117 - Piccadilly Gardens - Greengate Moston Road

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Manchester

Thomas Street, Manchester City Centre - Road Closure
From 4 December 2023

Thomas Street will be closed at the junction of Shudehill due to manhole repair works. All buses will divert via Rochdale Road, Addington Street, Oldham Road and Oldham Street. You can get on and off at all stops on the diversion route

All buses will divert via Thompson Street, Oldham Road and Oldham Street inbound only. You can get on and off at all stop on the diversion route.


Piccadilly Gardens - Greengate Moston Road

Piccadilly Gardens (Stop B) 07:07then every 30 minutes until15:0715:3716:0716:3717:0717:3718:07
Manchester The Unicorn (Stop CB) 07:0915:0915:3916:0916:4017:1017:4018:10
Shudehill Hanover Street (Stop NM) 07:1015:1015:4116:1116:4217:1217:4218:12
Newtown, opp Marshall Street 07:1115:1115:4216:1216:4417:1417:4418:13
Newtown, nr Clive Street 07:1215:1215:4316:1316:4517:1517:4518:14
Newtown, nr Peary Street 07:1315:1315:4416:1416:4617:1617:4618:15
Newtown, opp Livesey Street 07:1315:1315:4516:1516:4717:1717:4718:16
Newtown, opp Osborne Street 07:1415:1415:4616:1616:4917:1917:4918:18
Collyhurst, opp Whitley Road 07:1515:1515:4816:1816:5117:2117:5118:19
Collyhurst, opp Paget Street 07:1715:1715:4916:1916:5317:2317:5318:21
Queens Park Park View (Stop B) 07:1815:1815:5116:2116:5517:2517:5518:23
Harpurhey, opp Grangewood Drive 07:2015:2015:5316:2316:5717:2717:5718:25
Harpurhey, opp The Shiredale 07:2015:2015:5316:2316:5817:2817:5818:26
Harpurhey, nr Brewster Street 07:2115:2115:5416:2416:5917:2917:5918:27
Harpurhey, nr Church Lane 07:2315:2315:5616:2617:0117:3118:0118:29
Harpurhey, o/s Asda 07:2415:2415:5716:2717:0217:3218:0218:30
Harpurhey, opp Hillier Street North 07:2515:2515:5816:2817:0317:3318:0318:31
Moston, opp Mowers Arms 07:2615:2615:5916:2917:0517:3518:0518:33
Moston, o/s Post Office 07:2715:2716:0016:3017:0517:3518:0518:33
Moston, opp Ebsworth Street 07:2715:2716:0016:3017:0617:3618:0618:34
Moston, opp Ben Brierley 07:2815:2816:0116:3117:0717:3718:0718:35
Moston, o/s Blue Bell 07:2915:2916:0216:3217:0817:3818:0818:36
Moston Cemetery (opp) 07:2915:2916:0216:3217:0817:3818:0818:36
Moston, nr Horncastle Road 07:3015:3016:0316:3317:0917:3918:0918:37
Moston, opp Broadhurst Fields 07:3115:3116:0416:3417:1017:4018:1018:38
Moston, nr Barcliffe Avenue 07:3115:3116:0416:3417:1017:4018:1018:38
New Moston, opp The Fairway 07:3315:3316:0616:3617:1217:4218:1218:40
New Moston, nr Broadway 07:3315:3316:0616:3617:1217:4218:1218:40
New Moston, nr Parkhurst Avenue 07:3415:3416:0716:3717:1317:4318:1318:41
New Moston, nr Hazeldene Road 07:3515:3516:0816:3817:1417:4418:1418:42
New Moston, opp Hawthorn Road 07:3515:3516:0816:3817:1417:4418:1418:42
New Moston Junior School (o/s) 07:3615:3616:0916:3917:1517:4518:1518:43
New Moston, adj Broadway 07:3715:3716:1016:4017:1617:4618:1618:44
New Moston Broadway (cnr) 07:3715:3716:1016:4017:1617:4618:1618:44
Moston Rail Station (Stop M) 07:3815:3816:1116:4117:1717:4718:1718:45
Moston Branston Road (Stop K) 07:3915:3916:1216:4217:1817:4818:1818:46
Moston, o/s Gardener's Arms 07:3915:3916:1216:4217:1817:4818:1818:46
Moston Gardener's Arms (Stop A) 07:4015:4016:1316:4317:1917:4918:1918:47
Greengate, opp NOV Factory 07:4115:4116:1416:4417:2017:5018:2018:48
Greengate, opp Moston Road 07:4215:4216:1516:4517:2117:5118:2118:49

Greengate Stagecoach Depot - Piccadilly Gardens

Greengate, o/s Stagecoach Depot 06:4807:1707:4708:1708:47then every 30 minutes until18:47
Greengate, nr Moston Road 06:4907:1807:4808:1808:4818:48
Greengate, o/s NOV Factory 06:5107:2007:5008:2008:4918:49
Moston Gardener's Arms (Stop B) 06:5207:2107:5108:2108:4918:49
Moston Rail Station (Stop L) 06:5407:2307:5308:2308:5018:50
White Gate, by Hollinwood Avenue 06:5407:2307:5308:2308:5118:51
New Moston, nr Broadway 06:5507:2407:5408:2408:5118:51
New Moston Junior School (opp) 06:5607:2507:5508:2508:5218:52
New Moston, nr Hawthorn Road 06:5707:2607:5608:2608:5318:53
New Moston Shops (opp) 06:5807:2707:5708:2708:5318:53
New Moston, opp Parkhurst Avenue 06:5907:2807:5808:2808:5418:54
New Moston, opp Library 07:0007:2907:5908:2908:5518:55
New Moston, opp Broadway 07:0107:3008:0008:3008:5518:55
New Moston, nr The Fairway 07:0107:3008:0008:3008:5618:56
Moston, nr St Mary's Road 07:0207:3108:0108:3108:5618:56
Moston, opp Enderby Road 07:0307:3208:0208:3208:5718:57
Moston, o/s Broadhurst Fields 07:0407:3308:0308:3308:5818:58
Moston, opp Horncastle Road 07:0507:3408:0408:3408:5918:59
Moston Cemetery (o/s) 07:0607:3508:0508:3508:5918:59
Moston, opp Blue Bell 07:0607:3508:0508:3509:0019:00
Moston, nr Leighton Street 07:0707:3608:0608:3609:0019:00
Moston, o/s Ben Brierley 07:0807:3708:0708:3709:0119:01
Moston, opp Post Office 07:0907:3808:0808:3809:0219:02
Moston, opp Edward Street 07:1007:3908:0908:3909:0319:03
Harpurhey, nr Hillier Street North 07:1107:4008:1008:4009:0419:04
Harpurhey, opp Asda 07:1207:4108:1108:4109:0519:05
Harpurhey, nr Hemmington Drive 07:1307:4208:1208:4209:0619:06
Harpurhey, nr Carisbrook Street 07:1407:4308:1308:4309:0719:07
Harpurhey, o/s The Shiredale 07:1507:4408:1408:4409:0819:08
Queens Park, nr Lathbury Road 07:1707:4608:1608:4609:1019:10
Collyhurst Queens Road (Stop F) 07:1807:4708:1708:4709:1119:11
Collyhurst, nr Paget Street 07:1907:4808:1808:4809:1219:12
Collyhurst, nr Whitley Road 07:2107:5008:2008:5009:1419:14
Newtown, nr Osborne Street 07:2207:5108:2108:5109:1519:15
Newtown, opp Peary Street 07:2307:5208:2208:5209:1619:16
Newtown, opp Clive Street 07:2407:5308:2308:5309:1719:17
Newtown, nr Marshall Street 07:2507:5408:2408:5409:1819:18
Shudehill Hanover Street (Stop NN) 07:2607:5508:2508:5509:1919:19
Manchester Turner Street (Stop NZ) 07:2707:5608:2608:5609:2019:20
Manchester The Unicorn (Stop CA) 07:2807:5708:2708:5709:2119:21
Piccadilly Gardens (Stop B) 07:2907:5808:2808:5809:2219:22

Timetable data from Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 1 December 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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