Bus Times

203 - Aberdeen - Braemar

A bus service operated by Stagecoach North Scotland


Lumphanan, at Station Square 06:37
Torphins, at Sundayswells Croft 06:41
Torphins, at Innermarkie Wynd 06:44
Torphins The Square (SE-bound) 06:45
Torphins, at Inchley Place 06:45
Torphins, opp Annesley Grove 06:45
Torphins Mitlon of Campfield (SE-bound) 06:49
Brathens, at Tanglewood 06:50
West Brathens (at) 06:53
Inchmarlo, at Holly Leaf Cottage 06:56
Banchory, opp Fairways 06:58
Banchory, at Arbor Court 06:59
Banchory, at Corsee Road 06:59
Banchory The Square (SE-bound) 06:59
Banchory, at Mount Street 07:00 07:02
Banchory, opp Dee Street 07:02
Ballater Golf Road (NE-bound) 05:56
Banchory, opp Arbeadie House 07:02
Ballater, opp Victoria Road 05:56
Banchory Primary School (opp) 07:04
Banchory, opp Heath Row 07:04
Banchory, at Woodside Crescent 07:06
Banchory, before Raemoir Road 07:06
Banchory, at Holly Tree Road 07:07
Banchory, opp Oak Tree Avenue 07:07
Banchory, at Larch Tree Crescent 07:08
Banchory, before Pine Tree Road 07:10
Banchory, at Business Centre 07:11
Ballater Tullich Road (NE-bound) 05:56
Hill of Banchory (S-bound) 07:12
Ballater, at Craigview Road 05:56
Ballater, at Milton of Tullich 05:58
Banchory, at Harestone Road End 07:13
Crathes Castle (opp) 07:20
Crathes, opp Station Wood 07:20
Crathes Smithfield 07:21
Crathes, opp West Park 07:22
Drumoak, opp Foresters Cottage 07:25
Drumoak, at Tersets Road End 07:25
Drumoak, at Keithmuir Gardens 07:26
Drumoak, opp Nether Sunnyside 07:26
Ballater, at Cambus O'May Forest Walk Centre 06:00
Drumoak, at Sunnyside Drive 07:26
Dinnet Crossroads (NE-bound) 06:06
Drumoak, at Drum Castle Road End 07:28
E Mains of Drum, at Woodside Farm 07:29
Drumoak, at Wardmill 07:30
E Mains of Drum, at Easter Anguston Rd End 07:31
E Mains of Drum Newmill 07:31
Peterculter, opp Station Road West 07:33
Aboyne, at Road End 06:10
Aboyne, at Darroch Wood 06:11
Aboyne, opp Rhu na Haven Road 06:11
Aboyne, opp Bridge View Road 06:11
Peterculter, opp Station Brae 07:33
Peterculter, at School Road 07:33
Peterculter, at Cairn Road 07:34
Peterculter, at Coronation Road 07:34
Milltimber Pittengullies Brae (NE-bound) 07:35
Milltimber, at Kippie Lodge 07:35
Milltimber Brae (opp) 07:36
Milltimber, at Contlaw Road 07:36
Milltimber, at Contlaw Brae 07:37
Milltimber Monearn Gardens (o/s 160) 07:37
Milltimber, at Binghill Road 07:38
Milltimber, at Murtle Den Road 07:39
Bieldside, opp Milton of Murtle 07:39
Bieldside, at Hillhead Road 07:39
Bieldside, at Dalmunzie Road 07:40
Cults, at Prospecthill Road 07:40
Cults, opp Baillieswells Road 07:41
Cults, at Cairn Road 07:41
Cults, at Quarry Road 07:41
West Cults Road (opp) 07:42
Cults, opp Dunmail Avenue 07:43
Cults, opp St. Devenick's Place 07:43
Den of Cults (opp) 07:44
Cults, opp Westerton Road 07:45
Pitfodels, at Wellwood 07:47
Pitfodels Station Road (opp) 07:49
Pitfodels, at International School 07:52
Aboyne, opp Old Tollhouse Road 06:12
Aboyne, opp Gordon Crescent 06:12
Mannofield, at Northcote Road 07:53
Mannofield, opp Deeside Drive 07:54
Mannofield Springfield Road (o/s 25) 07:56
Mannofield, opp Morningside Road 07:57
Mannofield Church (adj) 07:59
Mannofield, opp Hammerfield Avenue 08:02
Aboyne, at Victory Hall 06:13
Aboyne, at Gordon Crescent 06:13
Aboyne, at Old Tollhouse Road 06:13
Aboyne, opp Charlton Park 06:14
Aboyne Balangowan 06:16
Mannofield, adj Louisville Avenue 08:03
Coull, opp Bridgend 06:18
Tarland, opp Strathmore 06:20
Mannofield, at Forbesfield Lane 08:04
Mannofield, opp Salisbury Terrace 08:05
Mannofield, opp Pitstruan Place 08:06
Mannofield, at Ashley Road 08:07
Mannofield, adj Nellfield Place 08:08
Mannofield, opp Nellfield Cemetery 08:10
Holburn Junction (Stop A2) 08:11
Aberdeen Langstane Kirk (Stop B3) 08:14
Tarland, opp Albany 06:22
Tarland, at The Square 06:23
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C3) 08:15
Tarland, opp Culsh Steading 06:25
Tillylodge, at Shop 06:28
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F4) 08:17
Lumphanan, opp Altdargue 06:30
Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 9) 08:21
Lumphanan, opp Crossroads Hotel 06:32
Lumphanan, at Station Square 06:37

Aberdeen - Braemar

Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 9) 15:15
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F5) 15:17
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C4) 15:18
Aberdeen Langstane Kirk (Stop B4) 15:19
Aberdeen Holburn Junction (Stop A7) 15:21
Mannofield, at Nellfield Cemetery 15:22
Mannofield, at Ashley Grove 15:23
Mannofield, opp Ashley Road 15:24
Mannofield, opp Brighton Place 15:25
Mannofield, adj Gray Street 15:26
Mannofield, adj Burns Road 15:28
Mannofield, at South Anderson Drive 15:29
Mannofield Church (opp) 15:31
Mannofield, adj Cranford Road 15:33
Mannofield, opp Gordon Terrace 15:34
Mannofield Springfield Road (opp 26) 15:35
Mannofield, at Deeside Drive 15:36
Mannofield, opp Northcote Road 15:37
Pitfodels, opp International School 15:39
Pitfodels, opp Bairds Brae 15:41
Pitfodels, opp Wellwood 15:42
Cults, at Westerton Road 15:43
Cults, at Station Road 15:45
Cults, opp Kirk Brae 15:45
Cults Avenue (opp) 15:46
Cults, opp Netherby Road 15:46
Cults, opp Quarry Road 15:46
Cults, opp Cairn Road 15:47
Bieldside Station Road (at) 15:47
Cults, opp Prospecthill Road 15:48
Bieldside, opp Dalmunzie Road 15:48
Bieldside, opp Hillhead Road 15:49
Bieldside, at Milton of Murtle 15:49
Milltimber, opp Murtle Den Road 15:50
Milltimber, opp Binghill Road 15:50
Milltimber Monearn Gardens (opp 156) 15:50
Milltimber, opp Contlaw Brae 15:51
Milltimber, at Station Road East 15:51
Milltimber Brae (at) 15:52
Milltimber, opp Kippie Lodge 15:53
Milltimber Pittengullies Brae (SW-bound) 15:53
Peterculter, opp Coronation Road 15:54
Peterculter, opp Cairn Road 15:54
Peterculter, opp Station Road East 15:54
Peterculter, opp Brighton Place 15:55
Peterculter, at Station Road West 15:56
E Mains of Drum Newmill 15:57
E Mains of Drum, opp Easter Anguston Rd End 15:57
Drumoak, opp Wardmill 15:58
E Mains of Drum, opp Woodside Farm 15:59
Drumoak, opp Drum Castle Road End 16:00
Drumoak, opp Sunnyside Drive 16:01
Drumoak, at Nether Sunnyside 16:01
Drumoak, opp Tersets Road End 16:02
Crathes, adj West Park 16:05
Crathes, adj Station Wood 16:07
Crathes Castle (o/s) 16:08
Hill of Banchory (N-bound) 16:12
Banchory, opp Business Centre 16:12
Banchory, after Pine Tree Road 16:13
Banchory, opp Larch Tree Crescent 16:13
Banchory, at Oak Tree Avenue 16:14
Banchory, opp Holly Tree Road 16:15
Banchory, after Raemoir Road 16:15
Banchory, opp Woodside Crescent 16:15
Banchory, at Heath Row 16:17
Banchory Primary School (at) 16:17
Banchory, at Arbeadie House 16:20
Banchory, at Dee Street 16:20
Banchory, opp Mount Street 16:21 16:23
Banchory The Square (NW-bound) 16:23
Banchory, opp Arbor Court 16:23
Banchory, at Fairways 16:23
Inchmarlo, opp Queen Victoria Park 16:25
Banchory Invercannie (W-bound) 16:25
Inchmarlo, at Beltie Cottages 16:26
Bridge of Canny, at The Hall 16:27
Banchory, at Potarch Rd End 16:32
Kincardine O’Neil Parish Church (opp and before) 16:35
Kincardine O’Neil, at Dee Street 16:36
Kincardine O’Neil, opp Pitmurchie Road 16:36
Aboyne, at Bellwood Road 16:43
Aboyne, opp Victory Hall 16:45
Aboyne, at Gordon Crescent 16:45
Aboyne, at Old Tollhouse Road 16:45
Aboyne, at Bridge View Road 16:46
Aboyne, at Ladywood 16:46
Aboyne, at Rhu na Haven Road 16:46
Aboyne, opp Darroch Wood 16:46
Aboyne, opp Road End 16:48
Dinnet Crossroads (SW-bound) 16:53
Ballater, opp Cambus O'May Forest Walk Centre 17:00
Ballater, opp Craigview Road 17:06
Ballater, at Victoria Road 17:06
Ballater Golf Road (NE-bound) 17:07 17:10
Ballater, at Invercauld Road 17:10
Ballater, opp Craigendarroch Circle 17:10
Ballater Bridge of Gairn (W-bound) 17:12
Ballater, opp Coilacriech Inn 17:16
Crathie Suspension Bridge 17:21
Crathie, at Balmoral Rd End 17:25
Balmoral Castle, opp Balnault Farm 17:27
Crathie Inver Hotel (SW-bound) 17:28
Braemar, at Invercauld Bridge 17:34
Braemar, opp Post Office 17:38
Braemar, at Auchendryne Square 17:39

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