159 - St Francis of Assisi Sch - Harden

A bus service operated by National Express West Midlands


Harden - St Francis of Assisi Sch

Harden, adj TWM Walsall Garage 07:50
Harden, opp Broadstone Avenue 07:51
Leamore, after Comwall Close 07:52
Leamore Lane (adj) 07:53
Blakenall Heath, adj Green Lane 07:55
Blakenall Heath, opp The Pinfold 07:56
Blakenall Heath Bloxwich Hospital (Stop BG) 07:57
Bloxwich, opp Church Street 07:58
Bloxwich Park (opp) 08:00
Lower Farm, opp Field Rd 08:02
Little Bloxwich, adj Millfield Avenue 08:03
Little Bloxwich, adj Stoney Lane 08:05
Little Bloxwich, before Millers Walk 08:06
Pelsall Wood, opp Clockmill Rd 08:07
Pelsall Wood, opp Shortlands Lane 08:08
Pelsall Wood, opp School Lane 08:09
Ryder’s Hayes, adj Finger Post 08:10
Ryder’s Hayes, opp Finger Post 08:11
Ryder’s Hayes, adj Smithy Drive 08:12
Pelsall Cenotaph (adj) 08:14
Heath End, opp Old Vicarage Close 08:15
High Heath, opp Field Lane 08:17
High Heath, opp Spring Lane 08:18
High Heath, after Coronation Road 08:19
High Heath, opp Broad Lane 08:19
High Heath, opp Harrison Rd 08:20
Shelfield, adj Defford Avenue 08:21
Shelfield, opp Four Crosses Rd 08:22
Shelfield, opp Mill Rd 08:22
Shelfield, opp Somerfield Close 08:23
Shelfield, opp Hawthorn Rd 08:23
Rushall, after Lichfield Rd 08:24
Rushall, after Kings Road 08:26
Westgate, opp Linley Rd 08:26
Westgate, opp Edinburgh Drive 08:27
Westgate, adj Rufford Way 08:28
Westgate, adj Tintagel Way 08:29
Westgate, adj Dumblederry Lane 08:30
Westgate, after Dumblederry Lane 08:30
Redhouse Industrial Estate, after Lockside 08:31
Redhouse Industrial Estate, before Burnfields Close 08:32
Aldridge, after Middlemore Lane 08:33
Aldridge, by Shopping Centre 08:34
Aldridge, before Whetstone Lane 08:35
Aldridge, adj Hallcroft Way 08:36
Aldridge, adj St Francis School 08:38

St Francis of Assisi Sch - Harden

Aldridge, opp St Francis School 15:40
Aldridge, opp Hallcroft Way 15:40
Aldridge, after Whetstone Lane 15:41
Aldridge, after Portland Road 15:42
Aldridge, at Shopping Centre 15:43
Aldridge, adj Anchor Rd 15:43
Aldridge, before Middlemore Lane 15:43
Redhouse Industrial Estate, opp Burnfields Close 15:44
Redhouse Industrial Estate, before Lockside 15:45
Westgate, before Dumblederry Lane 15:46
Westgate, opp Dumblederry Lane 15:47
Westgate, opp Tintagel Way 15:48
Westgate, opp Rufford Way 15:49
Westgate, adj Edinburgh Drive 15:49
Westgate, adj Linley Rd 15:50
Rushall, adj Kings Road 15:51
Rushall, before Lichfield Rd 15:52
Shelfield, adj Hawthorn Rd 15:54
Shelfield, adj Somerfield Close 15:55
Shelfield, adj Mill Rd 15:56
Shelfield, adj St Francis School 15:56
Shelfield, opp Defford Avenue 15:57
High Heath, adj Harrison Rd 15:57
High Heath, adj Broad Lane 15:58
High Heath, before Coronation Road 15:58
High Heath, adj Spring Lane 15:59
High Heath, adj Field Lane 16:00
Heath End, after Old Vicarage Close 16:02
Pelsall, after Vicarage Rd 16:02
Pelsall Cenotaph (opp) 16:04
Ryder’s Hayes, opp Smithy Drive 16:05
Ryder’s Hayes, adj Finger Post 16:05
Ryder’s Hayes, opp Finger Post 16:06
Pelsall Wood, adj School Lane 16:06
Pelsall Wood, adj Shortlands Lane 16:07
Pelsall Wood, adj Clockmill Rd 16:08
Little Bloxwich, after Millers Walk 16:09
Little Bloxwich, opp Stoney Lane 16:10
Little Bloxwich, opp Millfield Avenue 16:11
Lower Farm, adj Field Rd 16:11
Wallington Heath, opp Walsall Academy 16:12
Bloxwich, before High St 16:13
Bloxwich, nr Victoria Ave 16:14
Bloxwich, adj Church Street 16:14
Blakenall Heath Bloxwich Hospital (Stop BF) 16:15
Blakenall Heath, adj The Pinfold 16:15
Blakenall Heath, opp Green Lane 16:16
Leamore Lane (opp) 16:17
Harden, adj Broadstone Avenue 16:18
Harden, opp TWM Walsall Garage 16:19

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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