196 - Wakefield to Newstead

A service operated by Arriva Yorkshire


Timetable changes from Monday 2 November 2020

Newstead - Wakefield

Newstead, opp Upper Hatfield Place 06:3807:3108:0108:29then every 30 minutes until18:2919:29then hourly until22:2923:29
Newstead, adj Cow Lane East St 06:3807:3108:0108:3018:3019:2922:2923:29
Havercroft, at Cow Lane West St 06:3907:3208:0208:3118:3119:3022:3023:30
Havercroft, opp Cow Lane Madeley Rd 06:3907:3308:0308:3118:3119:3022:3023:30
Ryhill, after Cow Ln Mulberry Place 06:4007:3308:0308:3218:3219:3122:3123:31
Ryhill, before Cow Lane Mill Ln 06:4007:3408:0408:3318:3319:3122:3123:31
Ryhill Mill Lane Havercroft Green (N-bound) 06:4007:3408:0408:3318:3319:3122:3123:31
Ryhill Mill Lane Quarry Mount 06:4107:3508:0508:3418:3419:3222:3223:32
Ryhill School Lane Cemetery Rd 06:4207:3608:0608:3618:3619:3322:3323:33
Ryhill Nostell Ln Common Ing Lane 06:4207:3708:0608:3618:3619:3322:3323:33
Ryhill, adj Nostell Ln Lakeside Estate 06:4307:3708:0708:3718:3719:3422:3423:33
Ryhill, adj Nostell Lane Long Dam Ln 06:4307:3808:0708:3718:3719:3422:3423:33
Ryhill, at Swine Lane Moorhouse Lne 06:4507:4008:0908:3918:3919:3622:3623:34
Wintersett Ln Love Lane (NE-bound) 06:4707:4208:1208:4218:4219:3922:3923:36
Wintersett, at Santingley Grange 06:4807:4408:1408:4418:4419:4022:4023:36
Wintersett Santingley Lane Anglers Country Park 06:4907:4508:1508:4518:4519:4122:4123:37
New Crofton, opp The Slipper PH 06:5107:4708:1708:4718:4719:4322:4323:38
New Crofton, adj Santingley Lane Ash St 06:5107:4708:1708:4718:4719:4322:4323:38
New Crofton, opp High St Meadowfields Road 06:5107:4708:1708:4718:4719:4322:4323:39
Crofton, before High Street Hare Park Ln 06:5207:4808:1808:4818:4819:4422:4423:40
Crofton High St Slack Lane 06:5207:4808:1808:4818:4819:4422:4423:41
Crofton Shay Lane Harrison Rd (W-bound) 06:5307:4908:1908:4918:4919:4522:4523:42
Crofton, adj Shay Lane Thorntree Ave 06:5407:5008:2008:5018:5019:4622:4623:43
Crofton Shay Lane Holly Crescent 06:5407:5008:2008:5018:5019:4622:4623:44
Walton Shay Lane Nature Reserve (SW-bound) 06:5607:5208:2208:5218:5219:4822:4823:46
Walton Shay Lane Brook Farm 06:5607:5208:2208:5218:5219:4822:4823:47
Walton Shay Lane Cherry Tree Rd 06:5707:5308:2308:5318:5319:4922:4923:49
Walton, adj Shay Lane The Grove 06:5807:5408:2408:5418:5419:5022:5023:50
Walton, adj Shay Lane Memorial 06:5907:5508:2508:5518:5519:5122:5123:51
Walton Shay Ln Thornhill Drive 06:5907:5508:2508:5518:5519:5122:5123:51
Walton Greenside Shay Lane 07:0007:5608:2608:5618:5619:5222:5223:52
Greenside Walton Station Lane 07:0007:5608:2608:5618:5619:5222:5223:52
Walton Station Bridge School Lane 07:0007:5608:2608:5618:5619:5222:5223:52
Oakenshaw Lane Walton Ln (adj) 07:0107:5708:2708:5718:5719:5322:5323:53
Sandal, adj Grange Farm 07:0207:5808:2808:5818:5819:5422:5423:54
Sandal, adj Walton Lane Mountbatten Ave 07:0307:5908:2908:5918:5919:5422:5423:54
Sandal, adj Walton Lane Rosedale Ave 07:0307:5908:2908:5918:5919:5522:5523:55
Sandal Walton Lane End Castle Rd 07:0408:0008:3009:0019:0019:5522:5523:55
Sandal, at Barnsley Rd Agbrigg Road 07:0508:0108:3109:0119:0119:5622:5623:56
Agbrigg, before Barnsley Road Burkill St 07:0608:0208:3209:0219:0219:5722:5723:57
Belle Isle, adj Manygates House 07:0708:0308:3309:0319:0319:5822:5823:58
Belle Isle, opp Barnsley Rd Welbeck Street 07:0808:0408:3409:0419:0419:5822:5823:58
Belle Isle, at Arriva Bus Depot 07:0808:0508:3509:0519:0519:5922:5923:59
Belle Isle, after Barnsley Road Bus Depot 07:0908:0608:3609:0619:0619:5922:59
Belle Isle, adj Hepworth Gallery 07:0908:0708:3709:0719:0720:0023:00
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K6) 07:1108:0908:3909:0919:0920:0123:01
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K8) 07:1208:1208:4209:1219:1220:0223:02
Wakefield Union Street (stop U1) 07:1408:1408:4409:1419:1420:0323:03
Wakefield Bus Station (Stand 12) 07:1508:1508:4509:1519:1520:0423:04

Wakefield - Newstead

Wakefield Bus Station (Stand 12) 06:50then every 30 minutes until17:2017:4518:50then hourly until22:50
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K4) 06:5117:2117:4618:5122:51
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K5) 06:5317:2317:4718:5222:52
Belle Isle, opp Hepworth Gallery 06:5417:2417:4918:5422:54
Belle Isle, opp Barnsley Road Bus Depot 06:5517:2517:4918:5422:54
Belle Isle, at Barnsley Rd Welbeck Street 06:5617:2617:5018:5522:55
Belle Isle, opp Manygates House 06:5717:2717:5118:5622:56
Agbrigg, opp Barnsley Road Burkill St 06:5717:2717:5118:5622:56
Sandal, opp Barnsley Rd Agbrigg Road 06:5817:2817:5218:5722:57
Sandal Walton Lane Barnsley Rd 06:5917:2917:5418:5922:59
Sandal Walton Lane Rosedale Ave 07:0017:3017:5418:5922:59
Sandal Walton Lane Mountbatten Ave 07:0017:3017:5519:0023:00
Sandal, opp Grange Farm 07:0117:3117:5519:0023:00
Oakenshaw Lane Walton Ln 07:0217:3217:5619:0123:01
Walton School Lane The Stables 07:0217:3217:5719:0223:02
Walton School Ln Beech Croft 07:0317:3317:5819:0323:03
Walton Shay Lane Memorial 07:0417:3417:5919:0423:04
Walton Shay Lane The Grove 07:0417:3417:5919:0423:04
Walton Shay Ln Cherry Tree Drive 07:0417:3417:5919:0423:04
Walton Shay Lane Brooklands View 07:0517:3518:0019:0523:05
Walton Shay Lane Nature Reserve 07:0617:3618:0119:0623:06
Walton Shay Lane Nature Park Reserve 07:0617:3618:0119:0623:06
Crofton Shay Lane Holly Close 07:0817:3818:0319:0823:08
Crofton Shay Lane Thorntree Ave 07:0817:3818:0319:0823:08
Crofton Shay Lane Harrison Rd 07:0917:3918:0419:0923:09
Crofton High Street 07:0917:3918:0419:0923:09
Crofton, opp High Street Hare Park Ln 07:1017:4018:0519:1023:10
New Crofton, after High St Meadowfields Road 07:1117:4118:0619:1123:11
New Crofton Santingley Lane Ash St 07:1117:4118:0619:1123:11
New Crofton, adj The Slipper PH 07:1217:4218:0719:1223:12
Wintersett Santingley Lane Anglers Country Park 07:1317:4318:0819:1323:13
Wintersett Santingley Grange 07:1417:4418:0919:1423:14
Wintersett Ln Love Lane 07:1517:4518:1019:1523:15
Ryhill, opp Swine Lane Moorhouse Lne 07:1817:4818:1319:1823:18
Ryhill Nostell Lane Long Dam La 07:1917:4918:1419:1923:19
Ryhill Nostell Ln Lakeside Estate 07:2017:5018:1519:2023:20
Ryhill, adj Nostell Ln Common Ing Lane 07:2117:5118:1619:2123:21
Ryhill, adj School Lane Cemetery Rd 07:2117:5118:1619:2123:21
Ryhill, adj Mill Lane Quarry Mount 07:2217:5218:1719:2223:22
Ryhill, after Cow Lane Mill Ln 07:2317:5318:1819:2323:23
Ryhill, before Cow Ln Mulberry Place 07:2317:5318:1819:2323:23
Havercroft, adj Cow Lane Madeley Rd 07:2417:5418:1919:2423:24
Havercroft, opp Cow Lane West St 07:2517:5518:2019:2423:24
Newstead, opp Cow Lane East St 07:2617:5618:2119:2523:25
Newstead, adj Brooklands Crescent Cow Lane 07:2617:5618:2119:2523:25
Newstead Brooklands Crescent Cow Lane 07:2717:5718:2219:2623:26
Newstead, opp Upper Hatfield Place 07:2817:5818:2319:2723:27

Timetable data from Arriva Yorkshire/Bus Open Data Service, 30 October 2020

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