1A - Basildon - Pitsea

A bus service operated by NIBSbuses


Saturdays until Saturday 30 July 2022

Basildon - Pitsea

Basildon Bus Station (Stand K) 10:0411:1412:2413:34
Basildon, o/s Asda Eastgate 10:0411:1412:2413:34
Basildon, adj Audley Way 10:0711:1712:2713:37
Basildon Honeypot Lane (E-bound) 10:0811:1812:2813:38
Basildon, opp Methersgate 10:0811:1812:2813:38
Basildon, adj The Upway 10:0911:1912:2913:39
Basildon, adj Glebe Field 10:1211:2212:3213:42
Basildon, opp The Hatherley 10:1411:2412:3413:44
Basildon Fremnells (S-bound) 10:1611:2612:3613:46
Basildon Beeleigh East (N-bound) 10:1711:2712:3713:47
Basildon, opp Southcote Crescent 10:1911:2912:3913:49
Basildon, adj Grimston Road 10:2011:3012:4013:50
Basildon, opp Glynne Way 10:2011:3012:4013:50
Basildon Hereford Walk (S-bound) 10:2211:3212:4213:52
Basildon, opp Craylands 10:2211:3212:4213:52
Pitsea, opp Chalk End 10:2411:3412:4413:54
Pitsea, opp Mill Green 10:2511:3512:4513:55
Pitsea, opp Eastbrooks 10:2711:3712:4713:57
Pitsea Kenneth Road (E-bound) 10:2811:3812:4813:58
Pitsea Halstow Way (S-bound) 10:3111:4112:5114:01
Pitsea, adj Elham Drive 10:3111:4112:5114:01
Pitsea, opp Throwley Close 10:3211:4112:5214:02
Pitsea, o/s Howards Park 10:3211:4112:5214:02
Pitsea Broadway (Stand 3) 10:3311:4212:5314:03
Pitsea, adj Station Lane 10:3311:4212:5314:03
Pitsea, o/s Tesco Store 10:3611:4512:5614:05

Pitsea - Basildon

Pitsea, o/s Tesco Store 09:2810:3811:4812:58
Pitsea, opp Station Lane 09:3010:4011:5013:00
Pitsea Broadway (Stand 1) 09:3110:4111:5113:01
Pitsea, opp Howards Park 09:3110:4111:5113:01
Pitsea, adj Throwley Close 09:3110:4111:5113:01
Pitsea, opp Elham Drive 09:3210:4211:5213:02
Pitsea Halstow Way (N-bound) 09:3310:4311:5313:03
Pitsea, opp Kenneth Road 09:3610:4611:5613:06
Pitsea, adj Eastbrooks 09:3710:4711:5713:07
Pitsea, adj Mill Green 09:3710:4711:5713:07
Pitsea, adj Chalk End 09:3810:4811:5813:08
Basildon, o/s Barstable School 09:3910:4911:5913:09
Basildon, opp Barstable School 09:4010:5012:0013:10
Basildon, adj Craylands 09:4110:5112:0113:11
Basildon Hereford Walk (N-bound) 09:4210:5212:0213:12
Basildon, adj Glynne Way 09:4310:5312:0313:13
Basildon, opp Grimston Road 09:4410:5412:0413:14
Basildon, adj Southcote Crescent 09:4510:5512:0513:15
Basildon Beeleigh East (S-bound) 09:4610:5612:0613:16
Basildon Fremnells (N-bound) 09:4710:5712:0713:17
Basildon, adj The Hatherley 09:4910:5912:0913:19
Basildon, adj Glebe Field 09:5211:0212:1213:22
Basildon, opp The Upway 09:5411:0412:1413:24
Basildon, adj Methersgate 09:5511:0512:1513:25
Basildon Honeypot Lane (W-bound) 09:5611:0612:1613:26
Basildon, opp Audley Way 09:5611:0612:1613:26
Basildon, adj Long Riding 09:5711:0712:1713:27
Basildon, opp Asda Eastgate 09:5811:0812:1813:28
Basildon Bus Station (Stand K) 10:0011:1012:2013:30

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