208 - Henwood Green - East Peckham

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Pembury - Tonbridge - East Peckham

Henwood Green, at Stone Court Lane 07:4509:30then hourly until13:3014:3016:40
Henwood Green, adj Pembury Library 07:4609:3113:3114:3116:41
Henwood Green, adj Baptist Church 07:4609:3113:3114:3116:41
Henwood Green, opp Sweeps Hill Close 07:4709:3213:3214:3216:42
Henwood Green, adj Sturgeon's 07:4709:3313:3214:3216:43
Pembury Bo-Peep Corner (Stop D) 07:4809:3413:3314:3316:44
Pembury Bo-Peep Corner (Stop A) 07:4909:3513:3414:3416:45
Pembury, opp King William IV 07:4909:3513:3414:3416:45
Pembury, opp Post Office 07:5009:3613:3514:3516:46
Pembury The Camden Arms (Stop A) 07:5209:3713:3614:3616:47
Pembury, opp The Mews 07:5309:3813:3714:3616:48
Pembury Woodsgate Corner (W-bound) 07:5409:3813:3714:3716:48
Pembury, opp Mercure Hotel 07:5509:3913:3814:3816:49
Pembury, o/s Tunbridge Wells Hospital 07:5809:4213:4114:4016:52
Vauxhall Lane (E-bound) 08:0509:4713:4614:4516:57
Tonbridge, adj Vauxhall Inn 08:0609:4813:4714:4616:58
Tonbridge, adj Olive's Local Shop 08:0809:5013:4814:4817:00
Tonbridge Hectorage Road (E-bound) 08:0909:5113:4914:4915:4617:01
Tonbridge, adj Somerhill Road 08:1009:5213:4914:4915:4717:01
Tonbridge, adj Dowgate Close 08:1109:5313:5014:4915:4917:02
Tonbridge, o/s Weald of Kent School 08:1309:5513:5114:5015:5117:03
Tonbridge, opp Goldsmid Road 08:1409:5613:5114:5015:5217:04
Tonbridge, opp Lavender Hill 08:1609:5713:5214:5115:5317:05
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade (Stop I) 08:1910:0013:5414:5315:5617:08
Tonbridge High Street (Stop G) 08:2110:0214:0214:5416:0017:10
Tonbridge Castle (Stop C) 08:2310:0414:0514:5716:0217:12
Tonbridge School (adj) 08:2510:0514:0616:0317:13
Cage Green, adj Uridge Road 08:2710:0614:0716:0517:14
Cage Green, opp Greyhound House 08:2710:0614:0716:0517:14
Cage Green Pinnacles (E-bound) 08:2810:0614:0816:0617:14
Cage Green, opp Penruddocke House 08:2810:0714:0816:0617:15
Cage Green, opp St Philip's Church 08:2910:0714:0916:0717:15
Cage Green, adj Winchester Road 08:3010:0814:1016:0817:16
Higham Wood, adj Hopgarden Road 08:3010:0814:1016:0817:16
Higham Wood, adj Dodd Road 08:3010:0814:1016:0817:16
Higham Wood, opp Tilebarn Corner 08:3110:0914:1016:0917:17
Higham Wood, opp Old Hadlow Road 08:3110:0914:1116:1017:17
Higham Wood, adj Orchard Drive 08:3210:1014:1116:1017:18
Higham Wood, adj Estridge Way 08:3310:1114:1116:1117:19
Higham Wood, opp Great Fish Hall 08:3410:1214:1216:1217:20
Higham Wood, opp Three Elm Lane 08:3410:1214:1216:1317:20
Higham Wood, adj Petrol Station 08:3510:1314:1316:1417:21
Golden Green, o/s The Bell 08:3810:1514:1516:1717:24
Little Mill, adj The Man of Kent 08:4110:1814:1816:2017:27
East Peckham Bullen Corner (N-bound) 08:4210:2014:2016:2217:28
East Peckham, opp Westwood Road 08:4310:2114:2116:2317:29
East Peckham, adj The Merry Boys 08:4410:2214:2216:2417:30
East Peckham, adj Orchard Road 08:4410:2214:2216:2417:30
East Peckham, adj Crown Acres 08:4510:2314:2316:2517:31
East Peckham, adj Co-op 08:4710:2414:2416:2617:32
East Peckham, on Branbridges Road 08:4810:2514:2516:2717:33
Schooldays only Schooldays only

East Peckham - Tonbridge - Pembury

East Peckham, on Branbridges Road 07:3009:30then hourly until13:3014:3016:4017:40
East Peckham, opp Co-op 07:3009:3013:3014:3016:4017:40
East Peckham, opp Crown Acres 07:3109:3113:3114:3116:4117:41
East Peckham, opp Orchard Road 07:3209:3213:3214:3216:4117:42
East Peckham, opp The Merry Boys 07:3309:3313:3314:3316:4217:43
East Peckham, adj Westwood Road 07:3309:3313:3314:3316:4217:43
East Peckham Bullen Corner (W-bound) 07:3509:3513:3414:3416:4317:45
Little Mill, opp The Man of Kent 07:3709:3713:3614:3616:4517:47
Golden Green, opp The Bell 07:4009:4013:3814:3816:4717:49
Higham Wood, adj Three Elm Lane 07:4509:4413:4214:4216:5117:53
Higham Wood, adj Great Fish Hall 07:4509:4513:4214:4216:5117:53
Higham Wood, opp Estridge Way 07:4609:4613:4314:4316:5217:54
Higham Wood, opp Orchard Drive 07:4709:4613:4414:4316:5217:54
Higham Wood, adj Tilebarn Corner 07:4809:4813:4514:4416:5317:55
Higham Wood, adj Romney Way 07:4809:4813:4514:4416:5417:56
Higham Wood, opp Hopgarden Road 07:4909:4913:4614:4416:5417:56
Cage Green, opp Winchester Road 07:5009:5013:4714:4516:5517:57
Cage Green, adj St Philip's Church 07:5009:5013:4714:4516:5517:57
Cage Green, adj Penruddocke House 07:5109:5113:4814:4616:5517:58
Cage Green Pinnacles (S-bound) 07:5209:5113:4814:4616:5617:58
Cage Green, adj Greyhound House 07:5309:5213:4914:4716:5617:59
Cage Green, opp Uridge Road 07:5409:5313:5014:4816:5718:00
Tonbridge School (opp) 07:5609:5413:5214:4916:5918:02
Tonbridge Castle (Stop A) 07:5809:5613:5414:5015:5517:0118:04
Tonbridge High Street (Stop F) 08:0209:5713:5515:5817:0418:05
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade (Stop J2) 08:0609:5913:5716:0017:0618:06
Tonbridge, adj Lavender Hill 08:0710:0114:0116:0117:0618:07
Tonbridge, adj Goldsmid Road 08:0810:0214:0116:0217:0618:08
Tonbridge, adj Olive's Local Shop 08:1010:0314:0216:0417:0718:09
Tonbridge Hectorage Road (E-bound) 08:1110:0414:0316:0517:0818:10
Tonbridge, adj Somerhill Road 08:1210:0414:0316:0617:0818:10
Tonbridge, adj Dowgate Close 08:1310:0514:0416:0717:0918:11
Tonbridge, o/s Weald of Kent School 08:1510:0614:0516:0917:1018:12
Tonbridge, opp Vauxhall Inn 08:1710:0714:0616:1017:1118:13
Pembury, o/s Tunbridge Wells Hospital 08:2310:1414:1416:1717:1718:18
Pembury, adj Mercure Hotel 08:2510:1514:1516:1917:1818:18
Pembury Woodsgate Corner (E-bound) 08:2710:1614:1516:2017:1818:19
Pembury, adj The Mews 08:2810:1714:1616:2117:1918:19
Pembury The Camden Arms (Stop B) 08:3010:1814:1716:2317:2018:20
Pembury, adj Post Office 08:3010:1814:1716:2317:20s18:20s
Pembury, o/s King William IV 08:3110:1914:1816:2417:21s18:21s
Pembury Bo-Peep Corner (Stop B) 08:3310:2014:1916:2617:23s18:22s
Henwood Green, opp Sturgeon's 08:3310:2014:1916:2617:23s18:22s
Henwood Green, adj Sweeps Hill Close 08:3510:2114:2116:2717:25s18:23s
Henwood Green, opp Baptist Church 08:3510:2214:2116:2817:25s18:24s
Henwood Green, opp Pembury Library 08:3610:2314:2216:2917:26s18:25s
Henwood Green, at Stone Court Lane 08:3810:2414:2416:3017:2818:26
Schooldays only

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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