201A - Heckmondwike - Leeds

A bus service operated by Arriva Yorkshire


Heckmondwike to Leeds

Heckmondwike Hub (Stop H3) 18:14then hourly until21:14
Heckmondwike, at Market Place 18:1521:15
Heckmondwike High Street Grammar School 18:1621:16
Heckmondwike High Street Chapel Ln 18:1721:17
Heckmondwike Halifax Road Clarkson Ave 18:1721:17
Batley Road White Lee Rd (adj) 18:1821:18
Batley West Park Rd Easby Avenue 18:2021:20
Batley West Park Road West Park Grove 18:2021:20
Batley West Park Rd Healey Lane 18:2121:21
Batley, opp Healey Ln Jessop Park 18:2221:22
Batley, before Mayman Lane Cemetery Rd 18:2421:24
Batley, opp Mayman Lane Mayman Close 18:2421:24
Batley Bus Station stand D 18:2721:27
Upper Batley, adj Batley Field Hill Chinewood Avenue 18:2821:28
Upper Batley Blenhiem House Hotel (stop) 18:2921:29
Upper Batley Heaton Rd Timothy Lane 18:3021:30
Upper Batley Low Lane Old Hall Rd (stop) 18:3121:31
Upper Batley Ln Upper Batley Low Rd (NW bound) 18:3121:31
Upper Batley Lane Woodlands Rd (adj) 18:3221:32
Upper Batley Lane Lark Hill (adj) 18:3321:33
Birstall Upper Batley Ln Harefield Drive 18:3421:34
Birstall, adj Upper Batley Lane Brownhill Rd 18:3421:34
Birstall, adj Leeds Road Moat Hill 18:3521:35
Birstall, opp Leeds Rd Hill Crescent 18:3621:36
Howden Clough, adj Leeds Rd Clough Drive 18:3621:36
Howden Clough, at Leeds Rd Nab Lane 18:3721:37
Morley Hill Top Farm 18:3921:39
Morley M62 Motorway Bridge 18:3921:39
Morley Bruntcliffe Cross Roads 18:4121:41
Morley, adj Parkland Avenue 18:4121:41
Morley Bruntcliffe Rd St Andrews Avenue 18:4221:42
Morley, opp Bruntcliffe Road Scotchman Ln 18:4321:43
Morley ASDA 18:4421:44
Morley Britannia Road 18:4421:44
Morley Hembrigg Park 18:4521:45
Morley Great Northern St 18:4621:46
Morley Chartists Way 18:4621:46
Morley Queensway 18:4821:48
Morley Town Hall C 18:4921:49
Morley Commercial Street E 18:4921:49
Morley Abbey House 18:5021:50
Morley South Parade 18:5021:50
Morley Lewisham Park 18:5121:51
Morley Peel Street 18:5221:52
Morley, opp Albert Road 18:5221:52
Morley Newlands Academy 18:5321:53
Morley Bantam Close 18:5421:54
Morley Topcliffe Avenue 18:5421:54
Morley Bedale Court 18:5521:55
Morley Wide Lane End 18:5621:56
Morley Cotton Mill Beck 18:5721:57
White Rose Centre Millshaw Road 18:5821:58
White Rose Centre B 19:0122:01
Beeston Thirlmere Gardens 19:0222:02
Beeston, at Waincliffe Drive 19:0322:03
Beeston Tommy Wass Junction (NE bound) 19:0422:04
Beeston Barkly Road 19:0522:05
Beeston, opp Cross Flatts Grove 19:0522:05
Beeston Cross Flatts Park 19:0622:06
Beeston, at Hunslet Fire Stn 19:0722:07
Beeston Oakley Terrace 19:0722:07
Beeston Hill Dewsbury Road Hub 19:0922:09
Beeston Hill Hunslet Hall Road (N bound) 19:1022:10
Holbeck Parkfield Street (N bound) 19:1122:11
Holbeck Sweet Street 19:1422:14
Leeds Southbank G 19:1622:16
Leeds Station D 19:1922:19
Leeds Trinity R 19:1922:19
Leeds Victoria I 19:2222:22
Leeds Bus Stn stand 9 19:2522:25

Leeds to Heckmondwike

Leeds Bus Stn stand 9 07:0319:30then hourly until22:30
Leeds Victoria Q 07:0419:3122:31
Leeds Trinity N 07:0619:3222:32
Leeds Station F 07:0819:3322:33
Leeds Southbank F 07:0919:3422:34
Holbeck Sweet Street (S bound) 07:1019:3522:35
Holbeck Parkfield Street 07:1219:3622:36
Beeston Hill Hunslet Hall Road 07:1419:3722:37
Beeston Hill Burton Road 07:1519:3822:38
Beeston, at Oakley Terrace 07:1719:3922:39
Beeston Hunslet Fire Stn 07:1819:4022:40
Beeston, opp Cross Flatts Park 07:1919:4122:41
Beeston, after Cross Flatts Grove 07:2019:4222:42
Beeston, opp Barkly Road 07:2119:4322:43
Beeston Waincliffe Drive 07:2419:4622:46
Ring Road Beeston 07:2519:4722:47
Beeston, opp Thirlmere Gardens 07:2619:4822:48
White Rose Centre G 07:2819:5022:50
White Rose Centre Millshaw Road 07:3219:5222:52
Morley Cotton Mill Beck 07:3319:5322:53
Morley Newlands Farm 07:3619:5622:56
Morley Bedale Court 07:3619:5622:56
Morley Topcliffe Avenue 07:3719:5622:56
Morley Newlands Academy 07:3819:5722:57
Morley Albert Road 07:3919:5822:58
Morley Lewisham Park 07:4019:5922:59
Morley Clough Street 07:4020:0023:00
Morley South Parade 07:4120:0023:00
Morley New Pavillion 07:4220:0123:01
Morley, at Weavers Close 07:4220:0223:02
Morley Queensway 07:4420:0323:03
Morley Town Hall A 07:4520:0423:04
Morley Queensway 07:4620:0423:04
Morley Chartists Way 07:4720:0523:05
Morley Great Northern St 07:4820:0623:06
Morley Hembrigg Park 07:4920:0723:07
Morley Britannia Road 07:5020:0723:07
Morley ASDA 07:5120:0823:08
Morley, after Bruntcliffe Road Scotchman Ln 07:5220:0923:09
Morley, opp Bruntcliffe Rd St Andrews Avenue 07:5320:1023:10
Morley, opp Parkland Avenue 07:5420:1023:10
Morley Bruntcliffe Xroads 07:5620:1223:12
Morley M62 Motorway Bridge 07:5620:1223:12
Morley Hill Top Farm 07:5720:1323:13
Howden Clough, opp Leeds Rd Nab Lane 07:5920:1523:15
Howden Clough Leeds Rd Clough Drive 08:0020:1623:16
Birstall, adj Leeds Rd Hill Crescent 08:0120:1623:16
Birstall Leeds Road Moat Hill 08:0120:1723:17
Birstall Upper Batley Lane Brownhill Rd 08:0220:1723:17
Birstall, adj Upper Batley Ln Harefield Drive 08:0320:1823:18
Upper Batley Lane Lark Hill 08:0420:1923:19
Upper Batley Lane Woodlands Rd 08:0520:2023:20
Upper Batley Ln Upper Batley Low Rd 08:0620:2123:21
Upper Batley Low Lane Old Hall Rd 08:0720:2123:21
Upper Batley, adj Heaton Rd Timothy Lane 08:0820:2223:22
Upper Batley, nr Blenhiem House Hotel 08:0820:2323:23
Upper Batley, opp Batley Field Hill Chinewood Avenue 08:0920:2323:23
Batley Bus Station stand A 08:1120:2523:25
Batley, adj Mayman Lane Mayman Close 08:1320:2623:26
Batley, adj Healey Lane Uppercroft Rd 08:1420:2723:27
Batley, at Healey Ln Jessop Park 08:1520:2823:28
Batley West Park Rd Healey Lane (W bound) 08:1620:2923:29
Batley West Park Rd Deighton Lane 08:1720:3023:30
Batley, adj West Park Rd Easby Avenue 08:1820:3023:30
Batley West Park Rd Common Road 08:1920:3123:31
Heckmondwike High Street Lobley St 08:2020:3223:32
Heckmondwike High St Cawley Lane 08:2120:3323:33
Heckmondwike High Street Church Ln 08:2220:3423:34
Heckmondwike Hub (Stop H3) 08:2520:3623:36

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/WRAY/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 15 September 2022

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