185 - Hallatrow - Midsomer Norton - Trowbridge

A bus service operated by CT Coaches


Hallatrow - Midsomer Norton - Trowbridge, Thursdays Only

Hallatrow Claremont Gardens (SE-bound) 09:05
Paulton Paper Lane (E-bound) 09:07
Paulton War Memorial (SE-bound) 09:09
Paulton Specklemead (S-bound) 09:11
Paulton Tennis Court Avenue (E-bound) 09:11
Paulton Greenvale Road (E-bound) 09:12
Paulton Elm Road (S-bound) 09:12
Winterfield Rudgeway Road (E-bound) 09:13
Winterfield Alpine Road (S-bound) 09:14
Winterfield Paulton Hospital (S-bound) 09:15
Thicket Mead Phillis Hill Bottom (S-bound) 09:16
Old Mills Tesco Car Park (N-bound) 09:19
Thicket Mead Rbt (S-bound) 09:20
Thicket Mead Hayes Park Road (S-bound) 09:21
Midsomer Norton Orchard Avenue (S-bound) 09:22
Midsomer Norton Pinewood Road (S-bound) 09:22
Midsomer Norton Kings Arms (S-bound) 09:23
Midsomer Norton Redlands Terrace (SW-bound) 09:24
Midsomer Norton Riverside Road (NE-bound) 09:26
Midsomer Norton Riverside Walk (E-bound) 09:26
Midsomer Norton Withies Park (E-bound) 09:27
Midsomer Norton Crossways Tavern (NE-bound) 09:28
Midsomer Norton Somervale School (NE-bound) 09:30
Midsomer Norton Town Hall (SE-bound) 09:31
Westfield Norton Hill School (E-bound) 09:32
Westfield Charlton Park (SE-bound) 09:33
Westfield School (o/s) 09:35
Westfield Chapel (NE-bound) 09:36
Radstock Maple Drive (NE-bound) 09:38
Radstock Bath College (NE-bound) 09:39
Radstock Victoria Hall (Stop B) 09:41
Writhlington Mount Pleasant (E-bound) 09:43
Writhlington Hanover Court (SE-bound) 09:44
Writhlington Crossroads (SE-bound) 09:45
Rockley Ford The Crossroads (SE-bound) 09:46
Faulkland The Village Green (W-bound) 09:49
Norton St Philip Fleur De Lis (S-bound) 09:54
Norton St Philip Southfield (SE-bound) 09:54
Norton St Philip Chatley Furlong (S-bound) 09:54
Norton St Philip Chatley House (SE-bound) 09:55
Woolverton Red Lion (S-bound) 09:58
Rode Bell Inn (N-bound) 10:02
Southwick Poplar Tree Lane (E-bound) 10:04
Southwick, o/s Dunkirk Business Park 10:04
Southwick Post Office (NE-bound) 10:05
Southwick St Thomas's Church (NE-bound) 10:06
Southwick Farmhouse (NE-bound) 10:06
Trowbridge, o/s Southwick Country Park 10:07
Upper Studley Whiterow Park (N-bound) 10:08
Trowbridge Wiltshire College (N-bound) 10:08
Trowbridge Manor Road (N-bound) 10:09
Trowbridge Clarendon Academy (E-bound) 10:09
Trowbridge The Ship (NE-bound) 10:11
Trowbridge New Road (N-bound) 10:11
Trowbridge, o/s County Hall 10:12
Trowbridge Town Bridge (NE-bound) 10:13
Trowbridge Town Hall (Stop B) 10:15

Trowbridge - Midsomer Norton - Hallatrow, Thursdays Only

Trowbridge Town Hall (Stop B) 13:05
Trowbridge Town Bridge (S-bound) 13:05
Trowbridge County Hall (SE-bound) 13:06
Trowbridge New Road (S-bound) 13:07
Trowbridge The Ship (SW-bound) 13:07
Trowbridge Clarendon Academy (W-bound) 13:08
Trowbridge Manor Road (S-bound) 13:09
Upper Studley Whiterow Park (SW-bound) 13:09
Trowbridge, opp Southwick Country Park 13:10
Southwick Farmhouse (SW-bound) 13:11
Southwick St Thomas's Church (SW-bound) 13:12
Southwick Post Office (SW-bound) 13:12
Southwick, opp Dunkirk Business Park 13:13
Southwick Poplar Tree Lane (W-bound) 13:13
Rode Bell Inn (N-bound) 13:16
Woolverton Red Lion (N-bound) 13:20
Norton St Philip Chatley House (NW-bound) 13:22
Norton St Philip Public Footpath (NW-bound) 13:23
Norton St Philip Frome Road (NW-bound) 13:23
Norton St Philip Fleur De Lis (S-bound) 13:24
Faulkland The Village Green (W-bound) 13:28
Rockley Ford The Crossroads (SE-bound) 13:30
Writhlington Crossroads (NW-bound) 13:32
Writhlington Mount Pleasant (W-bound) 13:33
Radstock Victoria Hall (Stop A) 13:35
Radstock Bath College (SW-bound) 13:36
Radstock Maple Drive (SW-bound) 13:38
Westfield Chapel (SW-bound) 13:40
Westfield Butchers Close (SW-bound) 13:40
Westfield School (opp) 13:41
Westfield Charlton Park (NW-bound) 13:42
Westfield Norton Hill School (W-bound) 13:43
Midsomer Norton Town Hall (W-bound) 13:45
Midsomer Norton Somervale School (SW-bound) 13:45
Midsomer Norton Crossways Tavern (SW-bound) 13:46
Midsomer Norton Withies Park (W-bound) 13:46
Midsomer Norton Riverside Walk (W-bound) 13:47
Midsomer Norton Riverside Road (SW-bound) 13:48
Midsomer Norton Braewood (NE-bound) 13:48
Midsomer Norton Redlands Terrace (NE-bound) 13:49
Midsomer Norton Kings Arms (N-bound) 13:50
Midsomer Norton Pinewood Road (N-bound) 13:51
Midsomer Norton Orchard Avenue (N-bound) 13:51
Thicket Mead Hayes Park Road (N-bound) 13:52
Thicket Mead Rbt (N-bound) 13:53
Old Mills Tesco Car Park (N-bound) 13:55
Thicket Mead Phillis Hill Bottom (N-bound) 13:56
Winterfield Paulton Hospital (N-bound) 13:57
Winterfield Rudgeway Road (W-bound) 13:59
Paulton Elm Road (N-bound) 14:00
Paulton Greenvale Road (W-bound) 14:00
Paulton Tennis Court Avenue (W-bound) 14:01
Paulton Specklemead (N-bound) 14:02
Paulton Church Lane (W-bound) 14:06
Paulton Paper Lane (W-bound) 14:06
Hallatrow Claremont Gardens (W-bound) 14:10

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