1316:13
Bank House, nr Crab Lane 10:1316:13
Bank House, nr Bowfell Grove 10:1316:13
Bank House, nr Plant Hill Road 10:1416:14
Bank House Road (nr) 10:1416:14
Plant Hill High School (o/s) 10:1516:15
Plant Hill, nr Mirfield Road 10:1616:16
Plant Hill, nr Heathbank Road 10:1716:17
Higher Blackley, opp Plant Hill Road 10:1716:17
Higher Blackley, opp Cecil Road 10:1816:18
Higher Blackley Chain Road (Stop A) 10:1916:19
Alkrington, opp Mossway 10:2116:21
Alkrington, opp Moss Lane 10:2116:21
Alkrington, nr Woodlands Way 10:2216:22
Alkrington, opp Kingsway 10:2316:23
Alkrington, opp Mount Road 10:2416:24
Middleton, opp Mill Fold Road 10:2416:24
Middleton Bus Station (Stand J) 10:2616:26

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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