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20 - Plymouth City Centre - Woodford - Colebrook

A bus service operated by Plymouth Citybus


Colebrook - Woodford - Plymouth City Centre

Chaddlewood Cornwood Road (SE-bound) 08:33
Chaddlewood New Park Road (NW-bound) 08:33
Plympton Wain Park (W-bound) 08:34
Plympton George Hotel (W-bound) 08:34
Plympton Garage (W-bound) 08:35
Plympton Mudge Way (NW-bound) 08:36
Underwood Old Priory Junior School (NW-bound) 08:36
Plympton St Mary's Church (NW-bound) 08:37
Plympton Colebrook Tunnel (NE-bound) 08:39
Plympton Glenside Surgey (E-bound) 08:39
Newnham Strode Road (N-bound) 08:40
Colebrook Torbridge Road (SW-bound) 08:41
Woodford Clifton Avenue (NW-bound) 08:41
Woodford Clifton Avenue (W-bound) 08:42
Woodford Crossway East (W-bound) 08:43
Woodford Crossway (W-bound) 08:44
Woodford Crossway Green (W-bound) 08:46
Woodford Larkham Lane (W-bound) 08:47
Woodford Litchaton Crescent (W-bound) 08:48
Woodford Braddons Hill (W-bound) 08:49
Woodford Lynwood Avenue (W-bound) 08:50
Woodford Avenue (SW-bound) 08:51
Marsh Mills East (W-bound) 08:52
Crabtree Plymouth Road Superstore (SW-bound) 08:54
Old Laira Road (NW-bound) 08:56
Laira Library (W-bound) 08:57
Laira Brandon Road (SW-bound) 08:58
Laira Wycliffe Road (W-bound) 08:59
Old Laira Road (W-bound) 09:00
Laira Lipson Vale (W-bound) 09:02
Mutley Ashford Hill (W-bound) 09:03
Mutley West Hill Road (W-bound) 09:03
Mutley Marina Terrace (SW-bound) 09:05
Plymouth Alton Place (SW-bound) 09:05
Plymouth Bedford Terrace (SW-bound) 09:06
Plymouth City Library & Museum (SW-bound) 09:08
Plymouth Mayflower Street (W-bound) 09:10
Plymouth Western Approach Flats (SW-bound) 09:11
Plymouth Western Approach (Stop 1) 09:12
Plymouth Royal Parade (Stop A13) 09:15

Plymouth City Centre - Woodford - Colebrook

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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