177 - Chesham - Hyde Heath

A bus service operated by Red Eagle


Tuesdays and Thursdays

Chesham to Hyde Heath

Chesham Broadway (Stop B) 08:50
Chesham Park Road (Opp 12) 08:50
Chesham, o/s Chiltern Hills Academy 08:51
Chesham, opp Berkeley Avenue 08:52
Chesham Chartridge Lane (o/s 216) 08:53
Chesham, adj The Warren 08:54
Chesham, opp Buslins Lane 08:55
Chartridge, opp Old Sax Lane 08:55
Chartridge, opp The Bell PH 08:57
Chartridge, opp Village Hall 08:58
Chartridge Lodge (opp) 08:58
Chartridge, adj Cherry Tree Farm 08:59
The Lee, adj Grove Wood 09:00
Swan Bottom Crossroads (Southbound) 09:02
The Lee, opp St John's Church 09:05
Lee Common, adj Princes Lane 09:07
Lee Common Oxford Street (SE-bound) 09:07
Lee Common, adj Sly Corner 09:09
Ballinger Common, opp Blackthorne Lane 09:11
Ballinger Common, opp Ballinger Farm 09:11
South Heath Ballinger Bottom (SE-bound) 09:12
South Heath Herbert's Hole (near) 09:13
South Heath, adj Marriotts Avenue 09:13
South Heath, opp Potter Row 09:15
Great Missenden, adj Library 09:19
Great Missenden, adj Railway Station 09:20
Great Missenden High Street (o/s 49A) 09:20
Great Missenden, opp Whitefield Lane 09:20
Great Missenden, opp Rockwood Way 09:21
Little Kingshill, opp Nags Head Lane 09:22
Little Kingshill, opp Chiltern Hospital 09:22
Little Missenden, opp Highmoor Cottages 09:27
Little Missenden, adj The Red Lion PH 09:28
Little Missenden, adj The Crown PH 09:28
Little Missenden, opp Mop End Lane 09:30
Old Amersham Broadway (Stop A) 09:36
Amersham Station Road (Stop H) 09:37
Amersham, opp Beech Grove 09:38
Amersham, opp The Rise 09:39
Amersham Railway Station (Stop A) 09:4114:45
Amersham Oakfield Corner (Stop B) 09:4114:45
Amersham, adj Hervines Road 09:4114:46
Amersham, adj Copperkins Lane 09:4214:47
Chesham Bois Copperkins Lane (Westbound) 09:4314:49
Hyde Heath, opp The Green 09:4614:51
Hyde Heath Hyde End (Eastbound) 09:4914:53
Chesham, opp Chessbury 09:5514:57
Chesham Pednormead End (o/s 73) 09:5614:59
Chesham Broadway (Stop B) 09:5715:01

Hyde Heath to Chesham

Chesham Broadway (Stop B) 11:50
Chesham Pednormead End (o/s 102) 11:50
Chesham, adj Chessbury 11:51
Hyde Heath Hyde End (Westbound) 11:55
Hyde Heath, adj The Green 11:58
Hyde Heath, opp Keepers Lane 11:59
Chesham Bois Copperkins Lane (Eastbound) 12:03
Amersham, opp Hervines Road 12:05
Amersham Oakfield Corner (Stop C) 12:05
Amersham Railway Station (Stop J) 12:06
Amersham, adj The Rise 12:07
Amersham, adj Beech Grove 12:08
Amersham Station Road (Stop I) 12:09
Old Amersham Broadway (Stop D) 12:11
Little Missenden, adj Mop End Lane 12:16
Little Missenden, opp The Crown PH 12:18
Little Missenden, opp The Red Lion PH 12:19
Little Missenden, adj Highmoor Cottages 12:19
Little Kingshill, adj Chiltern Hospital 12:22
Little Kingshill, adj Nags Head Lane 12:22
Great Missenden, adj Rockwood Way 12:23
Great Missenden, adj Whitefield Lane 12:24
Great Missenden High Street (o/s 38) 12:24
Great Missenden, adj Railway Station 12:25
Great Missenden, opp Library 12:25
South Heath, opp Wood Lane 12:28
South Heath, adj Potter Row 12:29
South Heath, opp Marriotts Avenue 12:30
South Heath, opp Herbert's Hole 12:30
South Heath Ballinger Bottom (NW-bound) 12:31
Ballinger Common, o/s Ballinger Farm 12:32
Ballinger Common, adj Blackthorne Lane 12:33
Ballinger Common, opp Chiltern Road 12:33
Lee Common, opp Sly Corner 12:35
Lee Common Oxford Street (NW-bound) 12:35
Lee Common, opp Princes Lane 12:37
The Lee St John's Church (os) 12:39
Swan Bottom Crossroads (Northbound) 12:41
The Lee, adj Gwenfa Farm 12:42
Chartridge, opp Cherry Tree Farm 12:44
Chartridge Lodge (adj) 12:45
Chartridge, opp Cogdells Lane 12:47
Chartridge, adj The Bell PH 12:47
Chartridge, adj Old Sax Lane 12:48
Chesham, adj Buslins Lane 12:49
Chesham, opp The Warren 12:50
Chesham Chartridge Lane (o/s 209) 12:51
Chesham, adj Berkeley Avenue 12:52
Chesham, opp Chiltern Hills Academy 12:53
Chesham Park Road (o/s 18) 12:54
Chesham Broadway (Stop B) 12:55

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/REDE/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 16 January 2023

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