126 - Haughton Green - Hyde - Blue Coat School

A bus service operated by Rosso


Haughton Green - Blue Coat School

Haughton Green, nr Manor Road 07:22
Haughton Green, o/s Post Office 07:22
Haughton Green, o/s Jolly Hatters 07:23
Haughton Green Terminus (at) 07:24
Haughton Green, nr Wordsworth Road 07:24
Haughton Green, opp Manor Green Primary Academy 07:25
Haughton Green, nr Trowbridge Road 07:26
Haughton Green, opp Library 07:27
Haughton Green, o/s Chapel House 07:27
Haughton Green, nr Two Trees Lane 07:28
Haughton Green, opp Manor Road 07:29
Haughton Green, nr Northstead Avenue 07:30
Kingston, nr Read Street 07:32
Hyde, nr Manchester Road 07:32
Hyde Bus Station (Stand F) 07:35
Hyde, nr Newton Street 07:36
Flowery Field, opp Throstle Bank Street 07:37
Flowery Field, nr Dunkirk Lane 07:38
Flowery Field, nr Broadway 07:39
Newton Wood, nr Junction Street 07:39
Newton Wood, nr Duncan Street 07:40
Newton Wood, opp Thorncliffe Avenue 07:41
Dukinfield, opp Boyds Walk 07:42
Dukinfield, opp Pickford Lane 07:42
Dukinfield Town Hall (Stop B) 07:43
Dukinfield, nr West Street 07:44
Dukinfield, nr Alma Street 07:44
Ashton-under-Lyne, opp Asda 07:45
Cockbrook, opp Mossley Road 07:50
Hurst, nr Queens Road 07:52
Hurst, opp Claremont Street 07:53
Hurst, opp Palace Road 07:54
Hurst Cross (at) 07:56
Higher Hurst, opp St Christopher's 07:56
Smallshaw, nr Oakfold Avenue 07:57
Smallshaw, nr Coronation Road 07:58
Smallshaw, opp Laburnum Avenue 07:59
Smallshaw, nr Gambrel Bank Road 08:01
Hartshead, o/s The Waterhouse 08:02
Hartshead, nr Sherwood Close 08:03
Hartshead, nr Alton Close 08:04
Hartshead, opp Exeter Drive 08:05
Lily Lanes, nr Lichfield Avenue 08:06
Lily Lanes, o/s The Red House 08:06
Lily Lanes, opp Twirl Hill Road 08:07
Alt, o/s Garden Centre 08:08
Alt, opp Lees New Road 08:09
Pitses, opp Roundthorn Road 08:10
Abbey Hills, opp Manor Road 08:11
Low Side, nr Vant Street 08:11
Glodwick, nr Warren Lane 08:12
Glodwick Road (opp) 08:13
Glodwick, nr Waterloo Street 08:13
Glodwick, nr Bolton Street 08:14
Glodwick, opp Roundthorn Road 08:15
Clarksfield, nr Greengate Street 08:17
Clarksfield, adj Glodwick Road 08:18
Oldham Mumps Interchange (Stop A) 08:20
Oldham, o/s The Link Centre 08:20
Oldham St Mary's Way (Stop YC) 08:22
Oldham Mumps, o/s Blue Coat School 08:24

Blue Coat School - Haughton Green

Oldham Mumps, o/s Blue Coat School 15:30
Oldham Mumps, nr Higginshaw Road 15:30
Lower Moor, nr Stampstone Street 15:31
Lower Moor, nr Huddersfield Road 15:31
Clarksfield Cross Street (S-bound) 15:31
Clarksfield, opp Hamilton Street 15:31
Clarksfield, opp Greengate Street 15:32
Glodwick, nr Roundthorn Road 15:32
Glodwick, opp Waterloo Street 15:32
Glodwick Road (nr) 15:33
Glodwick, opp Warren Lane 15:34
Low Side, opp Vant Street 15:35
Low Side, nr Manor Road 15:36
Pitses, nr Holts Lane 15:36
Alt, nr Lees New Road 15:37
Alt, opp Garden Centre 15:38
Lily Lanes, nr Twirl Hill Road 15:39
Lily Lanes, opp The Red House 15:40
Lily Lanes, opp Lichfield Avenue 15:41
Hartshead, nr St David's Close 15:42
Hartshead, opp Exmoor Close 15:43
Hartshead, opp Rochester Close 15:43
Hartshead, opp The Waterhouse 15:44
Smallshaw, nr Timperley Road 15:45
Smallshaw, nr Laburnum Avenue 15:47
Smallshaw, opp Coronation Road 15:48
Smallshaw, opp Oakfold Avenue 15:49
Higher Hurst, o/s St Christopher's 15:50
Hurst Cross (nr) 15:51
Hurst, nr Palace Road 15:51
Hurst, nr Claremont Street 15:52
Hurst, nr Post Office 15:53
Cockbrook, nr Crickets Lane 15:53
Ashton-under-Lyne, o/s Asda 15:57
Dukinfield, opp West Street 15:58
Dukinfield Town Hall (Stop A) 15:59
Dukinfield, nr Pickford Lane 15:59
Dukinfield, nr Boyds Walk 15:59
Newton Wood, nr Thorncliffe Avenue 16:00
Newton Wood, opp Duncan Street 16:01
Newton Wood, nr Junction Street 16:01
Flowery Field, opp Broadway 16:02
Flowery Field, opp Dunkirk Lane 16:02
Flowery Field, nr Throstle Bank Street 16:03
Hyde, opp Newton Street 16:04
Hyde Bus Station (Stand F) 16:06
Hyde Robert Street (Stop A) 16:08
Kingston, nr Mill Lane 16:09
Kingston, nr Manchester Road 16:09
Kingston, opp Layton Avenue 16:10
Haughton Green, opp Northstead Avenue 16:13
Haughton Green, nr Manor Road 16:16
This trip operates alternate Wednesdays when school finishes at regular time.

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