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184 - Port Isacc - Wadebridge - Calywith College - Bodmin Parkway Station

A bus service operated by Plymouth Citybus

Port Isacc - Wadebridge - Calywith College - Bodmin Parkway Station

Port Isaac The Pea Pod (E-bound) 07:37
Port Isaac, opp Co Op 07:37
Port Isaac Co Op (SE-bound) 07:38
Trewetha Farm (SE-bound) 07:39
St Endellion, opp Church 07:44
St Endellion Trelights Junction (W-bound) 07:45
Porteath Port Quin Cross (W-bound) 07:49
Polzeath South Winds (SW-bound) 07:52
Polzeath Dunders Hill (NW-bound) 07:54
Polzeath, opp Beach 07:55
Polzeath The White Heron (S-bound) 07:56
Trebetherick, opp The Mowhay Cafe 07:57
Trebetherick Trenain Farm Lane (SE-bound) 07:58
Rock Trewint Lane (SE-bound) 08:01
Rock, opp Clock Garage 08:03
Rock Spar (NE-bound) 08:03
Tredrizzick, opp The Pityme Inn 08:04
Tredrizzick Post Box (NE-bound) 08:06
St Minver The Fourways Inn (E-bound) 08:10
St Minver Treglyn Meadow (S-bound) 08:13
Trevelver, opp Dinham Turn 08:16
Little Bodieve Caravan Park (SE-bound) 08:23
Wadebridge, opp Sports Centre 08:24
Wadebridge School (opp) 08:24
Wadebridge The Platt (S-bound) 08:27
Wadebridge Bus Station (NW-bound) 08:28
Wadebridge Bus Station (NW-bound) 08:30
Wadebridge The Platt (N-bound) 08:31
Wadebridge Methodist Church (SE-bound) 08:32
Wadebridge Bowling Green (SE-bound) 08:32
Egloshayle Londis Stores (SE-bound) 08:33
Egloshayle West Park (SE-bound) 08:34
Egloshayle St Vincent's Church (E-bound) 08:35
Sladesbridge, opp Slades House Inn 08:37
Lower Croan Croan Gate (E-bound) 08:39
Washaway, opp Chapel House 08:42
Lane End, opp Telephone Box 08:42
Lane End Mount Charles (SE-bound) 08:42
Dunmere, opp The Borough Arms 08:45
Dunmere, opp Valley View Park 08:45
Bodmin Borough View (SE-bound) 08:45
Bodmin Chy Trevail (E-bound) 08:47
Berryfields Five Ways (E-bound) 08:48
Bodmin Higher Bore Street (E-bound) 08:49
Bodmin Lower Bore Street (E-bound) 08:49
Bodmin Sainsburys Entrance (E-bound) 08:50
Bodmin Health Centre (E-bound) 08:51
Bodmin, opp Car Park 08:52
Bodmin Lidl (SE-bound) 08:53
Bodmin Homebase (NE-bound) 08:56
Bodmin Asda (NE-bound) 08:57
Bodmin Callywith College Car Park (SW-bound) 09:00
Bodmin, opp Cooksland Industrial Estate 09:02
Turfdown, opp Roundabout 09:04
Bodmin Parkway Station (E-bound) 09:10

Bodmin Parkway Station - Calywith College - Wadebridge - Port Isacc

Bodmin Callywith College Car Park (SW-bound) 16:25
Bodmin Asda (SW-bound) 16:28
Bodmin, opp Love Lane 16:28
Bodmin Homebase (SW-bound) 16:28
Bodmin Lidl (NW-bound) 16:30
Bodmin Priory House (W-bound) 16:30
Bodmin Lower Bore Street (W-bound) 16:33
Bodmin Higher Bore Street (W-bound) 16:34
Berryfields Five Ways (W-bound) 16:35
Bodmin Chy Trevail (W-bound) 16:36
Bodmin Borough View (NW-bound) 16:38
Dunmere Valley View Park (NW-bound) 16:38
Dunmere The Borough Arms (N-bound) 16:39
Lane End Mount Charles (N-bound) 16:41
Lane End Telephone Box (NW-bound) 16:41
Washaway Chapel House (N-bound) 16:42
Lower Croan Treveigan Wood (SW-bound) 16:45
Sladesbridge Slades House Inn (W-bound) 16:47
Egloshayle, opp St Vincent's Church 16:48
Egloshayle, opp West Park 16:49
Egloshayle, opp Londis Stores 16:50
Wadebridge Bowling Green (NW-bound) 16:51
Wadebridge, opp Methodist Church 16:52
Wadebridge The Platt (S-bound) 16:53
Wadebridge Bus Station (NW-bound) 16:55
Wadebridge The Platt (N-bound) 16:55
Wadebridge Sch Gonvena Hill Ent (NE-bound) 16:57
Wadebridge School (NE-bound) 16:57
Wadebridge Sports Centre (NW-bound) 16:57
Little Bodieve Caravan Park (opp) 16:58
Trevelver Dinham Turn (NW-bound) 17:03
St Minver Treglyn Meadow (N-bound) 17:05
St Minver The Fourways Inn (W-bound) 17:08
Tredrizzick, opp Post Box 17:12
Tredrizzick The Pityme Inn (W-bound) 17:12
Rock, opp Spar 17:14
Rock Clock Garage (SW-bound) 17:15
Rock P&R Car Park (NE-bound) 17:15
Rock Trewint Lane (NW-bound) 17:16
Trebetherick Trenain Farm Lane (NW-bound) 17:19
Trebetherick The Mowhay (NE-bound) 17:20
Polzeath The White Heron (N-bound) 17:21
Polzeath Beach (E-bound) 17:23
Polzeath Dunders Hill (SE-bound) 17:23
Polzeath South Winds (NE-bound) 17:25
Porteath Port Quin Cross (E-bound) 17:28
St Endellion Trelights Junction (E-bound) 17:32
St Endellion Church (E-bound) 17:34
Trewetha Farm (opp) 17:39
Port Isaac The Pea Pod (E-bound) 17:41

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