146 - Pontefract BS - Castleford BS/Wakefield BS

A bus service operated by Ross Travel


Pontefract BS to Castleford BS/Wakefield BS

Pontefract Bus Station (Stand J) 07:2507:4508:45then hourly until15:4516:4517:45
Pontefract, adj Southgate General Hospital 07:2707:4708:4715:4716:4717:47
Pontefract Southgate Jubilee Way 07:2807:4808:4815:4816:4817:48
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Beechwood Avenue 07:2907:4908:4915:4916:4917:49
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Kings Mead 07:3007:5008:5015:5016:5017:50
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Queens Avenue 07:3007:5008:5015:5016:5017:50
Purston Jaglin Osgoldcross Crematorium 07:3207:5208:5215:5216:5217:52
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Road Monkroyd Cottage (SW bound) 07:3307:5308:5315:5316:5317:53
Purston Jaglin, adj Pontefract Rd Houndhill Lane 07:3307:5308:5315:5316:5317:53
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Road Sports Centre 07:3407:5408:5415:5416:5417:54
Purston Jaglin Little Lane Tarn Rd 07:3507:5508:5515:5516:5517:55
Purston Jaglin Wentbridge Rd Little Lane 07:3507:5508:5515:5516:5517:55
Purston Jaglin, at Wentbridge Rd Wellgarth Road 07:3607:5608:5615:5616:5617:56
Featherstone Hall Street Wesley Pl 07:3707:5708:5715:5716:5717:57
Featherstone, after Pontefract Rd Ackworth Road 07:3707:5708:5715:5716:5717:57
Featherstone Pontefract Road (stop F6) 07:3807:5808:5815:5816:5817:58
Featherstone Wakefield Road (stop F2) 07:3907:5908:5915:5916:5917:59
Featherstone Wakefield Rd Lister Road 07:4008:0009:0016:0017:0018:00
Featherstone Wentworth Rd Hillcrest Avenue 07:4108:0109:0116:0117:0118:01
Featherstone Wentworth Road New Priory 07:4108:0109:0116:0117:0118:01
Featherstone Wentworth Rd Southfield Avenue 07:4108:0109:0116:0117:0118:01
Featherstone Priory Rd Huntwick Drive 07:4208:0209:0216:0217:0218:02
Featherstone Priory Rd Hardwick Road 07:4308:0309:0316:0317:0318:03
Featherstone Priory Rd Girnhill Lane (E bound) 07:4408:0409:0416:0417:0418:04
Featherstone Station Lane (stop F4) 06:4607:4608:0609:0616:0617:0618:06
Station Lane Featherstone Station 06:4707:4708:0709:0716:0717:07
Featherstone, opp Station Lane Cedar Walk 06:4707:4808:0709:0716:0717:07
Featherstone, adj Green Ln Market Street 06:4807:4808:0809:0816:0817:08
Featherstone Lane Dickinson Ter 06:4907:4908:0909:0916:0917:09
Featherstone Lane Dixon St 06:4907:5008:0909:0916:0917:09
North Featherstone Featherstone Ln Carlton Street 06:5007:5108:1009:1016:1017:10
North Featherstone Featherstone Lane Highfield Close 06:5107:5208:1109:1116:1117:11
North Featherstone Willow Lane Willow Garth 06:5207:5308:1209:1216:1217:12
North Featherstone, at Church Lane 06:5307:5308:1309:1316:1317:13
North Featherstone, at Cutsyke Road Cemetery 06:5307:5408:1309:1316:1317:13
Cutsyke Road Castleford Ln (stop) 06:5507:5508:1509:1516:1517:15
Cutsyke Rd Blenheim Way 06:5607:5608:1609:1616:1617:16
Cutsyke, opp Aketon Road WMC 06:5607:5608:1609:1616:1617:16
Cutsyke Leeds Road Old School Ct 06:5707:5708:1709:1716:1717:17
Cutsyke, adj Leeds Rd Barnes Road 06:5807:5808:1809:1816:1817:18
Glasshoughton, adj Leeds Road Asda 07:0008:0008:2009:2016:2017:20
Glasshoughton, adj Leeds Rd Joffre Avenue 07:0108:0108:2109:2116:2117:21
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Larch Court 07:0208:0208:2209:2216:2217:22
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Thornhill Rd 07:0308:0308:2309:2316:2317:23
Castleford, adj Lisheen Ave Blands Close 07:0308:0308:2309:2316:2317:23
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Parklands 07:0408:0408:2409:2416:2417:24
Castleford Smawthorne Lane Lisheen Ave (stop) 07:0508:0508:2409:2516:2517:24
Castleford Smawthorne Lane Smawthorne Ave 07:0608:0608:2509:2616:2617:25
Castleford, opp Beancroft Road Hugh St 07:0708:0708:2609:2716:2717:26
Castleford Beancroft Road Cambridge St 07:0708:0708:2709:2716:2717:27
Castleford Station Road (Stop S1) 07:0908:0908:2809:2916:2917:28
Castleford Bus Station stand K 07:1008:1009:3016:30
Castleford Bus Station stand A 08:3017:30
Castleford Lumley St Aketon Road 07:1108:1109:3116:31
Castleford, at Lumley Street Saville Park 07:1108:1109:3116:31
Castleford, adj District Hospital 07:1208:1209:3216:32
Castleford, at Lumley Street District Hospital 07:1208:1209:3216:32
Whitwood, opp Lumley Street Lumley Hill 07:1208:1209:3216:32
Whitwood, adj Willowbridge Lane College Grove 07:1308:1309:3316:33
Whitwood Common Ln Wood Lane (adj) 07:1408:1409:3416:34
Whitwood Ln Willowbridge Lane (after) 07:1408:1409:3416:34
Whitwood Ln California Drive (before) 07:1508:1509:3516:35
California Dr Whitwood Lane 07:1508:1509:3516:35
Whitwood California Drive Mill Ln 07:1608:1609:3616:36
Whitwood, opp Express Wy Pope Street 07:1708:1709:3716:37
Whitwood Pope Street Express Wy 07:1708:1709:3716:37
Altofts, adj Pope Street Railway Cottages 07:1808:1809:3816:38
Altofts Pope Street Co-operative Terrace 07:1808:1809:3816:38
Altofts, opp Miners Arms PH 07:1908:1909:3916:39
Altofts Church Road Stuart Grove (stop) 07:1908:1909:3916:39
Altofts Church Rd The Crescent 07:2008:2009:4016:40
Altofts, opp Church Road Library 07:2108:2109:4116:41
Altofts, before Church Road High Green Rd 07:2108:2109:4116:41
Altofts Birkwood Rd Hill Top Farm 07:2208:2209:4216:42
Altofts, opp Birkwood Farm 07:2308:2309:4316:43
Stanley, adj Ferry Lane Ward Ln 07:2508:2509:4516:45
Stanley, adj Ferry Lane St Swithins Dr 07:2608:2609:4616:46
Stanley, adj Ferry Lane Kingsway 07:2708:2709:4716:47
Stanley, adj Ferry Lane Ash Lea 07:2808:2809:4816:48
Pinderfields, adj Aberford Road Parkside Ln 07:2908:2909:4916:49
Pinderfields, adj Aberford Road Wakefield Hospice 07:3108:3109:5116:51
Pinderfields, opp Hospital 07:3108:3109:5116:51
Pinderfields, opp Pinders Grove 07:3208:3209:5216:52
Pinderfields Stanley Rd Ivy Grove 07:3308:3309:5316:53
East Moor Stanley Rd Queen Elizabeth Road 07:3408:3409:5416:54
East Moor Stanley Rd Jacobs Well Lane 07:3508:3509:5516:55
East Moor Stanley Rd Park Lodge Lane 07:3608:3609:5616:56
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K8) 07:3808:3809:5816:58
Wakefield Union Street (stop U1) 07:4008:4010:0017:00
Wakefield Bus Station stand 2 07:4008:4010:0017:00

Castleford BS/Wakefield BS to Pontefract BS

Wakefield Bus Station stand 2 07:5009:05then hourly until16:0517:0517:35
Wakefield The Springs (Stop S3) 07:5209:0716:0717:0717:37
East Moor Stanley Road Upper Warrengate 07:5409:0916:0917:0917:39
East Moor Stanley Rd Grantley Way 07:5509:1016:1017:1017:40
East Moor Stanley Rd Eastmoor Road 07:5609:1116:1117:1117:41
Pinderfields, opp Pinders Grove 07:5709:1216:1217:1217:42
Pinderfields, adj Hospital 07:5809:1316:1317:1317:43
Pinderfields, opp Aberford Road Wakefield Hospice 07:5809:1316:1317:1317:43
Pinderfields, opp Aberford Road Parkside Ln 08:0009:1516:1517:1517:45
Stanley Ferry Lane Ash Lea 08:0009:1516:1517:1517:45
Stanley Ferry Lane Kingsway 08:0109:1616:1617:1617:46
Stanley Ferry Lane St Swithins Dr 08:0109:1616:1617:1617:46
Stanley Ferry Lane Ward Ln 08:0209:1716:1717:1717:47
Altofts, adj Birkwood Farm 08:0409:1916:1917:1917:49
Altofts, opp Birkwood Rd Hill Top Farm 08:0709:2216:2217:2217:52
Altofts Church Road High Green Rd (E bound) 08:0709:2216:2217:2217:52
Altofts Church Road Agincourt Dr 08:0709:2216:2217:2217:52
Altofts, outside Church Road Library 08:0809:2316:2317:2317:53
Altofts Church Road Foxholes Ln 08:0909:2416:2417:2417:54
Altofts Church Road Stuart Grove 08:0909:2416:2417:2417:54
Altofts, at Miners Arms PH 08:1009:2516:2517:2517:55
Altofts, adj Pope St Cooperative Ter 08:1109:2616:2617:2617:56
Altofts Pope Street Railway Cottages 08:1109:2616:2617:2617:56
Whitwood Pope Street Express Wy (E bound) 08:1209:2716:2717:2717:57
Whitwood Express Wy Pope Street 08:1209:2716:2717:2717:57
Whitwood California Drive Mill Ln (stop) 08:1309:2816:2817:2817:58
California Dr Whitwood Lane (stop) 08:1409:2916:2917:2917:59
Whitwood Ln California Drive (opp) 08:1409:2916:2917:2917:59
Whitwood Ln Willowbridge Lane (before) 08:1509:3016:3017:3018:00
Whitwood, opp Willowbridge Lane College Grove 08:1709:3216:3217:3218:02
Whitwood, at Lumley Street Lumley Hill 08:1709:3216:3217:3218:02
Castleford, opp Lumley Street District Hospital 08:1709:3216:3217:3218:02
Castleford, opp District Hospital 08:1809:3316:3317:3318:03
Castleford Lumley Street Saville Park 08:1809:3316:3317:3318:03
Castleford Lumley St Aketon Road (E bound) 08:1809:3316:3317:3318:03
Castleford Bus Station stand A 07:2008:2009:3516:3517:3518:05
Castleford Station Road (Stop S2) 07:2108:2109:3616:3617:3618:06
Castleford Lower Oxford St Beancroft Road 07:2208:2209:3716:3717:3718:06
Castleford, adj Beancroft Road Hugh St 07:2308:2309:3816:3817:38
Castleford, opp Aketon Road Lumley St 18:08
Castleford Smawthorne Lane Smawthorne Ave (stop) 07:2408:2409:3916:3917:39
Castleford Aketon Road Hemsby Rd (stop) 18:08
Castleford Smawthorne Lane Lisheen Ave 07:2508:2509:4016:4017:40
Castleford, adj Aketon Road Rivelin Rd 18:09
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Parklands (stop) 07:2508:2509:4016:4017:40
Cutsyke Aketon Rd Garth Street (stop) 18:09
Castleford Lisheen Ave Blands Close 07:2608:2609:4116:4117:41
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Willow Rd 07:2608:2609:4116:4117:41
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Leeds Rd 07:2708:2709:4216:4217:42
Glasshoughton Leeds Rd Joffre Avenue 07:2808:2809:4316:4317:43
Glasshoughton, opp Leeds Road Asda 07:2908:2909:4416:4417:44
Cutsyke Leeds Rd Barnes Road 07:3008:3109:4516:4517:45
Cutsyke Leeds Road Old School Court 07:3108:3209:4616:4617:46
Cutsyke, opp Leeds Rd Granville Street 07:3208:3309:4716:4717:47
Cutsyke, adj Aketon Road WMC 07:3308:3409:4816:4817:4818:10
Cutsyke Rd Blenheim Way (S bound) 07:3408:3409:4916:4917:4918:11
Cutsyke Road Castleford Ln 07:3508:3509:4916:4917:4918:11
North Featherstone Cutsyke Road Cemetery 07:3708:3709:5116:5117:5118:13
North Featherstone Church Lane 07:3808:3709:5216:5217:5218:14
North Featherstone, adj Featherstone Lane Highfield Close 07:4008:3909:5416:5417:5418:16
North Featherstone, at Featherstone Ln Carlton Street 07:4108:4109:5616:5617:5618:18
Featherstone Lane Dixon St (after) 07:4208:4109:5616:5617:5618:18
Featherstone Green Lane Jardine Ave 07:4308:4209:5716:5717:5718:19
Featherstone Green Ln Market Street 07:4308:4309:5816:5817:5818:20
Featherstone, after Station Lane Cedar Walk 07:4408:4409:5916:5917:5918:21
Station Lane Featherstone Station (opp) 07:4408:4409:5916:5917:5918:21
Featherstone Station Lane (stop F3) 07:0007:4508:4510:0017:0018:0018:22
Featherstone Wakefield Road (stop F2) 07:0107:4608:4610:0117:01
Featherstone Wakefield Rd Lister Road 07:0107:4608:4610:0117:01
Featherstone Wentworth Rd Hillcrest Avenue 07:0207:4708:4710:0217:02
Featherstone Wentworth Road New Priory 07:0207:4708:4710:0217:02
Featherstone Wentworth Rd Southfield Avenue 07:0307:4808:4810:0317:03
Featherstone Priory Rd Huntwick Drive 07:0307:4808:4810:0317:03
Featherstone Priory Rd Hardwick Road 07:0407:4908:4910:0417:04
Featherstone Priory Rd Girnhill Lane (E bound) 07:0407:4908:4910:0417:04
Featherstone Pontefract Road (stop F5) 07:0507:5008:5010:0517:05
Featherstone, opp Pontefract Rd Ackworth Road 07:0707:5208:5210:0717:07
Purston Jaglin, opp Wentbridge Rd Wellgarth Road 07:0807:5308:5310:0817:08
Purston Jaglin, adj Wentbridge Rd Little Lane 07:0907:5408:5410:0917:09
Purston Jaglin, adj Little Lane Tarn Rd 07:1007:5508:5510:1017:10
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Road Purston Sports Centre 07:1107:5608:5610:1117:11
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Rd Houndhill Lane 07:1207:5708:5710:1217:12
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Road Monkroyd Cottage 07:1307:5808:5810:1317:13
Purston Jaglin, adj Osgoldcross Crematorium 07:1407:5908:5910:1417:14
Pontefract, adj Wakefield Rd Queens Avenue 07:1508:0009:0010:1517:15
Pontefract, at Wakefield Road Kings Mead 07:1608:0109:0110:1617:16
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Beechwood Crescent 07:1608:0109:0110:1617:16
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Banks Avenue 07:1708:0209:0210:1717:17
Pontefract, adj Southgate Jubilee Way 07:1808:0309:0310:1817:18
Pontefract Southgate General Hospital 07:1808:0309:0310:1817:18
Pontefract Bus Station (Stand J) 07:2008:0509:0510:2017:20

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