165 - Stroud - Uley - Dursley

A service operated by Stagecoach West


Monday to Friday (not bank holidays) until Friday 2 September 2022

Stroud - Uley - Dursley

Stroud Merrywalks (Stop J) 13:30
Stroud, o/s Homebase 13:31
Stroud, opp Beard's Lane 13:32
Cainscross, after Marling School 13:33
Dudbridge, after Sainsbury's Store 13:35
Lightpill Kitesnest Lane (corner of) 13:38
Rooksmoor, before The Old Fleece Inn 13:41
Woodchester, opp Old Piano Works 13:42
Woodchester, after Manor Gardens 13:42
Woodchester Manor Drive (corner of) 13:42
Woodchester, after Station Road 13:43
Woodchester, after Frogmarsh Lane 13:44
Inchbrook, o/s Trading Estate 13:44
Inchbrook, by Dunkirk Mills 13:46
Nailsworth, by Lakeside Garage 13:46
Nailsworth Bus Station (Stop 2) 13:48
Forest Green, by Churchill Road 13:50
Forest Green, opp Star Hill 13:52
Forest Green, before Nortonwood 13:53
Forest Green, nr Nailsworth Primary School 13:53
Nympsfield, by Tinkley Farm 13:56
Nympsfield, opp Benton Court 14:00
Nympsfield, opp The Cross 14:01
Crawley Lane (by) 14:05
Uley Church Hall (just before) 14:06
Uley, opp Post Office 14:07
Uley, opp Fop Street 14:08
Rockstowes, before Old Mill House 14:10
Dursley, by Riversmill 14:13
Dursley, o/s Carpenters Arms 14:14
Dursley, nr Uley Road 14:15
Dursley, opp Sainsbury's 14:16
Dursley, nr May Lane 14:16
Kingshill, opp Rednock School 14:17
Kingshill, opp Fire Station 14:18
Upper Cam Dursley Hospital (main entrance) 14:20
Upper Cam, after Everlands Junction 14:22
Upper Cam, by St George's Church 14:24
Upper Cam, nr Hopton Green 14:25
Upper Cam, by Station Road 14:25
Upthorpe, by Playing Field 14:27
Upthorpe, nr Green Street 14:27
Ashmead Green, opp Ashmead Hall 14:28
Ashmead Green, opp Allotments 14:29
Far Green, after Ashmead Turn 14:32
Far Green, opp The Old Chapel 14:32
Hamshill, nr Trenley Road 14:33
Coaley, by Betworthy Estate 14:35

Dursley - Uley - Stroud

Coaley, opp Betworthy Estate 09:50
Hamshill, after Trenley Road 09:51
Far Green, by The Old Chapel 09:52
Far Green, before Ashmead Turn 09:52
Ashmead Green, nr Allotments 09:55
Ashmead Green, o/s Ashmead Hall 09:56
Upthorpe, by Green Street 09:57
Upthorpe, nr Playing Field 09:57
Upper Cam, opp Station Road 09:59
Upper Cam, by Hopton Green 09:59
Upper Cam, opp St George's Church 10:01
Upper Cam, opp St George's Close 10:02
Upper Cam, before Everlands Junction 10:02
Upper Cam Dursley Hospital (main entrance) 10:05
Kingshill, after Fire Station 10:07
Kingshill, before Garage 10:08
Dursley, o/s Sainsbury's 10:10
Dursley, after Carpenters Arms 10:11
Dursley, nr Riversmill 10:12
Rockstowes, after Old Mill House 10:15
Uley, by Fop Street 10:17
Uley, o/s Post Office 10:19
Uley, nr St Giles's Church 10:19
Crawley Lane (opp) 10:20
Nympsfield, nr The Cross 10:25
Nympsfield, by Benton Court 10:25
Nympsfield, opp Tinkley Farm 10:29
Forest Green, opp Nailsworth Primary School 10:32
Forest Green, after Nortonwood 10:33
Forest Green, after Moffatt Road 10:34
Forest Green, before Northfield Road 10:36
Nailsworth Bus Station (Stop 2) 10:38
Nailsworth, opp Lakeside Garage 10:39
Inchbrook, opp Dunkirk Mills 10:40
Inchbrook, opp Trading Estate 10:41
Woodchester, by Frogmarsh Lane 10:42
Woodchester, before Station Road 10:42
Woodchester, opp Manor Drive 10:43
Woodchester, before Old Piano Works 10:44
Rooksmoor, opp The Old Fleece Inn 10:44
Lightpill, opp Kitesnest Lane 10:47
Lightpill, opp Fleece Inn 10:48
Dudbridge, after Constance Close 10:49
Dudbridge, by Sainsbury's Store 10:51
Cainscross, before Marling School 10:52
Stroud, before Beard's Lane 10:53
Stroud, after Homebase 10:54
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop A) 10:56

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 17 August 2022

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