167 - Quedgeley - Nympsfield - Dursley Rednock School

A bus service operated by Jackies Coaches


Monday to Friday, not Gloucestershire School Holidays

Quedgeley - Nympsfield - Dursley Rednock School

Dursley Rednock School - Nympsfield - Quedgeley

Dursley, in Rednock School Grounds 15:10
Kingshill, before Garage 15:11
Dursley, o/s Sainsbury's 15:12
Dursley, after Carpenters Arms 15:15
Dursley, nr Riversmill 15:16
Rockstowes, after Old Mill House 15:19
Uley, o/s Post Office 15:24
Uley, nr St Giles's Church 15:25
Crawley Lane (opp) 15:25
Nympsfield, nr Tinkley Corner 15:28
Frocester, by The George Inn 15:33
Frocester, by Broadmead 15:33
Eastington, by Sylvern 15:34
Eastington, opp Middle Street 15:34
Eastington, after Swallow Croft 15:34
Eastington, on Alkerton Cross 15:35
Claypits, by Puddleworth Turn 15:35
Claypits, before Hilltop Garage 15:36
Claypits, after Eastington Turn 15:36
Fromebridge, by Frampton Turn 15:37
Fromebridge Lane (by) 15:38
Whitminster Inn (before) 15:40
Whitminster, o/s Attwoolls 15:40
Whitminster, opp Northfield Park 15:41
Moreton Valence, after Standish Lane 15:43
Moreton Valence, by Putloe Cottage 15:43
Moreton Valence, by Epney Turn 15:44
Moreton Valence, opp Parkend House 15:45
Hardwicke, by The Lodge 15:46
Hardwicke, by Pound Lane 15:47
Hardwicke, by Business Park 15:48
Hardwicke, nr One Stop Shop 15:49
Quedgeley, opp The Holly Grove 15:50
Quedgeley, before Overbrook Road 15:50
Quedgeley, before Chiltern Road 15:51
Quedgeley, after Chaceley Close 15:51
Quedgeley, opp Deerhurst Place 15:52
Quedgeley, after Redding Close 15:52
Quedgeley, opp Curtis Hayward Drive 15:52
Quedgeley, opp St James 15:53
Quedgeley, opp Tesco & Severnvale Shops 15:54
Quedgeley, before Highliffe Drive 15:54
Quedgeley, opp Holly End 15:55
Quedgeley, o/s Telephone Exchange 15:55
Hardwicke, opp One Stop Shop 15:56

Timetable data from Jackies Coaches/Bus Open Data Service, 21 January 2021

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