Bus Times

135 - Bishop Sutton - Winford - Weston-supre-Mare

A bus service operated by Citistar


Chew Stoke Chew Medical Practice (E-bound) 09:05
Chew Magna Chew Valley School (NE-bound) 09:06
Chew Magna Broadcroft (W-bound) 09:08
Chew Magna Portbridge Farm (NW-bound) 09:09
Chew Magna Portbridge Crossroads (NW-bound) 09:09
Winford Prince of Waterloo (N-bound) 09:14
Felton Upper Town Lane (W-bound) 09:16
Felton George and Dragon (W-bound) 09:17
Lulsgate Bottom Airport Tavern (SW-bound) 09:19
Redhill Ashford Road (SW-bound) 09:23
Redhill Church Road (SW-bound) 09:25
Redhill The Pound (W-bound) 09:25
Wrington Barley Wood (NW-bound) 09:28
Wrington School Road (W-bound) 09:29
Wrington South Meadows (W-bound) 09:30
Wrington Golden Lion (W-bound) 09:31
Wrington Glebe Road (S-bound) 09:32
Lower Langford Greenwell Lane (SW-bound) 09:36
Lower Langford Langford Post Office (W-bound) 09:38
Lower Langford Langford House (W-bound) 09:39
Congresbury Yew Tree Park (NW-bound) 09:45
Congresbury Mill Lane (N-bound) 09:46
Congresbury Strawberry Line (W-bound) 09:47
Hewish Old Weston Road (NW-bound) 09:47
Hewish Scrap Yards (NW-bound) 09:48
Hewish Beacon Works (W-bound) 09:49
Hewish Puxton Lane (W-bound) 09:50
Hewish Full Quart (W-bound) 09:50
Hewish Palmers Elm (SW-bound) 09:51
May’s Green Villa Farm (SW-bound) 09:52
Rolstone Puxton Farm Park (SW-bound) 09:53
Way Wick Rolstone Turn (SW-bound) 09:53
St Georges Turn (N-bound) 09:55
St George’s The Woolpack (E-bound) 09:55
St George’s Vale Crescent (E-bound) 09:56
St George’s The Woolpack (W-bound) 09:56
Worle Homebase (W-bound) 09:57
Worle New Bristol Road (W-bound) 09:58
Worle Summer Lane (W-bound) 09:59
Worle Moor Lane (W-bound) 10:00
Worle Annandale Avenue (W-bound) 10:01
Mead Vale (SW-bound) 10:02
Milton Chelswood Avenue (SW-bound) 10:03
Milton The Borough Arms (W-bound) 10:03
Milton Saxon Road (W-bound) 10:04
Ashcombe Wellsea Grove (SW-bound) 10:05
Ashcombe Birchwood Avenue (W-bound) 10:05
Ashcombe Langford Road (W-bound) 10:06
Weston-super-Mare Stafford Road (W-bound) 10:07
Weston-super-Mare Swiss Road (Stop AA) 10:07
Weston-super-Mare Regent Street (Stop EE) 10:08
Weston-super-Mare Regent Street (Stop S) 10:09

Weston-supre-Mare - Winford - Bishop Sutton

Weston-super-Mare Regent Street (Stop EE) 13:45
Weston-super-Mare Regent Street (Stop S) 13:45
Weston-super-Mare Oxford Street (Stop U) 13:46
Weston-super-Mare Stafford Road (E-bound) 13:47
Ashcombe Langford Road (E-bound) 13:49
Ashcombe Birchwood Avenue (E-bound) 13:49
Ashcombe Laburnum Road (NE-bound) 13:50
Ashcombe Park Chesham Road South (E-bound) 13:50
Milton The Borough Arms (N-bound) 13:51
Milton Chelswood Avenue (NE-bound) 13:52
Mead Vale (NE-bound) 13:53
Worle Annandale Avenue (E-bound) 13:54
Worle Station Road (E-bound) 13:55
Worle Summer Lane (E-bound) 13:56
Worle New Bristol Road (E-bound) 13:56
Worle Homebase (E-bound) 13:58
St George’s The Woolpack (E-bound) 13:58s
St George’s Vale Crescent (E-bound) 13:59s
St George’s The Woolpack (W-bound) 13:59s
St Georges Turn (SE-bound) 13:59
Way Wick Rolstone Turn (NE-bound) 14:01
Rolstone Puxton Farm Park (NE-bound) 14:02
May’s Green Villa Farm (N-bound) 14:02
Hewish Palmers Elm (NE-bound) 14:03
Hewish Full Quart (E-bound) 14:04
Hewish, opp Puxton Lane 14:05
Hewish Beacon Works (E-bound) 14:06
Hewish Scrap Yards (SE-bound) 14:07
Hewish Old Weston Road (SE-bound) 14:07
Congresbury Strawberry Line (E-bound) 14:08
Congresbury Station Road (SE-bound) 14:09
Congresbury Mill Lane (S-bound) 14:10
Congresbury Yew Tree Park (S-bound) 14:10
Lower Langford Langford House (E-bound) 14:17
Lower Langford Langford Post Office (E-bound) 14:17
Lower Langford Greenwell Lane (N-bound) 14:19
Wrington Glebe Road (N-bound) 14:23
Wrington Golden Lion (E-bound) 14:25
Wrington South Meadows (E-bound) 14:25
Wrington School Road (E-bound) 14:26
Wrington Barley Wood (SE-bound) 14:27
Redhill The Pound (E-bound) 14:30
Redhill Church Road (NE-bound) 14:30
Redhill Ashford Road (NE-bound) 14:32
Lulsgate Bottom Airport Tavern (N-bound) 14:36
Felton George and Dragon (E-bound) 14:37
Felton Upper Town Lane (E-bound) 14:38
Winford Prince of Waterloo (SE-bound) 14:41
Chew Magna Portbridge Crossroads (SE-bound) 14:45
Chew Magna Portbridge Farm (SE-bound) 14:46
Chew Magna Broadcroft (E-bound) 14:47
Chew Magna Highfield House (SW-bound) 14:48
Chew Magna Chew Valley School (SW-bound) 14:49s
Chew Stoke Chew Medical Practice (W-bound) 14:51s
Chew Stoke Stoke Inn (SW-bound) 14:51s
Chew Stoke Bilbie Road (E-bound) 14:51s
Chew Stoke Chew Valley Lake Picnic Site (SE-bound) 14:53s
Hollow Brook (SW-bound) 14:54s
Bishop Sutton Bonhill Road (S-bound) 14:55s
Bishop Sutton Post Office (SW-bound) 14:56

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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