175 - Banks Road / Heswall Shore - Banks Road / Heswall Shore

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Heswall Shore (Near) 09:28then hourly until16:2817:28
Heswall, opposite Banks Road 09:2916:2917:29
Heswall, opposite Gulls Way 09:2916:2917:29
Heswall, adj Phillips Way 09:3116:3117:31
Heswall Thurstaston Road (Near) 09:3116:3117:31
Heswall, opp School Hill 09:3216:3217:32
Heswall, opp Mount Avenue 09:3416:3417:34
Heswall Bus Station (Stop C) 09:3616:3617:36
Heswall Downham Road South (NE-bound) 09:3616:36
Heswall Whitfield Lane (W-bound) 09:3816:38
Heswall Whitfield Lane (N-bound) 09:3816:38
Heswall, opp Downham Road North 09:3916:39
Pensby Kylemore Drive (NW-bound) 09:4016:40
Pensby Kylemore Drive (Adjacent) 09:4016:40
Pensby Old Wood Road (NW-bound) 09:4116:41
Pensby Ridgewood Drive (NE-bound) 09:4416:44
Thingwall, adj Cornelius Drive 09:4616:46
Irby Heath, opp Anderson Close 09:4616:46
Irby Heath, opp Barker Road 09:4716:47
Irby Heath, opp Glenwood Drive 09:4916:49
Irby Heath Thingwall Road (Adjacent) 09:4916:49
Irby Glenwood Drive (NW-bound) 09:4916:49
Irby, adj Coombe Road 09:4916:49
Irby Denning Drive (W-bound) 09:5016:50
Irby Heathbank Avenue (W-bound) 09:5116:51
Irby Far Meadow Lane (SE-bound) 09:5316:53
Irby Methodist Church (NW-bound) 09:5316:53
Irby Heath Roslin Road (Adjacent) 09:5516:55
Irby Roslin Road (NW-bound) 09:5716:57
Irby Seaview Avenue (N-bound) 09:5716:57
Irby Laburnum Grove (E-bound) 09:5816:58
Irby Coombe Road (N-bound) 09:5816:58
Irby Glenwood Drive (SE-bound) 10:0017:00
Irby Heath, opp Whaley Lane 10:0117:01
Irby, adj Barker Road 10:0117:01
Irby, adj Anderson Close 10:0217:02
Thingwall Wimbourne Avenue (Adjacent) 10:0317:03
Pensby Ridgewood Drive (W-bound) 10:0517:05
Pensby Old Wood Road (SE-bound) 10:0817:08
Pensby, adj Kentmere Drive 10:0917:09
Pensby Kylemore Drive (E-bound) 10:1117:11
Heswall, adj Downham Road North 10:1217:12
Heswall Whitfield Lane (Adjacent) 10:1417:14
Heswall Whitfield Lane (E-bound) 10:1417:14
Heswall Downham Road South (SW-bound) 10:1517:15
Heswall Daryl Road (NW-bound) 10:1617:16
Heswall, adj Daryl Road 10:1717:17
Heswall Bus Station (Stop A ) 10:1817:18
Heswall, adj Mount Avenue 10:1917:19
Heswall Thurstaston Road (Near) 10:2117:21
Heswall, opp Pipers Lane 10:2317:23
Heswall Banks Road (Adjacent) 10:2317:23
Heswall Shore (Near) 10:2517:25

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