12C - Blackburn - Blackburn via Grimshaw Park, RBH, Old Infirmary

A bus service operated by Blackburn Private Hire


Monday to Friday

Blackburn Bus Station (Stand 4) 08:4510:3012:3016:30
Blackburn Interchange (Stand 2) 08:4510:3012:3016:30
Blackburn, by Darwen Street 08:4510:3012:3016:30
Audley Lower, by Blackburn Arena 08:4610:3112:3116:31
Grimshaw Park, o/s Asda 08:4610:3112:3116:31
Grimshaw Park, adj Crossfield Street 08:4710:3212:3216:32
Grimshaw Park, opp Health Centre 08:4710:3212:3216:32
Grimshaw Park, by Bennington Street 08:4710:3212:3216:32
Grimshaw Park, by Blackburn Central High School 08:4810:3312:3316:33
Blackburn, opp Haslingden Road KFC 08:4810:3312:3316:33
Royal Blackburn Hospital, adj Haslingden Road 08:4910:3412:3416:34
Guide, by Hospital Drive 08:4910:3412:3416:34
Royal Blackburn Hospital (Stand A) 08:5210:3712:3716:37
Guide, opp Hospital Drive 08:5410:3912:3916:39
Royal Blackburn Hospital, by Haslingden Road 08:5410:3912:3916:39
Whinny Heights, o/s Observatory Hotel 08:5510:4012:4016:40
Whinny Heights, by Pleasant View 08:5610:4112:4116:41
Whinny Heights, by Sullivan Close 08:5610:4112:4116:41
Whinny Heights, opp Fishmoor Drive 08:5710:4212:4216:42
Blackamoor, o/s United Utilities 08:5710:4212:4216:42
Blackamoor, by Roman Road School 08:5810:4312:4316:43
Blackamoor, opp New Meadow Close 08:5810:4312:4316:43
Blackamoor, by Ermine Close 08:5910:4412:4416:44
Whinny Heights, by Leopold Way 08:5910:4412:4416:44
Blackamoor, by Fishmoor Drive 09:0010:4512:4516:45
Whinny Heights, adj Fishmoor Shops 09:0010:4512:4516:45
Whinny Heights, o/s Morecambe Road 09:0110:4612:4616:46
Blackburn, by Norbeck Close 09:0210:4712:4716:47
Longshaw, adj Cleveleys Road 09:0310:4812:4816:48
Longshaw, by Manxman Road 09:0410:4912:4916:49
Longshaw, by Pilmuir Road 09:0510:5012:5016:50
Longshaw, by Pilmuir Road 09:0610:5112:5116:51
Longshaw, by Malvern Avenue 09:0710:5212:5216:52
Blackburn, opp Old Royal Infirmary 09:0810:5312:5316:53
Hollin Bank, by Highfield Road 09:1110:5612:5616:56
Blackburn, by Darwen Street 09:1511:0013:0017:00
Blackburn, by Mincing Lane 09:1611:0113:0117:01
Blackburn Interchange (Stand 6) 09:1811:0313:0317:03
Blackburn Arrival Stand (Stand 0) 09:2511:1013:1017:10

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset