15B - Green Line - Acle,Kings Head - Wymondham,Cross

A bus service operated by First Eastern Counties


Acle,Kings Head - Wymondham,Cross

Acle, opp Kings Head 07:2508:25
Acle, adj Budgens 07:2608:26
Acle, adj Bus Shelter 07:2708:27
Blofield, opp Doctors Road 07:3608:36
Blofield, adj Oakwood 07:3608:36
Blofield, adj The Gables 07:3808:38
Brundall, opp Highfield Avenue 07:3908:39
Brundall, opp Brandon Court 07:4008:40
Brundall, adj Station Road 07:4108:41
Brundall, adj The Dales 07:4208:42
Brundall, opp Links Avenue 07:4308:43
Brundall, adj Chancel Close 07:4408:44
Brundall, adj Holmesdale Road 07:4508:45
Brundall, opp Berryfields 07:4508:45
Broadland Business Park, adj Meridian Way 07:5208:52
Thorpe St Andrew, opp Business Park 07:5308:53
Thorpe St Andrew, opp Primrose Crescent 07:5508:55
Thorpe St Andrew, opp St Andrews Avenue 07:5608:56
Thorpe St Andrew, opp School Avenue 07:5608:56
Thorpe St Andrew, opp Barber Place 07:5708:57
Thorpe St Andrew, adj River Green 07:5808:58
Thorpe St Andrew, adj Horsewater 07:5808:58
Thorpe St Andrew, opp Langley School 07:5908:59
Norwich, adj The Denes 08:0009:00
Norwich, adj Cremorne Lane 08:0109:01
Norwich, adj Sorting Office 08:0309:03
Norwich Railway Station (Stop DE) 08:0409:04
Norwich Prince of Wales Road (Stop DL) 08:0509:05
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CU) 08:1009:10
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BS) 08:1809:18
Norwich, opp St Stephens Square 08:1909:19
Norwich, opp Brunswick Road 08:1909:19
Norwich, opp Eagle Walk 08:2009:20
Norwich, opp Albemarle Road 08:2109:21
Norwich, adj Lime Tree Road 08:2209:22
Norwich, opp Leopold Road 08:2209:22
Norwich, adj Branksome Road 08:2309:23
Norwich, opp Judges Walk 08:2409:24
Norwich, adj Elveden Close 08:2509:25
Cringleford Interchange (Stand C) 08:3009:30
Thickthorn, opp Cottages 08:3109:31
Hethersett (village), opp Colney Lane 08:3409:34
Hethersett (village), adj Admirals Way 08:3509:35
Hethersett (village), opp Lakeland Way 08:3609:36
Hethersett (village), adj Deacon Drive 08:3609:36
Hethersett (village), adj Jaguar Road 08:3709:37
Hethersett (village), opp Lynch Green 08:3809:38
Hethersett (village), opp Cromwell Close 08:3809:38
Hethersett (village), opp Meadow Close 08:4009:40
Hethersett (village), adj Flint House Gardens 08:4009:40
Hethersett (village), opp The Crescent 08:4009:40
Hethersett (village), adj St Davids Road 08:4109:41
Hethersett (village), adj Bus Shelter 08:4109:41
Wymondham, opp Elm Farm Business Park 08:4309:43
Wymondham, opp Albini Way 08:4409:44
Wymondham, adj Spinks Lane 08:4509:45
Wymondham, opp Tuttles Lane 08:4509:45
Wymondham, opp Greenland Avenue 08:4509:45
Wymondham, adj Lime Tree Avenue 08:4609:46
Wymondham, opp Hawthorne Close 08:4709:47
Wymondham, adj Ash Close 08:4709:47
Wymondham, opp Hewitts Lane 08:4909:49
Wymondham, opp Folly Close 08:5009:50
Wymondham, adj Bellrope Lane 08:5109:51
Wymondham, adj Vimy Ridge 08:5209:52
Wymondham, opp Orchard Way 08:5209:52
Wymondham, adj Kimberley Street 08:5309:53
Wymondham, adj The Chestnuts 08:5309:53
Wymondham, adj Cross 08:5509:55

Wymondham,Cross - Acle,Kings Head

Wymondham, adj Cross 16:0517:05
Wymondham, opp Kimberley Street 16:0517:05
Wymondham, adj Orchard Way 16:0617:06
Wymondham, opp Vimy Ridge 16:0617:06
Wymondham, opp Bellrope Lane 16:0717:07
Wymondham, adj Ethel Gooch Road 16:0717:07
Wymondham, adj Hewitts Lane 16:0817:08
Wymondham Sheffield Road (o/s 19) 16:0817:08
Wymondham, opp Ash Close 16:0917:09
Wymondham, adj Hawthorne Close 16:1017:10
Wymondham, opp Lime Tree Avenue 16:1117:11
Wymondham, adj Greenland Avenue 16:1117:11
Wymondham, adj Tuttles Lane 16:1217:12
Wymondham, opp Spinks Lane 16:1217:12
Wymondham, adj Albini Way 16:1317:13
Wymondham Elm Farm Business Park (os) 16:1417:14
Hethersett (village), opp St Davids Road 16:1717:17
Hethersett (village), adj The Crescent 16:1817:18
Hethersett (village), opp Flint House Gardens 16:1917:19
Hethersett (village), adj Meadow Close 16:2017:20
Hethersett (village), adj Cromwell Close 16:2117:21
Hethersett (village), adj Lynch Green 16:2117:21
Hethersett (village), opp Jaguar Road 16:2217:22
Hethersett (village), opp Deacon Drive 16:2217:22
Hethersett (village), adj Lakeland Way 16:2317:23
Hethersett (village), opp Admirals Way 16:2417:24
Hethersett (village), adj Colney Lane 16:2517:25
Thickthorn, adj Cottages 16:2717:27
Thickthorn, opp Park & Ride 16:2717:27
Cringleford Interchange (Stand A) 16:2917:29
Norwich, opp Elveden Close 16:3617:36
Norwich, adj Judges Walk 16:3817:38
Norwich, opp Branksome Road 16:3917:39
Norwich, adj Leopold Road 16:4017:40
Norwich, opp Lime Tree Road 16:4117:41
Norwich, adj Albemarle Road 16:4217:42
Norwich, opp Town Close Road 16:4317:43
Norwich, adj Eagle Walk 16:4317:43
Norwich, adj Brunswick Road 16:4417:44
Norwich, adj St Stephens Square 16:4517:45
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BF) 16:4617:46
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CC) 16:5017:50
Norwich Prince of Wales Road (Stop DA) 16:5617:56
Norwich Prince of Wales Road (Stop DC) 16:5717:57
Norwich Railway Station (Stop DD) 16:5817:58
Norwich, adj Rosary Road 16:5817:58
Norwich, adj Cotman Road 16:5917:59
Norwich, opp Cremorne Lane 17:0018:00
Norwich, opp The Denes 17:0018:00
Thorpe St Andrew, adj Langley School 17:0118:01
Thorpe St Andrew, adj School Lane 17:0218:02
Thorpe St Andrew, opp River Green 17:0318:03
Thorpe St Andrew, adj Barber Place 17:0318:03
Thorpe St Andrew, adj School Avenue 17:0418:04
Thorpe St Andrew, adj St Andrews Avenue 17:0518:05
Thorpe St Andrew, adj Primrose Crescent 17:0518:05
Thorpe St Andrew, adj Business Park 17:0618:06
Broadland Business Park, opp Meridian Way 17:0718:07
Brundall, adj Berryfields 17:1318:13
Brundall, opp Holmesdale Road 17:1418:14
Brundall, opp Chancel Close 17:1418:14
Brundall, adj Links Avenue 17:1618:16
Brundall, opp The Dales 17:1618:16
Brundall, opp Station Road 17:1718:17
Brundall, adj Brandon Court 17:1718:17
Brundall, adj Highfield Avenue 17:1818:18
Blofield, opp Church Road 17:2018:20
Blofield, adj Garden Road 17:2018:20
Blofield, opp surgery 17:2218:22
Acle, adj Telephone Exch 17:2818:28
Acle, opp Budgens 17:2918:29
Acle, adj Kings Head 17:3018:30

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