119 - Croydon - Hayes (Kent) - Bromley

A bus service operated by Abellio London


Monday to Friday, not school holidays

Waddon The Colonnades / Croydon Airport (->NE) 07:22
Waddon Airport House (Stop) 07:22
Waddon Imperial Way (->N) 07:24
Waddon Coldharbour Road (Stop NG) 07:25
Waddon Leisure Centre / Fiveways (Stop NH) 07:26
Waddon Stafford Road (Stop EC) 07:27
Waddon Crowley Crescent (->E) 07:29
S Croydon Bramley Hill (->E) 07:31
S Croydon Croydon Bowling Club (->E) 07:32
S Croydon Warham Road / Brighton Road (Stop K) 07:34
S Croydon Swan & Sugar Loaf (Stop M) 07:35
S Croydon Coombe Road (Stop V) 07:36
Croydon Flyover (Stop KT) 07:38
Croydon Library (Stop KM) 07:40
Croydon Fairfield Halls (Stop KC) 07:41
East Croydon Bus Station (Stop E1) 07:45
Addiscombe Lebanon Road Tram Stop (Stop A) 07:46
Addiscombe Sandilands Tram Stop (Stop B) 07:48
Addiscombe Ashburton Road (Stop C) 07:49
Addiscombe Mapledale Avenue (Stop D) 07:50
Addiscombe Birch Tree Way (Stop E) 07:51
Shirley Trinity School (Stop F) 07:53
Upper Shirley Road (Stop A) 07:55
Shirley Verdayne Avenue (Stop B) 07:56
Shirley Library (Stop C) 07:57
Shirley Cheston Avenue (Stop D) 07:58
Monks Orchard Langland Gardens (Stop E) 08:00
Spring Park West Wickham and Shirley Baptist Church (Stop P) 08:03
W Wickham High Street / Manor Road (Stop L) 08:04
W Wickham Sherwood Way (Stop J) 08:06
W Wickham Wickham Court Road (->S) 08:07
W Wickham West Wickham Playing Fields (->S) 08:08
Coney Hall Courtfield Rise (Stop A) 08:09
Coney Hall Layhams Road (Stop B) 08:10
Coney Hall Addington Road / Glebe Way (Stop C) 08:11
Coney Hall Tiepigs Lane (Stop D) 08:12
Coney Hall Holland Way (Stop H) 08:13
Hayes Station (Stop C) 08:15
Hayes / Station Approach (Stop D) 08:15
Hayes Library (Stop J) 08:18
Hayes / George Lane (Stop K) 08:19
Hayes Club Gardens Road (Stop L) 08:21
Hayes Lane Norman Park (Stop S) 08:24
Bromley Hayes Road / Hayes Lane (Stop T) 08:25
Bromley Hayes Road / Cameron Road (Stop F) 08:28
Bromley St Mark's Church (Stop E) 08:29
Bromley South Station (Stop B) 08:31
Bromley Elmfield Road The Mall (Stop U) 08:32
Bromley Civic Centre (Stop S) 08:33
Bromley Town Hall (Stop Q) 08:35
West Street Bromley (Stop O) 08:37
Bromley North Station (->N) 08:39

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Abellio London