20 - Bearwood - Oldbury

A bus service operated by Diamond Bus


Bearwood to Oldbury

Oldbury Interchange (Stop OF) 09:35then hourly until16:35
Rounds Green, before Alston Rd 09:3816:38
Rounds Green, opp Oldbury Sports Centre 09:3916:39
Lion Farm, opp Wallace Rd 09:4016:40
Lion Farm, opp Martley Rd 09:4016:40
Lion Farm, adj The Phoenix 09:4116:41
Lion Farm, opp Martley Rd 09:4116:41
Lion Farm, adj Wolverley Crescent 09:4216:42
Whiteheath Gate, opp Lovett Ave 09:4216:42
Whiteheath Gate, adj Shelsley Avenue 09:4316:43
Whiteheath Gate, opp Richards Close 09:4416:44
Whiteheath Gate, opp Durham Road 09:4416:44
Titford, adj Oldbury United FC 09:4616:46
Titford, adj Griffin Industrial Estate 09:4716:47
Causeway Green (adj) 09:4816:48
Bristnall Fields, before St Matthews Road 09:4916:49
Bristnall Fields, adj St Matthews Rd 09:4916:49
Bristnall Fields, opp Brook Rd 09:5016:50
Bristnall Fields, opp Fairway Rd 09:5116:51
Hurst Green Mayfield Rd (adjacent) 09:5216:52
Hurst Green Rd (before) 09:5316:53
Hurst Green, before M5 Flyover 09:5316:53
Brandhall, opp Pitfields Close 09:5416:54
Brandhall Malvern Road (near) 09:5516:55
Brandhall, on Foley Drive 09:5616:56
Brandhall, before Perry Hill Rd 09:5716:57
Brandhall, opp Castle Rd West 09:5716:57
Brandhall, after Wolverhampton Rd 09:5816:58
Warley, opp Telford Close 10:0017:00
Warley, after Hurst Rd 10:0117:01
Warley, opp Alexander Rd 10:0217:02
Warley Hamilton Rd (adjacent) 10:0217:02
Warley Slatch House Rd (adjacent) 10:0317:03
Warley Woods, opp Barclay Rd 10:0417:04
Warley Woods, before Galton Rd 10:0517:05
Bearwood, after Wigorn Rd 10:0617:06
Bearwood Adkins Lane Terminus (Stop BY) 10:0917:09

Oldbury to Bearwood

Bearwood Adkins Lane Terminus (Stop BY) 10:00then hourly until17:00
Bearwood Sherwood Rd (Stop BF) 10:0117:01
Bearwood St Mary's Church (Stop BH) 10:0117:01
Bearwood, before Wigorn Rd 10:0217:02
Warley Woods Warley Park (adjacent) 10:0317:03
Warley Woods, adj Barclay Rd 10:0417:04
Warley, before Slatch House Rd 10:0517:05
Warley, before Hamilton Rd 10:0617:06
Warley, adj Alexander Rd 10:0717:07
Warley Hurst Rd (adjacent) 10:0817:08
Warley, adj Telford Close 10:0817:08
Warley, opp Broadway 10:1017:10
Brandhall, before Wolverhampton Rd 10:1017:10
Brandhall, adj Castle Rd West 10:1117:11
Brandhall, after Perry Hill Rd 10:1217:12
Brandhall, at Foley Drive 10:1317:13
Brandhall, after Malvern Road 10:1317:13
Brandhall Pitfields Close (adjacent) 10:1417:14
Hurst Green, after M5 Flyover 10:1417:14
Hurst Green Rd (after) 10:1517:15
Hurst Green, opp Mayfield Rd 10:1517:15
Bristnall Fields, adj Fairway Rd 10:1817:18
Bristnall Fields, before Brook Rd 10:2017:20
Bristnall Fields, opp St Matthews Rd 10:2017:20
Bristnall Fields, after St Matthews Road 10:2117:21
Causeway Green (opp) 10:2117:21
Titford, opp Griffin Industrial Estate 10:2217:22
Titford, opp Oldbury United FC 10:2317:23
Whiteheath Gate, adj Durham Road 10:2417:24
Whiteheath Gate, adj Richards Close 10:2517:25
Whiteheath Gate, adj Birchfield La 10:2517:25
Whiteheath Gate, adj Lovett Ave 10:2617:26
Lion Farm, opp Wolverley Crescent 10:2617:26
Lion Farm, opp The Phoenix 10:2717:27
Lion Farm, adj Martley Rd 10:2817:28
Lion Farm, adj Wallace Rd 10:2917:29
Rounds Green, adj Oldbury Sports Centre 10:3017:30
Rounds Green, after Alston Rd 10:3017:30
Oldbury Interchange (Stop OF) 10:3417:34

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 27 September 2022

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