138 - Dundee High Street - Dundee High Street

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland


Downfield, at Loftus Street 07:10
Dundee High Street (Stop 4) 09:4013:3515:5517:20
Dundee, at Caird Hall 09:4113:3615:5617:21
Dundee Forum Centre (Stop 1) 09:4213:3715:5717:22
Dundee Wellgate (Stop 3) 09:4313:3815:5817:23
Hilltown, at Nelson Street 09:4413:3915:5917:24
Hilltown, opp West Lyon Street 09:4513:4016:0017:25
Stobswell Alexander Street (near) 09:4613:4116:0117:26
Stobswell, opp Sibbald Street 09:4713:4216:0217:27
Stobswell, opp Dens Park 09:4813:4316:0317:28
Fairmuir, at Marryat Street 09:4913:4416:0417:29
Fairmuir, at Fairfield Street 09:5013:4516:0517:30
Fairmuir, at Park Road 09:5113:4616:0617:31
Fairmuir, opp Downie Park 09:5113:4616:0617:31
Fairmuir, at Kingsway College 09:5213:4716:0717:32
Kirkton, at Mctaggart Centre 09:5213:4716:0717:32
Kirkton, opp Ambleside Avenue 09:5413:4916:0917:34
Kirkton Crescent (at) 09:5413:4916:0917:34
Kirkton, opp Dunmore Street 09:5513:5016:1017:35
Kirkton, opp Balgowan Terrace 09:5513:5016:1017:35
Kirkton Duncan Terrace (near) 09:5613:5116:1117:36
Kirkton, at Duncan Place 09:5613:5116:1117:36
Downfield, at St Marys Road 09:5713:5216:1217:37
Strathmartine Hospital (opp) 07:1510:0213:5716:1717:42
Strathmartine School (opp) 07:1810:0514:0016:2017:45
Bridgefoot, opp Bus Shelter 07:1810:0514:0016:2017:45
Bridgefoot, at Strathmartine Bowling Club 07:2010:0714:0216:2217:47
Leoch, opp Loch Farm 07:2210:0914:0416:2417:49
Kirkton of Auchterhouse, at Auchterhouse School 07:2710:1414:0916:2917:54
Kirkton of Auchterhouse, at War Memorial 07:2710:1414:0916:2917:54
Kirkton of Auchterhouse, at Old Whisky Road 07:2810:1514:1016:3017:55
Kirkton of Auchterhouse, at Braeside 07:2910:1614:1116:3117:56
Kirkton of Auchterhouse, opp Balkello Old Schoolhouse 07:3510:2214:1716:3718:02
Newlandhead, opp Pink Cottages 07:3710:2414:1916:3918:04
Bridgefoot, opp Strathmartine Bowling Club 07:4710:3414:2916:4918:14
Bridgefoot, at Bus Shelter 07:5110:3814:3316:5318:18
Strathmartine School (at) 07:5110:3814:3316:5318:18
Strathmartine Hospital (at) 07:5410:4114:3616:5618:21
Downfield, at Loftus Street 07:58
Downfield, opp St Marys Road 10:4514:4017:0018:25
Kirkton, opp Duncan Place 10:4614:4117:0118:26
Kirkton, at Balgowan Drive 10:4614:4117:0118:26
Kirkton, at Balgowan Terrace 10:4714:4217:0218:27
Kirkton Dunmore Street (near) 10:4714:4217:0218:27
Kirkton, at Asda 10:4814:4317:0318:28
Kirkton Ambleside Avenue (near) 10:4914:4417:0418:29
Kirkton Ambleside Terrace (near) 10:5014:4517:0518:30
Kirkton, opp McTaggart Centre 10:5014:4517:0518:30
Fairmuir, opp Kingsway College 10:5114:4617:0618:31
Fairmuir, at Downie Park 10:5214:4717:0718:32
Fairmuir, opp Park Road 10:5214:4717:0718:32
Fairmuir, at Balgray Street 10:5314:4817:0818:33
Fairmuir, at Fleming Gardens 10:5414:4917:0918:34
Stobswell, at Dens Park 10:5514:5017:1018:35
Stobswell North Isla Street (near) 10:5614:5117:1118:36
Stobswell, at Sibbald Street 10:5714:5217:1218:37
Hilltown, at Cowan Street 10:5814:5317:1318:38
Hilltown, at Victoria Street 10:5914:5417:1418:39
Dundee, at Wellgate Steps 11:0014:5517:1518:40
Dundee, at Murraygate 11:0214:5717:1718:42
Dundee Waterstones (Stop 2) 11:0314:5817:1818:43
Dundee, opp Caird Hall 11:0314:5817:1818:43
Dundee High Street (Stop 4) 11:0414:5917:1918:44

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 1 December 2022

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