13C - Cambridge - Haverhill

A service operated by Stagecoach East


Haverhill Bus Station (Stand 1) 07:28
Haverhill, opp Manor Farm Close 07:32
Haverhill, opp Helions Walk 07:33
Haverhill, opp Mill Hill 07:35
Haverhill, opp Cornwallis Road 07:35
Haverhill, opp Gloucester Road 07:36
Haverhill, adj Nayland Road 07:37
Haverhill, adj Headland Avenue 07:38
Haverhill, adj York Road 07:39
Haverhill, adj Hazel Close 07:39
Haverhill Queensway (o/s 58) 07:40
Haverhill, opp Broadcroft Crescent 07:40
Haverhill, adj Beech Grove 07:41
Haverhill, adj Air Cadets 07:42
Haverhill, opp Trundley Close 07:44
Haverhill, adj Forest Glade 07:44
Haverhill, adj Ganwick Close 07:45
Haverhill, adj Blackmore Close 07:45
Haverhill Arrendene Road (o/s 20) 07:46
Haverhill, opp Howe Road 07:48
Haverhill, opp The Links 07:48
Haverhill, adj Sainsburys 07:52
Haverhill, adj Research Park 07:52
Cardinal’s Green, nr Horseheath Green 07:56
Horseheath, o/s The Old Nursery 07:57
Horseheath, o/s Cricket Ground 07:58
Horseheath, opp West Wickham Road 07:58
Linton, opp The Ridgeway 08:07
Linton, opp Bakers Lane 08:08
Linton, opp Parsonage Way 08:08
Linton, opp Hillway 08:10
Linton, opp High Street 08:14
Linton Village Coll forecourt (in) 08:18
Hildersham, opp High Street 08:22
Great Abington, opp High Street 08:24
Great Abington, opp Magna Close 08:25
Great Abington, opp Linton Road 08:26
Little Abington High Street (o/s 32) 08:26
Little Abington Cambridge Road (o/s 37) 08:28
Babraham, nr High Street 08:31
Babraham, nr Cambridge Lodge 08:33
Wandlebury, opp Fort 08:38
Cambridge, nr Red Cross Lane 08:44
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station (Bay A) 08:45
Cambridge, nr Long Road 08:47
Cambridge, nr Perse School 08:49
Cambridge, opp Blinco Grove 08:51
Cambridge, o/s Hills Rd 6th Form Col 08:53
Cambridge, o/s Botanic Gardens 08:56
Cambridge Hills Road (NW-bound) 08:58
Cambridge, opp St Paul's Road 08:59
Cambridge, o/s Downing College 09:01
Cambridge Drummer St Bus Station (Bay 6) 09:06

Timetable data from Stagecoach East, 1 December 2021

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