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17 - Coventry - Warwick via Leamington

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Warwickshire

Warwick - Coventry via Leamington

Warwick Bus Station (Stand D) 08:07
Warwick, opp Northgate Methodist Church 08:09
Warwick, adj Guy Street 08:14
Warwick, adj Broad Street 08:16
Warwick, adj Ilex Court 08:17
Warwick, adj All Saints Road 08:21
Warwick, adj Portobello Bridge 08:25
Leamington Spa, adj Milverton Turn 08:26
Leamington Spa, adj Shops 08:27
Milverton, adj Bishop Bright Hall 08:29
Leamington Spa, adj St Marks Church 08:32
Leamington Spa, opp Binswood Tavern 08:34
Leamington Spa, adj Dormer Place 08:41
Leamington Spa, adj Regent Street 08:42
Leamington Spa Upper Parade (Stand F) 08:45
Leamington Spa Upper Parade (Stand F) 08:47
Leamington Spa, adj Beauchamp Avenue 08:47
Leamington Spa, adj Arnold Lodge School 08:48
Leamington Spa, nr Lillington Avenue 08:49
Leamington Spa, adj Woodcote Road 08:49
Leamington Spa, adj Northumberland Road 08:50
Leamington Spa, adj Oak Bank House 08:52
Leamington Spa, opp Blackdown Crossorads 08:53
Leamington Spa, opp Leamington Rugby Club 08:56
Leamington Spa, adj Ramada Hotel 08:58
Kenilworth, adj Chesford Crossroads 09:00
Kenilworth, adj Thickthorn Island 09:02
Kenilworth, opp Ferndale Drive 09:03
Kenilworth, adj St Johns Street 09:04
Kenilworth, adj Randall Road 09:05
Kenilworth Holiday Inn (Stand C) 09:07
Kenilworth, opp Church 09:08
Kenilworth, opp Sports & Social Club 09:09
Kenilworth, adj Henry Street 09:10
Kenilworth, nr Wyandotte 09:12
Kenilworth, adj Villiers Road 09:13
Kenilworth, adj Leyes Lane 09:14
Kenilworth, adj Shops 09:14
Kenilworth, nr Leyes Lane 09:15
Kenilworth, adj Saville Grove 09:15
Kenilworth, adj Hidcote Road 09:16
Kenilworth, nr Dalehouse Lane 09:17
Kenilworth, opp Highland Roiad 09:17
Kenilworth, adj Common 09:18
Kenilworth, opp Woodland Road 09:18
Kenilworth, adj Crackley 09:19
Gibbet Hill, adj Cryfield Grange Rd 09:22
Gibbet Hill Rd (adj) 09:23
Gibbet Hill, adj Abberton Way 09:24
Green Lane, adj Cannon Hill Rd 09:26
Green Lane, after Fletchamstead Highway 09:28
War Memorial Park, opp Coat of Arms Bridge Rd 09:28
War Memorial Park, adj Beechwood Avenue 09:29
War Memorial Park Park and Ride Car Park (inside) 09:30
War Memorial Park Park and Ride Car Park (inside) 09:31
War Memorial Park, adj Earlsdon Avenue South 09:32
War Memorial Park, adj Davenport Rd 09:33
Earlsdon, opp Leamington Rd 09:34
Coventry Rail Station Bridge (Stop WR3) 09:36
Coventry Queen Victoria Rd (Stop GR1) 09:38
Coventry Croft Road (Stop VR3) 09:39
Coventry St Johns Church (Stop CS4) 09:40
Coventry Transport Museum (Stop HS1) 09:43

Coventry - Warwick via Leamington

Coventry Transport Museum (Stop HS1) 14:25
Coventry Gosford Street (Stop CU3) 14:28
Coventry Earl St (Stop MP1) 14:29
Coventry Little Park St (Stop SJ1) 14:30
Coventry Quadrant (Stop BY4) 14:32
Coventry Rail Station Bridge (Stop WR2) 14:36
Earlsdon, adj Leamington Rd 14:37
War Memorial Park, opp Davenport Rd 14:39
War Memorial Park, opp Earlsdon Avenue South 14:41
War Memorial Park Park and Ride Car Park (inside) 14:43
War Memorial Park Park and Ride Car Park (inside) 14:44
War Memorial Park, opp Beechwood Avenue 14:44
War Memorial Park, adj Coat of Arms Bridge Rd 14:44
Green Lane, before Fletchamstead Highway 14:45
Green Lane, after Kenpas Highway 14:46
Green Lane, opp Cannon Hill Rd 14:46
Gibbet Hill, opp Abberton Way 14:48
Gibbet Hill Rd (opp) 14:49
Gibbet Hill, opp Cryfield Grange Rd 14:50
Kenilworth, adj Crackley 14:52
Kenilworth, adj Woodland Road 14:53
Kenilworth, opp Common 14:53
Kenilworth, adj Highland Road 14:54
Kenilworth, adj Knowle Hill 14:54
Kenilworth, opp Hidcote Road 14:55
Kenilworth, adj Rawnsley Drive 14:56
Kenilworth, opp Shops 14:56
Kenilworth School (adj) 14:57
Kenilworth, opp Villiers Road 14:58
Kenilworth, adj Herberts Lane 15:00
Kenilworth, adj Spring Lane 15:01
Kenilworth, adj Sports & Social Club 15:02
Kenilworth, adj Church 15:02
Kenilworth Shops (Stand B) 15:04
Kenilworth, adj Lion 15:04
Kenilworth, adj Earl of Clarendon 15:05
Kenilworth, adj St Johns Church 15:06
Kenilworth, adj Ferndale Drive 15:06
Kenilworth, opp Chesford Crossroads 15:10
Leamington Spa, opp Ramada Hotel 15:10
Leamington Spa, adj Leamington Rugby Club 15:13
Leamington Spa, adj Blackdown Crossroads 15:15
Leamington Spa, opp Northumberland Road 15:18
Leamington Spa, opp Woodcote Road 15:18
Leamington Spa, adj Binswood Hall 15:19
Leamington Spa, adj Binswood Tavern 15:20
Leamington Spa, opp St Marks Road 15:21
Milverton, adj Bishop Bright Hall 15:23
Leamington Spa, opp Lillington Avenue 15:27
Leamington Spa, nr Trinity Street 15:28
Leamington Spa Upper Parade (Stand J) 15:30
Leamington Spa Upper Parade (Stand J) 15:31
Leamington Spa, adj Regent Hotel 15:32
Leamington Spa, adj War Memorial 15:33
Leamington Spa, adj Parish Church 15:35
Leamington Spa, adj Crown Hotel 15:36
Leamington Spa, opp Railway Station 15:38
Leamington Spa, opp Morrisons 15:40
Leamington Spa, adj Edmonscote Road 15:42
Leamington Spa, adj Warwick New Road 15:43
Leamington Spa, adj Guide Dogs for the Blind 15:43
Warwick, opp Greville Road 15:45
Warwick, opp All Saints Road 15:47
Warwick, opp Campriano Drive 15:48
Warwick, opp Ilex Court 15:50
Warwick, opp Broad Street 15:51
Warwick, opp Guy Street 15:52
Warwick Bus Station (Stand A) 15:58

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