189 - Biscovey to Callywith College

A service operated by Plymouth Citybus


Monday to Friday

Biscovey - Callywith College

Biscovey, opp Ash Grove 08:07
Biscovey, opp School Close 08:07
St Blazey Trenython Road (N-bound) 08:08
St Blazey Penarwyn Woods (E-bound) 08:09
St Blazey Polgover Way (NE-bound) 08:10
St Blazey, opp Chyandor Close 08:10
St Blazey Old Roselyon Manor (W-bound) 08:11
St Blazey Playing Field (SW-bound) 08:12
St Blazey Doubletrees School (SW-bound) 08:12
St Blazey Gate Four Lords (W-bound) 08:14
St Blazey Gate, opp Mid Cornwall Galleries 08:15
St Blazey Gate Rear Cornish Market World (SW-bound) 08:16
Holmbush, opp Tregrehan Turn 08:17
Holmbush, opp Bucklers lane 08:22
Bethel, opp Recreation Ground 08:25
Bethel Chapel Field (E-bound) 08:25
Carluddon St Austell Enterprise Park (N-bound) 08:28
Stenalees, opp Singlerose Road 08:31
Stenalees Stores (N-bound) 08:32
Stenalees Caudledown Lane (N-bound) 08:32
Bugle Silverton Parc (N-bound) 08:33
Bugle Carnsmerry (N-bound) 08:34
Bugle The Square (N-bound) 08:35
Bugle CP School (opp) 08:36
Molinnis, opp Red Lane 08:37
Molinnis Bilberry Turn (NE-bound) 08:38
Lockengate, opp Shelter 08:40
Innis Downs Roundabout (NE-bound) 08:43
Lanivet, opp Car Park 08:45
Lamorick The Old Workshop (NE-bound) 08:46
Treningle Tollgate House (NE-bound) 08:48
Bodmin Beech Drive (NE-bound) 08:52
Berryfields St Lawrences Church (NE-bound) 08:53
Bodmin Higher Bore Street (E-bound) 08:53
Bodmin Lower Bore Street (E-bound) 08:54
Bodmin Sainsburys Entrance (E-bound) 08:55
Bodmin Health Centre (E-bound) 08:55
Bodmin, opp Car Park 08:56
Bodmin Lidl (SE-bound) 08:57
Bodmin Homebase (NE-bound) 08:59
Bodmin Asda (NE-bound) 08:59
Bodmin Callywith College Car Park (SW-bound) 09:05

Callywith College - Biscovey

Bodmin Callywith College Car Park (SW-bound) 16:25
Bodmin Asda (SW-bound) 16:28
Bodmin, opp Love Lane 16:28
Bodmin Homebase (SW-bound) 16:28
Bodmin Lidl (NW-bound) 16:29
Bodmin Priory House (W-bound) 16:30
Bodmin Car Park (W-bound) 16:30
Bodmin Sainsburys Entrance (W-bound) 16:31
Bodmin Lower Bore Street (W-bound) 16:32
Bodmin Higher Bore Street (W-bound) 16:32
Berryfields Roundabout (SW-bound) 16:33
Bodmin, opp Beech Drive 16:33
Treningle, opp Tollgate House 16:35
Lamorick The Old Workshop (SW-bound) 16:37
Lanivet Car Park (S-bound) 16:38
Innis Downs Roundabout (SW-bound) 16:39
Lockengate Shelter (SW-bound) 16:42
Molinnis Bilberry Turn (SW-bound) 16:44
Molinnis Red Lane (SW-bound) 16:45
Bugle CP School (S-bound) 16:46
Bugle The Square (S-bound) 16:46
Bugle, opp Carnsmerry 16:47
Bugle Silverton Parc (S-bound) 16:48
Stenalees, opp Caundledown Lane 16:50
Stenalees, opp Stores 16:51
Stenalees Singlerose Road (SW-bound) 16:51
Carluddon St Austell Enterprise Park (S-bound) 16:56
Bethel, opp Chapel Field 17:02
Bethel Recreation Ground (W-bound) 17:02
Holmbush Bucklers Lane (SE-bound) 17:04
Holmbush Tregrehan Turn (E-bound) 17:06
St Blazey Gate St Austell Road (NE-bound) 17:06
St Blazey Gate Mid Cornwall Galleries (E-bound) 17:07
St Blazey Gate, opp Four Lords 17:08
St Blazey, opp Doubletrees School 17:09
St Blazey Playing Field (E-bound) 17:10
St Blazey, opp Old Roselyon Manor 17:11
St Blazey Chyandor Close (S-bound) 17:12
St Blazey, opp Polgover Way 17:14
St Blazey Penarwyn Woods (W-bound) 17:14
St Blazey, opp Trenython Road 17:15
Biscovey School Close (W-bound) 17:17
Biscovey Ash Grove (SW-bound) 17:18

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/PLYC/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 18 May 2022

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