141 - Bickerstaffe Street - Earlestown Bus Station

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Bickerstaffe Street - Earlestown Bus Station

St Helens Bickerstaffe Street (Stand B10) 20:3122:31
St Helens Central Station (Stop B) 20:3122:31
Pocket Nook, opp Phoenix Brow 20:3222:32
Finger Post, adj Sorogold Street 20:3322:33
Finger Post, adj Langtree Street 20:3322:33
Sutton, opp Manor Street 20:3422:34
Sutton, adj Gower Street 20:3622:36
Sutton, adj Helsby Street 20:3722:37
Sutton, adj Oak Street 20:3722:37
Sutton Oak, adj Worsley Brow 20:3822:38
Sutton Oak, adj Carnegie Crescent 20:3822:38
Sutton Oak, nr Peckers Hill Road 20:3922:39
Sutton Oak, adj Cecil Street 20:4022:40
Bold, opp Eliza Street 20:4022:40
Bold, adj Helena Road 20:4022:40
Bold, adj Lotus Gardens 20:4122:41
Bold, adj Columbine Way 20:4222:42
Bold, adj Calandine Way 20:4222:42
Bold Industrial Park (o/s) 20:4322:43
Bold, opp Douglas Avenue 20:4322:43
Bold, opp Joy Lane 20:4422:44
Bold, o/s Wheatacre Farm 20:4522:45
Burtonwood Clay Lane (NE-bound) 20:4622:46
Burtonwood, opp Fairclough Street 20:4722:47
Burtonwood, o/s Chapel House 20:4722:47
Burtonwood, opp Perrins Road 20:4722:47
Burtonwood Cambourne Road (cnr) 20:4822:48
Burtonwood, opp Nursing Home 20:4822:48
Burtonwood Melrose Avenue (cnr) 20:4822:48
Collins Green, after Green Lane 20:4922:49
Collins Green, opp The Pear Tree 20:5122:51
Collins Green Farm (o/s) 20:5122:51
Newton Common, opposite Penkford Lane 20:5222:52
Earlestown, nr Common Road 20:5322:53
Earlestown, nr Dingle Avenue 20:5322:53
Earlestown, adj Bank Street 20:5522:55
Earlestown, nr Viaduct Street 20:5522:55
Earlestown, adj Wellington Street 20:5622:56
Earlestown Bus Station (Stand 4) 20:5722:57

Earlestown Bus Station - St Helens Junction Rail Station/ Station Road - Bickerstaffe Street

Earlestown Bus Station (Stand 4) 21:0023:00
Earlestown, nr Viaduct Street 21:0123:01
Earlestown, opp Heald Street 21:0223:02
Earlestown, adj Hillside Avenue 21:0223:02
Earlestown, adj Common Road 21:0323:03
Newton Common, adj Penkford Lane 21:0423:04
Collins Green Farm (opp) 21:0523:05
Collins Green, nr The Pear Tree 21:0623:06
Collins Green, by Green Lane 21:0623:06
Burtonwood, opp Melrose Avenue 21:0723:07
Burtonwood, o/s Nursing Home 21:0823:08
Burtonwood, opp Cambourne Road 21:0823:08
Burtonwood, nr Perrins Road 21:0923:09
Burtonwood, o/s Post Office 21:0923:09
Burtonwood Fairclough Street (cnr) 21:1023:10
Burtonwood Clay Lane (SW-bound) 21:1023:10
Bold, opp Wheatacre Farm 21:1123:11
Bold, adj Joy Lane 21:1223:12
Bold, adj Douglas Avenue 21:1323:13
Bold Industrial Park (opp) 21:1323:13
Bold, opp Calandine Way 21:1423:14
Bold, adj Anemone Way 21:1423:14
Bold, adj Hydrangea Way 21:1523:15
Bold, adj Reginald Road 21:1623:16
Bold, adj Eliza Street 21:1623:16
Sutton Oak St Helens Junction Rail Station (Stop A) 21:1723:17
Sutton Oak Peckers Hill Road (Adjacent) 21:1723:17
Sutton Oak, adj Taylor Street 21:1823:18
Sutton, adj Lancotts Lane 21:1923:19
Sutton, adj Baxters Lane 21:2023:20
Sutton, opp Gower Street 21:2023:20
Sutton, adj Manor Street 21:2123:21
Finger Post, opp Langtree Street 21:2323:23
Finger Post, nr McCulloch Street 21:2323:23
Finger Post, adj Phoenix Brow 21:2423:24
St Helens Central Station (Stop A) 21:2523:25
St Helens Bickerstaffe Street (Stand B10) 21:2623:26

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