200 - Thetford - Mildenhall

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Thetford - Mildenhall

Thetford Bus Interchange (Stand D) 07:20
Santon Downham, opposite St Mary's Church 07:27
Santon Downham, opp Hall Drive 07:27
Brandon The Lodge (Adjacent) 07:27
Brandon, adj Heron Avenue Path 07:34
Brandon, adj Lingheath Road 07:35
Brandon, adj Knappers Way 07:35
Brandon, adj Car Park 07:35
Brandon, adj Old Forge Court 07:38
Brandon, outside Tesco Main Entrance 07:38
Brandon Sweden Place (Adjacent) 07:38
Brandon, opposite Church Close 07:38
Brandon, outside Manor Road 07:38
Brandon Pond Lane (S-bound) 07:44
Brandon Mile End (S-bound) 07:44
Wangford Road (opp) 07:46
Wangford, opp Viewing Area 07:48
North Fen, adj Crosswell Drove 07:50
Lakenheath, opp Post Box 07:53
Lakenheath, opposite Briscoe Way 07:53
Lakenheath, adj Quayside Court 07:53
Lakenheath, opp Post Office 07:53
Lakenheath, opp Primary School 07:53
Lakenheath, o/s Cemetery Gates 07:53
Lakenheath, opposite Pashford Close 07:59
Lakenheath, adj The Cedars 07:59
Lakenheath, opp Back Street 07:59
Lakenheath, adj North Road 08:01
Lakenheath, adj Avenue Road 08:01
Eriswell Lords Walk (Adjacent) 08:05
Eriswell, opposite Mill Farm 08:07
Holywell Row Holywell Farm (W-bound) 08:09
Holywell Row, adj Methodist Church 08:09
Holywell Row The Street (o/s 14) 08:09
Holywell Row The Street (o/s 15) 08:10
Beck Row Parkside (Adjacent) 08:11
Beck Row Aspal Way (Adjacent) 08:11
Beck Row, outside Rose & Crown 08:12
Beck Row, opposite Shrub House Close 08:13
Beck Row, outside Village Stores 08:14
Beck Row, opposite Barleycorn Way 08:15
Beck Row, opposite Rookery Drove 08:17
Beck Row Moss Edge Farm (Adjacent) 08:19
West Row, opposite Blenheim Close 08:21
West Row, opposite St Peters Church 08:23
West Row Neve Gardens (Adjacent) 08:25
Mildenhall Hub (Adjacent) 08:30
Mildenhall Bus Station (Stand B) 08:35

Mildenhall - Thetford

Mildenhall Bus Station (Stand B) 15:3517:45
Mildenhall Hub (Adjacent) 15:3817:48
West Row, opposite Neve Gardens 15:4017:50
West Row St Peters Church (Adjacent) 15:4217:52
West Row Blenheim Close (Adjacent) 15:4417:54
Beck Row, opposite Moss Edge Farm 15:4717:57
Beck Row Rookery Drove (Adjacent) 15:5118:01
Beck Row Barleycorn Way (Adjacent) 15:5118:01
Beck Row, opposite Village Stores 15:5118:01
Beck Row Shrub House Close (Adjacent) 15:5118:01
Beck Row, opposite Rose & Crown 15:5118:01
Beck Row, opposite Aspal Way 15:5118:01
Beck Row, opposite Parkside 15:5718:07
Beck Row Aspal Lane (Adjacent) 15:5718:07
Holywell Row The Street (o/s 15) 15:5718:07
Holywell Row, opposite Methodist Church 15:5718:07
Holywell Row Holywell Farm (E-bound) 16:0018:10
Eriswell Mill Farm (Adjacent) 16:0018:10
Eriswell, opposite Lords Walk 16:0418:14
Lakenheath, opp Avenue Road 16:0718:17
Lakenheath, opp North Road 16:0718:17
Lakenheath, adj Back Street 16:0718:17
Lakenheath, opp The Cedars 16:0718:17
Lakenheath Pashford Close (Adjacent) 16:0918:19
Lakenheath, opp Cemetery Gates 16:0918:19
Lakenheath, adj Primary School 16:0918:19
Lakenheath, adj Post Office 16:0918:19
Lakenheath, opp Quayside Court 16:0918:19
Lakenheath, adj Briscoe Way 16:0918:19
Lakenheath, o/s Post Box 16:1118:21
North Fen, opp Crosswell Drove 16:1318:23
Wangford, adj Viewing Area 16:1518:25
Wangford Road (adj) 16:1718:27
Brandon Mile End (N-bound) 16:1918:29
Brandon Pond Lane (N-bound) 16:2118:31
Brandon, opposite Manor Road 16:2118:31
Brandon Church Close (Adjacent) 16:2118:31
Brandon, opposite Sweden Place 16:2118:31
Brandon, opposite Tesco Main Entrance 16:2118:31
Brandon, opp Old Forge Court 16:2518:35
Brandon, opp Knappers Way 16:2518:35
Brandon, opp Lingheath Road 16:2718:37
Brandon, opp Heron Avenue Path 16:2718:37
Brandon, opposite The Lodge 16:2918:39
Santon Downham, adj Hall Drive 16:2918:39
Santon Downham, nr St Mary's Church 16:3118:41
Thetford, adj Sainsburys 16:3518:45
Thetford Bus Interchange (Stand D) 16:4218:52

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