11a - St Albans - Town Centre

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St Albans to Town Centre

Castle Hill Shopping Parade (N-bound) 07:25
Whitton, opp Spenser Road 07:26
Whitton, o/s Shakespeare Road 07:27
Whitton Byron Road (o/s 57) 07:28
Whitton, adj Parnell Road 07:30
Whitton, opp Heathercroft Road 07:31
Whitton, adj Mitford Close 07:32
Whitton, adj Chepstow Road 07:33
Castle Hill, adj Lincoln Close 07:34
Castle Hill, adj Pearcroft Road 07:34
Castle Hill, adj Recreation Ground 07:35
Castle Hill, adj Elmcroft Road 07:36
Castle Hill, opp Cedarcroft Road 07:37
Castle Hill, opp Willowcroft Road 07:37
Castle Hill, opp Pinecroft Road 07:38
Castle Hill, opp Ashcroft Road 07:39
Westbourne, opp Norbridge Social Club 07:40
Westbourne, opp Springfield Lane 07:42
Westbourne, opp Richmond Road 07:44
Westbourne, adj Westwood Avenue 07:46
Westbourne, opp Ymca 07:48
Ipswich, opp Granville Street 07:51
Ipswich Furniture Project (adj) 07:55
Ipswich Tower Ramparts Bus Station (Stand KK) 08:00
Ipswich Cobden Place (Stop) 08:02
Ipswich, adj Lacey Street 08:03
Ipswich, adj Medical Centre 08:04
Rushmere, adj Rivers Street 08:05
Rushmere, adj Khartoum Road 08:06
Rushmere, opp Nelson Road 08:07
Rushmere, opp Gordon Road 08:08
Rushmere, adj Phoenix Road 08:08
Rushmere, opp Howard Street 08:09
Rushmere, adj Lattice Barn PH 08:10
Rushmere, adj Crofton Road 08:12
Rushmere, adj Norbury Road 08:12
Rushmere, adj Caithness Close 08:13
Rushmere, adj Cromarty Road 08:14
Rushmere, adj Aberdeen Way 08:14
Rushmere, adj Lanark Road 08:14
Rushmere, opp Rugby Club 08:15
Rushmere, adj Turning Circle 08:15
Rushmere, adj Fairlight Close 08:16
Rushmere, opp Northgate School 08:17

Town Centre to St Albans

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