17A - MANCHESTER Shudehill Interchange - ROCHDALE Interchange

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MANCHESTER Shudehill Interchange to ROCHDALE Interchange

Shudehill Interchange (Stand F) 04:55
Shudehill Mayes Street (Stop NM) 04:55
Newtown, nr Angel Street 04:56
Newtown, nr Gould Street 04:56
Newtown, nr Peary Street 04:57
Newtown, opp Livesey Street 04:57
Newtown, opp Osborne Street 04:58
Collyhurst Street (nr) 04:58
Collyhurst, opp Paget Street 04:59
Queens Park Queens Road (Stop C) 05:00
Queens Park, opp Lathbury Road 05:01
Harpurhey Road (nr) 05:01
Harpurhey, nr Pleasant Street 05:02
Harpurhey, opp Christ Church 05:02
Blackley Moston Lane (Stop A) 05:03
Blackley, nr Cumberland Road 05:04
Blackley, nr Old Road 05:04
Blackley, opp Charlestown Road 05:06
Blackley, nr Lion Brow 05:06
Blackley, opp Dam Head Medical Centre 05:07
Higher Blackley, nr Hilldale Avenue 05:08
Higher Blackley Victoria Avenue (Stop C) 05:09
Alkrington, opp Mossway 05:10
Alkrington, opp Moss Lane 05:10
Alkrington, nr Woodlands Way 05:11
Alkrington, opp Kingsway 05:12
Alkrington, opp Mount Road 05:13
Middleton, opp Mill Fold Road 05:13
Middleton Bus Station (Stand A) 05:15
Middleton, nr Long Street 05:19
Middleton, opp Cemetery Street 05:19
Middleton, opp New Lane 05:20
Hollins, nr Cleworth Road 05:21
Hollins Hollin Lane (Stop C) 05:21
Hollins, nr Nowell Road 05:22
Hollins, nr Waverley Road 05:23
Stanycliffe Lane (opp) 05:24
Stanycliffe, opp Cardinal Langley School 05:24
Hopwood Hall College (o/s) 05:25
Slattocks, o/s Golf Club 05:26
Stakehill Industrial Estate (S-bound) 05:28
Stakehill Industrial Estate (E-bound) 05:28
Stakehill Industrial Estate (SE-bound) 05:29
Stakehill Industrial Estate (SW-bound) 05:30
Stakehill Industrial Estate (NW-bound) 05:31
Stakehill Industrial Estate (N-bound) 05:31
Slattocks, on Rochdale Road 05:33
Slattocks, opp Thornham Lane 05:33
Trub, opp Garden Centre 05:33
Trub, opp Chesham Avenue 05:34
Trub, opp Thornham New Road 05:34
Trub, adj M62 05:35
Castleton, opp Vicarage Road North 05:36
Castleton Post Office (Stop C) 05:36
Castleton Milne Street (Stop A) 05:37
Castleton Moor, nr Keswick St 05:38
Castleton Moor, nr Abbott Street 05:38
Sudden, opp Royal Toby Hotel 05:39
Sudden, o/s St Aidan's Church 05:40
Sudden Tesco (Stop C) 05:41
Sudden, nr Roch Valley Way 05:41
Stoneyfield, o/s Highfield Hospital 05:43
Rochdale, opp Castlemere Street 05:45
Rochdale, opp Milkstone Road 05:46
Rochdale, opp Milnrow Road 05:46
Rochdale Interchange (Arrivals) 05:48

ROCHDALE Interchange to MANCHESTER Shudehill Interchange

Rochdale Interchange (Stand K) 05:18
Rochdale, nr Milnrow Road 05:20
Rochdale, nr Milkstone Road 05:20
Rochdale, nr Manchester Road 05:21
Rochdale, nr Tweedale Street 05:22
Stoneyfield, opp Highfield Hospital 05:23
Sudden Tesco (Stop D) 05:25
Sudden St Aidan's Church (Stop B) 05:25
Sudden, o/s Royal Toby Hotel 05:26
Castleton Moor, opp Nixon Street 05:27
Castleton Moor, opp Keswick St 05:28
Castleton Milne Street (Stop B) 05:29
Castleton, nr Vicarage Road North 05:30
Trub, opp Mount Street 05:31
Trub, nr M62 05:31
Trub, nr Thornham New Road 05:32
Trub, nr Chesham Avenue 05:33
Trub, o/s Garden Centre 05:35
Slattocks, nr Thornham Lane 05:36
Stakehill Industrial Estate (S-bound) 05:39
Stakehill Industrial Estate (E-bound) 05:39
Stakehill Industrial Estate (SE-bound) 05:40
Stakehill Industrial Estate (SW-bound) 05:41
Stakehill Industrial Estate (NW-bound) 05:42
Stakehill Industrial Estate (N-bound) 05:42
Slattocks, opp Golf Club 05:44
Hopwood Hall College (opp) 05:44
Stanycliffe, o/s Cardinal Langley School 05:45
Stanycliffe Lane (nr) 05:45
Hollins, opp Waverley Road 05:45
Hollins, o/s Black Bull Inn 05:46
Hollins Hollin Lane (Stop D) 05:46
Middleton, nr New Lane 05:47
Middleton, nr Cemetery Street 05:47
Middleton, opp Eastway 05:47
Middleton Bus Station (Stand N) 05:49
Middleton, nr Mill Fold Road 05:52
Alkrington, nr Mount Road 05:53
Alkrington, nr Kingsway 05:54
Alkrington, opp Woodlands Way 05:54
Alkrington, nr Mainway 05:54
Alkrington, nr Mossway 05:55
Higher Blackley Victoria Avenue (Stop D) 05:55
Higher Blackley, opp Hilldale Avenue 05:56
Blackley, o/s Dam Head Medical Centre 05:56
Blackley, opp Lion Brow 05:57
Blackley, nr Charlestown Road 05:58
Blackley, opp Old Road 05:58
Blackley, nr Parkmount Road 05:59
Harpurhey Moston Lane (Stop D) 06:00
Harpurhey, nr Oak Bank 06:01
Harpurhey Road (nr) 06:01
Queens Park, o/s Harpurhey Post Office 06:02
Queens Park (opp) 06:03
Collyhurst Queens Road (Stop F) 06:04
Collyhurst, nr Eggington Street 06:05
Collyhurst, nr Whitley Road 06:06
Newtown, nr Osborne Street 06:07
Newtown, nr Livesey Street 06:08
Newtown, nr Moorhead Street 06:08
Newtown, nr Thompson Street 06:09
Shudehill Interchange (Stand A) 06:11

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/GONW/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 21 January 2022

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