17 - The Wallops - Andover

A bus service operated by Hampshire Community Transport


Monday to Friday

Over Wallop The War Memorial (NE-bound) 08:45
Over Wallop King Lane Cottages (N-bound) 08:45
Over Wallop Pound Close (W-bound) 08:45
Over Wallop Evans Close (W-bound) 08:45
Over Wallop Evans Close (SW-bound) 08:46
Over Wallop Appleton Close (SE-bound) 08:46
Over Wallop The War Memorial (NE-bound) 08:47
Middle Wallop The George Inn (NE-bound) 08:48
Middle Wallop Rosehill Farm (NE-bound) 08:49
Middle Wallop Wallop Industries (NE-bound) 08:50
Middle Wallop, opposite Museum of Army Flying 08:50
Middle Wallop Wallop Aac (NE-bound) 08:52
Middle Wallop White Horse Service Station (NE-bound) 08:52
Abbotts Ann Down Down Farm (NE-bound) 08:55
Eastover Stonehanger Cottages (NE-bound) 08:55
Abbotts Ann St Johns Cross (NE-bound) 08:57
Abbotts Ann St Johns Cross (NW-bound) 08:57
Abbotts Ann, nr Criswick Close 08:58
Abbotts Ann, nr Bulbery 08:58
Abbotts Ann, opp The Eagle 08:59
Abbotts Ann, adj St Marys Church 08:59
Abbotts Ann, opp Abbotts Close 09:00
Little Ann Abbots Hill (E-bound) 09:01
Little Ann Poplar Farm Inn (E-bound) 09:01
Anna Valley Kingsmead (E-bound) 09:03
Anna Valley, adj Taskers Drive 09:03
Anna Valley, opp White Oak Way 09:04
Anna Valley Greenfield Farm Shop (E-bound) 09:04
Anna Valley Balksbury Bridge (E-bound) 09:05
Anna Valley Clatford Lodge (N-bound) 09:05
Andover Pine Walk (NW-bound) 09:06
Andover Lime Walk (N-bound) 09:07
Andover, opp Cedar Walk 09:07
Andover, o/s John Hanson School 09:08
Andover, adj Chatsworth Drive 09:09
Andover Aster Court (Opp Jasmine Court) 09:09
Andover Floral Way (NE-bound) 09:11
Andover Anton Arms (NE-bound) 09:12
Andover Suffolk Road (S-bound) 09:14
Andover Willow Grove (E-bound) 09:14
Andover St Anns Close (NE-bound) 09:16
Andover Bus Station National Express (Stand J) 09:19
To use this service Register on 01962 846785

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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