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183 - Bromsgrove - Lickey - Alvechurch - Redditch

A bus service operated by Diamond Bus


Redditch - Alvechurch - Lickey - Bromsgrove

Redditch Bus Station (Stand F) 10:20
Redditch Hewell Road (N-bound) 10:20
Redditch, opp Fishing Line Road 10:21
Bordesley, adj Windsor Road 10:22
Bordesley, opp Abbey Stadium 10:23
Bordesley, adj Weights Lane 10:23
Bordesley, adj Garage 10:24
Bordesley, opp Well Brook Nursery 10:25
Bordesley By-pass Island (N-bound) 10:25
Rowney Green, adj Cobbs Barn Farm- Redditch Road 10:26
Rowney Green, adj Lye Bridge 10:27
Rowney Green, adj Village Hall 10:30
Alvechurch, adj Snake Lane 10:34
Alvechurch, adj Lewkner Houses 10:34
Alvechurch George Road (NW-bound) 10:35
Alvechurch, opp Blythesway 10:37
Alvechurch, opp Snake Terrace 10:37
Alvechurch, adj Red Lion 10:39
Alvechurch, opp Old Rectory Lane 10:39
Bittell Croft, adj Roberts Corner 10:40
Arrowfield Top, opp Pestilence Lane 10:42
Hopwood, opp Ash Lane 10:43
Hopwood, adj Waterside Orchard Park 10:46
Barnt Green Sandhills Road (E-bound) 10:50
Barnt Green, opp Poplar Drive 10:50
Barnt Green, adj Fiery Hill Road 10:50
Kendal End, opp Kendal Drive 10:51
Kendal End, opp Cofton Church Lane 10:51
Cofton Hackett, opp Rednal Island 10:54
Cofton Hackett, opp Reservoir Road 10:54
Cofton Hackett, adj Rednal Island 10:54
Lickey Rose Hill (W-bound) 10:54
Lickey, opp Rose and Crown 10:54
Lickey Church (adj) 10:55
Lickey, adj Woodshill Avenue 10:56
Lickey Square (adj) 10:56
Upper Marlbrook, adj Lickey Grange Drive 10:57
Marlbrook, adj Lickey Rock 10:58
Marlbrook Lane (opp) 10:59
Marlbrook, opp Braces Lane 11:00
Staple Hill Old Birmingham Road (S-bound) 11:00
Staple Hill, adj Staple Flat 11:00
Hall Flat Old Birmingham Road (S-bound) 11:00
Lickey End, adj Birmingham Road 11:01
Lickey End, adj School Lane 11:01
Lickey End, adj Grosvenor Gardens 11:01
Lickey End, adj Hillside Drive 11:02
Bromsgrove, opp Upland Road 11:05
Bromsgrove, adj Lowes Court 11:07
Bromsgrove, opp Oakland Grove 11:08
Bromsgrove, opp All Saints Road 11:09
Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 3) 11:12

Bromsgrove - Lickey - Alvechurch - Redditch

Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 3) 13:25
Bromsgrove, adj All Saints Road 13:27
Bromsgrove, adj Oakland Grove 13:28
Bromsgrove, adj Lowes Court 13:30
Bromsgrove, adj Upland Road 13:31
Lickey End, adj Hillside Drive 13:35
Hall Flat Old Birmingham Road (N-bound) 13:35
Staple Hill, opp Staple Flat 13:36
Staple Hill Old Birmingham Road (N-bound) 13:36
Marlbrook, adj Braces Lane 13:37
Marlbrook Lane (adj) 13:37
Marlbrook, opp Lickey Rock 13:37
Upper Marlbrook, opp Lickey Grange Drive 13:38
Lickey Square (adj) 13:40
Lickey, adj Rose and Crown 13:41
Lickey Rose Hill (E-bound) 13:41
Cofton Hackett, opp Rednal Island 13:42
Cofton Hackett, adj Reservoir Road 13:42
Kendal End, adj Cofton Church Lane 13:43
Kendal End, adj Kendal Drive 13:44
Barnt Green, opp Fiery Hill Road 13:45
Barnt Green, adj Poplar Drive 13:45
Barnt Green Sandhills Road (E-bound) 13:46
Hopwood, adj Waterside Orchard Park 13:50
Hopwood, adj Ash Lane 13:52
Arrowfield Top, adj Pestilence Lane 13:52
Bittell Croft, opp Roberts Corner 13:53
Alvechurch, adj Old Rectory Lane 13:54
Alvechurch, adj The Square 13:55
Alvechurch, adj Snake Lane 13:55
Alvechurch, adj Lewkner Houses 13:56
Alvechurch George Road (NW-bound) 13:57
Alvechurch, opp Blythesway 13:59
Alvechurch, opp Snake Terrace 13:59
Alvechurch, adj The Square 14:04
Rowney Green, opp Village Hall 14:09
Rowney Green, opp Grange Lane 14:11
Rowney Green, opp Cobb's Barn Farm 14:12
Bordesley By-pass Island (S-bound) 14:12
Bordesley, adj Well Brook Nursery 14:13
Bordesley, opp Garage 14:14
Bordesley, opp Weights Lane 14:15
Bordesley, adj Abbey Stadium 14:15
Bordesley, opp Windsor Road 14:16
Redditch, adj Fishing Line Road 14:17
Redditch Hewell Road (S-bound) 14:18
Redditch Bus Station (Stand F) 14:19

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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