18 - Wilderspool, Causeway Avenue - Burtonwood, Alder Lane

A service operated by Warrington’s Own Buses


Burtonwood, Alder Lane - Wilderspool, Causeway Avenue

Wilderspool, Causeway Avenue - Burtonwood, Alder Lane

Wilderspool, nr Causeway Hotel 16:24
Wilderspool, opp Central Avenue 16:25
Wilderspool, opp St James' Court 16:26
Warrington, nr Academy Way Alighting Only 16:30
Warrington Academy Way (Stop DB) 16:31
Warrington Scotland Road Alighting Only (NW-bound) 16:33
Warrington Bus Interchange (Stand 18) 16:36
Warrington Bus Interchange (Stand 18) 16:41
Warrington Legh Street (Stop AE) 16:42
Warrington Town Hall (Stop AD) 16:43
Bank Quay, o/s Crosfields 16:44
Sankey Bridges, opp St Gregorys School 16:47
Old Hall, opp Nansen Close 16:49
Old Hall, opp Bewsey Farm 16:50
Old Hall, nr Spar Shop 16:52
Old Hall Gregory Close (cnr) 16:52
Old Hall Morton Close (N-bound) 16:53
Old Hall, opp Tasman Close 16:54
Old Hall, opp Ladywood 16:55
Old Hall, opp Asda 16:56
Old Hall, opp UCI Cinema 16:56
Old Hall, o/s Seven Woods 16:57
Old Hall Kingswood Road (cnr) 16:58
Old Hall, opp Memphis Belle 16:59
Old Hall, opp Cardigan Close 17:00
Old Hall Stanner Close (cnr) 17:00
Old Hall, opp Pensarn Gardens 17:01
Callands, opp Lydbury Close 17:01
Callands, opp Barmouth Close 17:02
Callands, opp St Davids Drive 17:03
Warrington, opp Callands Road North 17:03
Callands, o/s Comdisco 17:04
Callands, o/s Royal London 17:05
Callands, o/s Toys R Us 17:06
Callands, opp Ikea 17:07
Old Hall, opp Marks & Spencer 17:09
Burtonwood Wright's Lane (cnr) 17:11
Burtonwood Haley Road South (cnr) 17:13
Burtonwood Acton Road (cnr) 17:14
Burtonwood, opp Fairclough Street 17:14
Burtonwood, o/s Chapel House 17:15
Burtonwood, opp Perrins Road 17:15
Burtonwood Cambourne Road (cnr) 17:15
Burtonwood, nr Fir Tree Lane 17:16

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