150B - (Birmingham) Redditch - Worcester

A bus service operated by Johnson’s Excelbus


Worcester - (Birmingham) Redditch

Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand K) 08:45
Worcester, adj The Hive 08:45
Worcester, adj Sansome Street 08:46
Lowesmoor (Stop 1) 08:48
Worcester, adj Shrub Hill Road 08:49
Worcester, adj Shrub Hill Station 08:49
Worcester Sidbury (E-bound) 08:51
Battenhall, adj Fort Royal 08:52
Battenhall, opp Camp Hill Road 08:52
Battenhall, opp Sebright 08:53
Red Hill, opp Foxwell Street 08:54
Red Hill Top (E-bound) 08:55
Red Hill, adj Nunnery Wood High School 08:56
Sixth Form College 08:57
County Hall Shelter 08:58
Boiler House 08:58
Wildwood Drive 08:58
Spetchley, opp Swinesherd 08:59
Spetchley Park Gardens (opp) 09:01
Broughton Hackett, opp March Hare Inn 09:02
Upton Snodsbury, opp Pershore Road 09:03
Libbery Farm (adj) 09:04
N Piddle, opp North Piddle Turn 09:07
Flyford Flavell, opp Flyford Arms 09:09
The Bourne, adj Red Hart 09:10
Inkberrow, opp Chaston Close 09:17
Inkberrow, adj Bull's Head 09:18
Holberrow Green, adj Golf Driving Range 09:19
Cookhill, opp Knighton Lane- Turn 09:22
Cookhill, adj Thornhill Crossroads 09:22
Cookhill, adj Oak Tree Lane 09:24
Cookhill, adj Village Hall 09:24
New End, adj Nevill Arms 09:25
Ridgeway, opp The Why Not Inn 09:26
Astwood Bank, adj Edgioake Lane 09:27
Astwood Bank, adj The Bell Inn 09:28
Astwood Bank, adj White Lion 09:28
Astwood Bank, opp Eastern Hill 09:29
Astwood Bank, opp Yeomans Close 09:29
Dagtail End, adj Dagtail Lane 09:30
Crabbs Cross Evesham Road (N-bound) 09:32
Oakenshaw Rough Hill Drive (NE-bound) 09:34
Woodrow, opp Nine Days Lane 09:36
Alexandra Hospital (adj) 09:38
Woodrow, adj Nine Days Lane 09:40
Woodrow, opp Bushley Close 09:44
Woodrow, opp Cropthorne Close 09:44
Woodrow, opp Doverdale Close 09:44
Greenlands, adj Sheldon Road 09:47
Greenlands Dowlers Hill Crescent (S-bound) 09:48
Greenlands, opp Wharrington Hill 09:48
Greenlands, adj Landor Road 09:48
Greenlands Throckmorton Road (W-bound) 09:48
Greenlands, opp Wharrington Close 09:49
Greenlands, adj Milcote Close 09:49
Greenlands Harport Road (Opp 131) 09:51
Greenlands Harport Road (o/s 128) 09:51
Greenlands, opp Larkfield Road 09:52
Greenlands Harport Road (Opp 23) 09:52
Greenlands Post Office (adj) 09:54
Greenlands, opp Watery Lane 09:55
Lodge Park Barlich Way (W-bound) 09:57
Lodge Park, opp Crabtree Close 09:57
Lodge Park, adj Deer Barn Hill 09:57
Lodge Park, adj Grimley Close 09:58
Lodge Park, opp Dormston Close 09:58
Lodge Park Greenlands Drive (N-bound) 09:58
Lodge Park, opp Twiners Road 09:58
Southcrest, adj Asda 10:00
Southcrest, adj Tunnel Drive 10:01
Southcrest, opp The Mayfields 10:01
Southcrest, adj Greenfields 10:02
Southcrest, adj Ivor Road 10:03
Southcrest, opp Parsons Road 10:03
Redditch Evesham Street (N-bound) 10:04
Redditch Bus Station (Stand C) 10:06

(Birmingham) Redditch - Worcester

Redditch Bus Station (Stand G) 14:22
Redditch Evesham Street (S-bound) 14:23
Southcrest, adj Parsons Road 14:24
Southcrest Mayfields Hillside (E-bound) 14:24
Southcrest, opp Greenfields 14:25
Southcrest, adj The Mayfields 14:26
Southcrest, opp Tunnel Drive 14:27
Southcrest, adj Asda 14:28
Lodge Park, adj Twiners Road 14:28
Lodge Park Greenlands Drive (S-bound) 14:29
Lodge Park, adj Dormston Close 14:29
Lodge Park, opp Grimley Close 14:29
Lodge Park, opp Deer Barn Hill 14:30
Lodge Park, adj Crabtree Close 14:30
Lodge Park, opp Barlich Way 14:31
Greenlands, adj Watery Lane 14:32
Greenlands Harport Road (o/s 23) 14:34
Greenlands, adj Larkfield Road 14:35
Greenlands Harport Road (opp 128) 14:35
Greenlands Harport Road (o/s 131) 14:35
Greenlands, adj Granhill Close 14:35
Greenlands, opp Milcote Close 14:37
Greenlands, adj Wharrington Close 14:38
Greenlands Throckmorton Road (E-bound) 14:39
Greenlands, opp Landor Road 14:39
Greenlands, adj Wharrington Hill 14:39
Greenlands Dowlers Hill Crescent (N-bound) 14:40
Greenlands, opp Sheldon Road 14:40
Woodrow, adj Doverdale Close 14:43
Woodrow, adj Cropthorne Close 14:44
Woodrow, opp Nine Days Lane 14:46
Alexandra Hospital (adj) 14:48
Woodrow, adj Nine Days Lane 14:48
Oakenshaw Rough Hill Drive (SW-bound) 14:50
Crabbs Cross Evesham Road (S-bound) 14:51
Crabbs Cross, opp Kenneth Vincent Close 14:52
Dagtail End, opp Dagtail Lane 14:52
Astwood Bank, adj Yeomans Close 14:53
Astwood Bank, adj Eastern Hill 14:54
Astwood Bank, opp White Lion 14:54
Astwood Bank, opp The Bell Inn 14:55
Astwood Bank, opp Edgioake Lane 14:55
Ridgeway, adj The Why Not Inn 14:56
New End, opp Nevill Arms 14:57
Cookhill, opp Village Hall 14:58
Cookhill, opp Oak Tree Lane 14:58
Cookhill, opp Thornhill Crossroads 15:00
Cookhill, adj Knighton Lane- Turn 15:00
Holberrow Green, opp Golf Driving Range 15:03
Inkberrow First School (adj) 15:04
Inkberrow, opp Bull's Head 15:05
Inkberrow, adj Chaston Close 15:05
The Bourne, opp Cockshot Lane 15:09
Flyford Flavell, adj Flyford Arms 15:10
N Piddle, adj North Piddle Turn 15:11
Libbery Farm (opp) 15:13
Upton Snodsbury, adj Pershore Road Shelter 15:15
Broughton Hackett, adj March Hare Inn 15:18
Spetchley Park Gardens (adj) 15:20
Spetchley, adj Swinesherd 15:22
Wildwood Drive 15:25
County Hall Shelter 15:26
Red Hill, opp Sixth Form College 15:30
Red Hill Traffic Island (adj) 15:31
Red Hill, adj Foxwell Street 15:32
Battenhall, adj Sebright 15:33
Battenhall, adj Camp Hill Road 15:35
Battenhall, opp Fort Royal 15:36
Worcester Sidbury (W-bound) 15:37
Worcester, opp Shrub Hill Station 15:39
Lowesmoor Terrace (opp) 15:40
Worcester, opp McDonalds 15:41
Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand K) 15:42

Timetable data from Johnsons Coach & Bus Travel/Bus Open Data Service, 29 March 2021

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