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154 - Middleton - Oulton

A bus service operated by Squarepeg



Middleton Thorpe Lane 07:07
Middleton Lane 07:08
Middleton Lane Towcester Ave (adj) 07:09
Middleton Lane Winthorpe Ave 07:10
Middleton Ln Thorpe Lower Lane (stop) 07:11
Thorpe, before Lingwell Gate Lane Dolphin Ln 07:12
Longthorpe Lane Lingwell Gate Ln (E-bound) 07:12
Long Thorpe Lane M1 Motorway (stop) 07:13
Lofthouse, adj Long Thorpe Lane Ramsgate 07:15
Lofthouse, after Rodillian School 07:15
Lofthouse Jumbles Lane (S-bound) 07:15
Lofthouse, adj Leeds Rd Carlton Lane 07:16
Lofthouse Green Lane Greenmoor Ave (stop) 07:16
Lofthouse Green Lane Greenmoor Crescent 07:17
Lofthouse Green Lane Ouzlewell Green 07:17
Lofthouse Ouzlewell Green Orchard Bungalow (stop) 07:18
Lofthouse Ouzlewell Green Green End Farm 07:19
Carlton Town Street 07:19
Carlton Post Office (N-bound) 07:20
Carlton Stainton Lane 07:21
Carlton Lane Stainton Ln (after) 07:22
Rothwell, adj Carlton Lane Stone Brig Ln 07:23
Rothwell, at Marsh Street Library 07:24
Rothwell, adj Commercial St Meynell Avenue 07:25
Rothwell Wood Ln Church Street (N-bound) 07:26
Rothwell, adj Wood Lane Pasture View Rd 07:27
Rothwell, adj Wood Lane Manor Rd 07:28
Rothwell, on Haigh Road 07:29
John O’Gaunts Haigh Rd Churchfield Lane 07:30
John O’Gaunts Haigh Road Sandyacres 07:30
John O’Gaunts Haigh Rd Sandyacres Dr 07:31
John O’Gaunts, adj Haigh Road Kings Mead 07:33
John O’Gaunts, adj Holmsley Ln Sixth Avenue 07:34
Woodlesford Holmsley Lane Gypsy Ln 07:34
Woodlesford North Lane (E-bound) 07:35
Woodlesford Holmsley Lane Oulton Ln 07:36
Woodlesford, opp Primary School 07:37
Woodlesford Station Lane Pottery Ln (E-bound) 07:37
Woodlesford Station Lane Aberford Rd 07:38
Woodlesford, opp Aberford Road Station Ln 07:38
Woodlesford, opp Aberford Rd Airedale Rd 07:39
Oulton, after Aberford Rd Fleet Lane 07:41
Oulton, opp Aberford Rd St Johns Street 07:42
Oulton, adj Grove Motel 07:44
Wakefield Rd Oulton Drive (adj) 07:48
Oulton Royds School 07:50
Runs Schooldays only


Rothwell, adj Commercial St Meynell Avenue 07:57
Rothwell Wood Ln Church Street (N-bound) 07:58
Rothwell, adj Wood Lane Pasture View Rd 07:59
Rothwell, adj Wood Lane Manor Rd 07:59
Rothwell, opp Haigh Road 08:00
Rothwell, adj Wood Lane Haighside Dr 08:01
Rothwell, opp Wood Lane Haigh Ave 08:01
Rothwell, at Wood Ln Low Shops Lane 08:02
Rothwell, at Wood Lane Ambulance Station 08:02
Rothwell Wood Lane Wakefield Rd (W-bound) 08:03
Rothwell, adj Wakefield Rd Wood Lane 08:04
Robin Hood Wakefield Road Glebe Farm 08:06
Robin Hood, adj The Angel Inn 08:07
Robin Hood Wakefield Rd Sharp Lane 08:09
Robin Hood Leeds Rd Sherwood Ind Est (S-bound) 08:10
Robin Hood Leeds Rd Pawson Street 08:11
Lofthouse Leeds Rd Meadowgate Drive (S-bound) 08:12
Lofthouse, opp Leeds Road Fentonsgate 08:13
Lofthouse, before Rodillian School 08:15
Long Thorpe Lane 08:16
Longthorpe Lane Lingwell Gate Ln 08:17
Thorpe, opp Lingwell Gate Lane Dolphin Ln 08:17
Middleton Ln Thorpe Lower Lane 08:18
Middleton Lane Winthorpe Ave (adj) 08:19
Middleton Lane Towcester Ave 08:20
Middleton Lane (W-bound) 08:21
Middleton Thorpe Lane 08:23
Tingley, at Smithy Ln Eastleigh Drive 08:28
Tingley, adj Smithy Lane Fairleigh Rd 08:29
Tingley Smithy Lane Old Hall Rd (stop) 08:30
Tingley Westerton Frost Corner (W-bound) 08:32
Tingley Westerton Road Lonsdale Rise 08:33
Tingley Westerton Road 08:34
Tingley Syke Rd Meadow Way 08:35
Tingley Syke Rd Syke Avenue 08:36
Tingley Woodkirk Academy (N-bound) 08:37
Rein Rd Tingley Crescent 08:38
Morley Rein Road 08:39
Morley, opp Tingley Mills 08:40
Morley, opp Bridge St Bridge Court 08:41
Morley Chartists Way Great Northern St 08:42
Morley Chartists Way Corporation St 08:44
Morley Queensway (stop H) 08:45
Morley Town Hall (Stop C) 08:46

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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