11X - Cowley, Car Factory Gate - Cowley, Car Factory Gate

A bus service operated by Oxford Bus Company

Cowley, opp Car Factory Gate 07:2608:0108:2108:4109:0109:2109:4109:51then every 10 minutes until17:2117:4118:0118:2118:36then every 15 minutes until21:36
Oxford Queens Lane (Stop J1) 07:4008:1508:3508:5509:1509:3509:5510:0517:3517:5518:1518:3418:4921:49
Oxford High Street (Stop L2) 07:4108:1608:3608:5609:1609:3609:5610:0617:3617:5618:1618:3518:5021:50
Oxford St Aldates (Stop H4) 07:4108:1608:3608:5609:1609:3609:5610:0617:3617:5618:1618:3518:5021:50
Oxford Police Station (Stop P1) 07:4208:1708:3708:5709:1709:3709:5710:0717:3717:5718:1718:3618:5121:51
New Hinksey, o/s Canning Crescent 07:4608:2108:4109:0109:2109:4110:0110:1317:4318:0318:2218:4018:5421:54
Cowley, o/s Car Factory Gate 07:5208:2708:4709:0709:2709:4710:0710:2217:5218:1218:3018:4719:0022:00

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Oxford Bus Company


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