16A - Gt Thurlow - Cambridge

A bus service operated by Stagecoach East


Gt Thurlow - Cambridge

Great Thurlow, opp The Old Rose & Crown 06:47
Great Thurlow, opposite Garage 06:47
Little Thurlow Pound Green (N-bound) 06:49
Great Bradley Fox Green (Adjacent) 06:52
Great Bradley, adj Old Post Office 06:52
Burrough Green Church Lane (near) 06:57
Burrough Green, o/s Primary School 06:57
Burrough End Hartfield Road (near) 06:59
Brinkley, opp Weston Colville Road 07:01
Brinkley, opp Beechcroft 07:02
Brinkley Old School Lane (near) 07:03
Weston Colville, opp Church End 07:08
Weston Green, opp Chapel Road 07:10
Weston Green Common Road (S-bound) 07:11
West Wickham, opp Weston Wood Cottages 07:13
West Wickham Burton End (opp 29) 07:15
West Wickham, opp Home Close 07:17
West Wickham, opp White Horse PH 07:18
West Wickham, opp Church 07:18
West Wratting, opp Spicer's Close 07:22
West Wratting, opp Bull Lane 07:23
Balsham, opp West Wratting Road 07:29
Balsham May's Avenue (near) 07:29
Balsham, opp Fox Road 07:30
Fulbourn, opp Fleam Dyke Cottages 07:38
Fulbourn, opp Impetts Lane 07:41
Fulbourn, o/s Six Bells 07:42
Fulbourn Haggis Gap (near) 07:42
Fulbourn Bird Farm Road (near) 07:43
Fulbourn Bakers Arms (near) 07:43
Teversham, opp Ferndale 07:46
Teversham High Street (o/s 70) 07:47
Teversham Sheppard Way (near) 07:48
Teversham, opp Marshall's Close 07:49
Cherry Hinton, opp Eland Way 07:51
Cherry Hinton, opp Impala Drive Walkway 07:52
Cherry Hinton, opp Tamarin Gardens 07:53
Cherry Hinton, opp Yarrow Road 07:56
Cherry Hinton Limedale Close (near) 07:57
Cherry Hinton Queen Edith's Way (near) 07:57
Cambridge Limekiln Road (near) 07:58
Cambridge, o/s Netherhall School 07:59
Cambridge, opp Strangeways Road 08:00
Cambridge Almoners' Avenue (near) 08:01
Cambridge, opp Fendon Close 08:02
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station (Bay A) 08:04
Cambridge Long Road (near) 08:06
Cambridge Perse School (near) 08:07
Cambridge, opp Blinco Grove 08:10
Cambridge, o/s Hills Rd 6th Form Col 08:11
Cambridge, o/s Botanic Gardens 08:14
Cambridge Hills Road (NW-bound) 08:16
Cambridge, opp St Paul's Road 08:17
Cambridge, o/s Downing College 08:19
Cambridge Drummer St Bus Station (Bay 8) 08:21

Cambridge - Gt Thurlow

Cambridge Emmanuel Street (Stop E1) 16:42
Cambridge, opp Downing College 16:44
Cambridge, adj St Paul's Road 16:45
Cambridge, opp Botanic Gardens 16:47
Cambridge, opp Hills Rd 6th Form Col 16:50
Cambridge Blinco Grove (near) 16:52
Cambridge, opp Perse School 16:53
Cambridge, opp Long Rd 6th Form Coll 16:57
Addenbrooke’s Rosie Maternity Unit (Stop F) 17:03
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station (Bay B) 17:10
Cambridge, opp Almoners' Avenue 17:12
Cambridge Strangeways Road (near) 17:12
Cambridge, opp Netherhall School 17:13
Cambridge, opp Limekiln Road 17:14
Cherry Hinton, opp Queen Edith's Way 17:15
Cherry Hinton, opp Limedale Close 17:15
Cherry Hinton Yarrow Road (near) 17:16
Cherry Hinton Tamarin Gardens (near) 17:18
Cherry Hinton Impala Drive Walkway (near) 17:20
Cherry Hinton Eland Way (near) 17:20
Teversham Marshall's Close (near) 17:23
Teversham, opp Sheppard Way 17:23
Teversham High Street (o/s 77) 17:24
Teversham Ferndale (near) 17:25
Fulbourn, opp Bakers Arms 17:27
Fulbourn, opp Bird Farm Road 17:28
Fulbourn, opp Haggis Gap 17:29
Fulbourn, opp Six Bells 17:30
Fulbourn Impetts Lane (near) 17:30
Fulbourn, o/s Fleam Dyke Cottages 17:32
Balsham Fox Road (near) 17:39
Balsham, opp May's Avenue 17:40
Balsham West Wratting Road (near) 17:41
West Wratting Bull Lane (near) 17:44
West Wratting Spicer's Close (near) 17:46
West Wickham Church (near) 17:51
West Wickham, o/s White Horse PH 17:52
West Wickham Home Close (near) 17:52
West Wickham Burton End (o/s 29) 17:53
West Wickham Weston Woods Cottages (near) 17:56
Weston Green Common Road (N-bound) 17:57
Weston Green Chapel Road (near) 17:59
Weston Colville Church End (near) 18:01
Brinkley, opp Old School Lane 18:06
Brinkley Beechcroft (near) 18:07
Brinkley Weston Colville Road (near) 18:07
Burrough End, opp Hartfield Road 18:08
Burrough Green, opp Primary School 18:10
Burrough Green, opp Church Lane 18:10
Great Bradley, opp Old Post Office 18:14
Great Bradley, opposite Fox Green 18:15
Little Thurlow Pound Green (S-bound) 18:17
Great Thurlow Garage (Adjacent) 18:18
Great Thurlow The Old Rose & Crown (Adjacent) 18:19

Timetable data from Stagecoach East, 31 May 2023

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