2 - Bournemouth Triangle - Holdenhurst Road - Boscombe Bus Station

A bus service operated by Transpora Bus


The Triangle - Boscombe Bus Station

Bournemouth The Triangle (Stand C) 07:0507:4508:2509:05then every 20 minutes until18:25
Bournemouth Terrace Road (Stop J) 07:0607:4608:2609:0618:26
Bournemouth Exeter Road (Stand LL) 07:0707:4708:2709:0718:27
Bournemouth Square (Stand P) 07:0907:4908:2909:0918:29
Bournemouth St Peters Church (Stand AA) 07:0907:4908:2909:0918:29
Bournemouth Hinton Road Top (SE-bound) 07:1007:5008:3009:1018:30
Lansdowne Top of Bath Hill (NE-bound) 07:1207:5208:3209:1218:32
Lansdowne (NE-bound) 07:1307:5308:3309:1318:33
Lansdowne Cotlands Road (NE-bound) 07:1507:5508:3509:1518:35
Bournemouth Station (Stop 6) 07:1607:5608:3609:1618:36
Springbourne Ophir Gardens (NE-bound) 07:1707:5708:3709:1718:37
Springbourne Stewart Close (NE-bound) 07:1807:5808:3809:1818:38
Springbourne Library (NE-bound) 07:1907:5908:3909:1918:39
Springbourne St Marys Church (NE-bound) 07:2008:0008:4009:2018:40
Springbourne Queens Park Hotel (o/s 166) 07:2008:0008:4009:2018:40
Springbourne Kings Park (SE-bound) 07:2108:0108:4109:2118:41
Boscombe North Road (SE-bound) 07:2208:0208:4209:2218:42
Boscombe Bus Station (Stand C) 07:2308:0308:4309:2318:43

Boscombe Bus Station - The Triangle

Boscombe Bus Station (Stand C) 07:2508:0508:4509:25then every 20 minutes until18:45
Boscombe North Road (NW-bound) 07:2508:0508:4509:2518:45
Springbourne Kings Park (NW-bound) 07:2608:0608:4609:2618:46
Springbourne Queens Park Hotel (SW-bound) 07:2608:0608:4609:2618:46
Springbourne St Marys Church (SW-bound) 07:2708:0708:4709:2718:47
Springbourne Capstone Place (SW-bound) 07:2708:0708:4709:2718:47
Springbourne Library (SW-bound) 07:2808:0808:4809:2818:48
Springbourne Stewart Close (SW-bound) 07:2908:0908:4909:2918:49
Springbourne Ophir Gardens (SW-bound) 07:2908:0908:4909:2918:49
Bournemouth Station (Stop 7) 07:3108:1108:5109:3118:51
Lansdowne Cotlands Road (SW-bound) 07:3208:1208:5209:3218:52
Lansdowne (SW-bound) 07:3308:1308:5309:3318:53
Lansdowne Top of Bath Hill (NW-bound) 07:3408:1408:5409:3418:54
Bournemouth Westover Road (NW-bound) 07:3608:1608:5609:3618:56
Bournemouth Square (Stand Z) 07:3708:1708:5709:3718:57
Bournemouth The Triangle (Stand C) 07:4008:2009:0009:4019:00

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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