202S - Halesowen - Bromsgrove

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Bromsgrove - Halesowen

Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 2) 08:05
Bromsgrove, adj All Saints Road 08:06
Bromsgrove, adj Oakland Grove 08:06
Bromsgrove, adj Upland Road 08:07
Lickey End, adj Hillside Drive 08:08
Lickey End, adj School 08:08
Hall Flat Old Birmingham Road (N-bound) 08:09
Staple Hill, opp Staple Flat 08:09
Staple Hill Old Birmingham Road (N-bound) 08:10
Marlbrook, adj Braces Lane 08:10
Marlbrook Lane (adj) 08:11
Marlbrook, opp Lickey Rock 08:11
Upper Marlbrook, opp Lickey Grange Drive 08:12
Lickey Square (opp) 08:13
Lickey, adj Parish Hall 08:14
Lickey, adj Rose and Crown 08:15
Lickey Rose Hill (E-bound) 08:16
Rednal, nr Parsonage Drive 08:19
Rednal, opp Edgewood Rd 08:21
Rednal, opp Leach Green Lane 08:21
Rednal, opp Meadvale Rd 08:22
Rubery, adj Ridgewater Close 08:23
Rubery, opp Cliff Rock Road 08:23
Rubery, adj Leach Heath Lane 08:23
Rubery, adj Beverley Road 08:24
Rubery, opp Callowbridge Road 08:24
Rubery, adj St. Chads Church 08:25
Rubery, opp Library Way 08:25
Each Way, after Birch Rd 08:26
Each Way, adj Waseley Hills School 08:28
Rubery, adj Gunner Lane 08:28
Rubery, opp Cleves Rd 08:29
Rubery, opp Leasowe Rd 08:30
Frankley, opp Rubery Lane South 08:30
Frankley, adj Crompton Rd 08:32
Frankley, before Gannow Manor Crescent 08:32
Frankley, before Ormond Rd 08:32
Frankley, after Lismore Close 08:33
Frankley, before Old Stone Close 08:35
Frankley, opp Arden Walk 08:37
Frankley, on Arden Rd Terminus 08:37
Frankley, before Holly Hill Rd 08:39
Frankley, before Windsor Close 08:39
Frankley, adj Titania Close 08:39
Allens Cross, opp Wareham Rd 08:40
Allens Cross, before Egghill Lane 08:40
Kitwell, after Ravenhayes Lane 08:43
Kitwell, opp Harlech Close 08:44
Kitwell, adj Rothesay Croft 08:44
Bartley Green, after The Storrs Way 08:45
Bartley Green, after Scotland Lane 08:45
Bartley Green, opp Romsley Rd 08:46
Bartley Green, opp Wood Lane 08:47
Woodgate, adj Lye Avenue 08:48
Woodgate, before The Old Crown 08:48
Woodgate, before M5 Motorway Bridge 08:49
Lapal, after Howley Grange Rd 08:50
Lapal, adj Lydate Rd 08:51
Lapal, before Frankley Avenue 08:51
Lapal, adj Howley Grange School 08:52
Lapal, before Spies Lane 08:53
Hurst Green, opp Quinton Cemetery 08:54
Hurst Green, before Long Lane 08:55
Hurst Green, adj Belle Vue Drive 08:55
Halesowen, after Sylvan Green 08:58
Halesowen, before Shenstone Island 09:00
Halesowen, adj High St 09:01
Halesowen, before Queensway 09:02
Halesowen Bus Station (Stand F) 09:04

Halesowen - Bromsgrove

Halesowen Bus Station (Stand C) 15:24
Halesowen, adj Pool Rd 15:24
Halesowen, adj Vine Lane 15:25
Halesowen, after Shenstone Island 15:26
Halesowen, before Sylvan Green 15:27
Hurst Green, opp Belle Vue Drive 15:29
Hurst Green, after Long Lane 15:30
Hurst Green, adj Quinton Cemetery 15:30
Hurst Green, before College Rd 15:31
Hurst Green, after Victoria Avenue 15:32
Lapal, after Spies Lane 15:33
Lapal, opp Howley Grange School 15:33
Lapal, after Seven Acres Road 15:34
Lapal, opp Lydate Rd 15:35
Lapal, opp Manor Way Bridge 15:36
Woodgate, after M5 Motorway Bridge 15:36
Woodgate, after The Old Crown 15:37
Woodgate, opp Lye Avenue 15:37
Bartley Green, adj Wood Lane 15:39
Bartley Green, before Romsley Rd 15:39
Bartley Green, before The Storrs Way 15:41
Kitwell, opp Rothesay Croft 15:41
Kitwell, adj Harlech Close 15:43
Kitwell, before Ravenhayes Lane 15:43
Allens Cross, after Egghill Lane 15:45
Allens Cross, adj Wareham Rd 15:46
Frankley, opp Titania Close 15:46
Frankley, adj Brightstone Rd 15:46
Frankley, after Windsor Close 15:46
Frankley, after Holly Hill Rd 15:47
Frankley, adj Arden Walk 15:48
Frankley, opp Holly Hill Shopping Centre 15:48
Frankley, adj Old Stone Close 15:49
Frankley, before Lismore Close 15:50
Frankley, after Ormond Rd 15:51
Frankley, after Gannow Manor Crescent 15:51
Frankley, after Crompton Rd 15:52
Frankley, adj Reaside Junior School 15:53
Frankley, adj Rubery Lane South 15:53
Rubery, after Leasowe Rd 15:54
Rubery, before Cleves Rd 15:55
Rubery, adj Hillview Road 15:55
Each Way, opp Waseley Hills School 15:57
Each Way, opp Birch Rd 15:58
Rubery, adj Library Way 15:58
Rubery, opp St. Chads Church 15:59
Rubery, opp Beverley Road 16:00
Rubery, opp Leach Heath Lane 16:01
Rubery, adj Cliff Rock Road 16:01
Rednal, adj Chadwick Avenue 16:02
Rednal, adj Meadvale Rd 16:03
Rednal, adj Leach Green Lane 16:03
Rednal, adj Edgewood Rd 16:04
Rednal, before Parsonage Drive 16:08
Cofton Hacket, adj Middle Drive 16:09
Lickey Square (adj) 16:14
Upper Marlbrook, adj Lickey Grange Drive 16:15
Marlbrook, adj Lickey Rock 16:16
Marlbrook Lane (opp) 16:16
Marlbrook, opp Braces Lane 16:17
Staple Hill Old Birmingham Road (S-bound) 16:18
Staple Hill, adj Staple Flat 16:18
Hall Flat Old Birmingham Road (S-bound) 16:18
Bromsgrove, opp Upland Road 16:21
Bromsgrove, opp Oakland Grove 16:21
Bromsgrove, opp All Saints Road 16:22
Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 2) 16:24

Timetable data from Diamond Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 26 February 2021

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