20A - Newport - Newport via Gibbs Road

A bus service operated by Newport Bus


Newport Friars Walk (Stand 11) 11:15
Newport Clarence Place (o/s Iceland) 11:16
Barnardtown, after Prince Street 11:17
Summerhill, after Post Office 11:17
Summerhill Avenue West (o/s 15) 11:18
Summerhill Avenue East (o/s 61) 11:19
Summerhill, before Victoria Avenue 11:19
Summerhill, after Northumberland Road 11:20
Beechwood, before Clevedon Road 11:20
Beechwood, after Hove Avenue 11:21
Beechwood Road Top (before) 11:21
Beechwood, after Glanmor Crescent 11:23
Somerton, adj Acacia Avenue 11:24
Lawrence Hill, before Farmwood Close 11:25
Bishpool, after Glanwern Grove 11:26
Bishpool, o/s Man of Gwent 11:27
Bishpool Lane (after) 11:28
Royal Oak (after) 11:28
Ringland, after Hawkins Cresent 11:29
Ringland, before Community Centre 11:30
Ringland, o/s Milton Primary School 11:30
Ringland, before Playford Crescent 11:31
Ringland Edward German Crescent (opp 22) 11:34
Ringland, after Ringwood Place 11:37
Ringland, after Stanford Road 11:38
Alway Penkin Hill South (opp junct) 11:39
Liswerry, opp Newport Retail Park 11:45
Liswerry, o/s Tesco 11:45
Liswerry, opp Tesco 11:47
Alway, after Penkin Hill South 11:50
Ringland, after Stanford Road 11:51
Ringland Edward German Crescent (opp 11) 11:55
Ringland, after Sterndale Bennett Road 11:56
Ringland, before Dawson Close 11:57
Ringland, before Milton Primary School 11:58
Ringland, before Community Centre 11:58
Ringland, after Hawkins Crescent 11:59
Lawrence Hill, on Royal Oak Hill 12:00
Christchurch, after Old Rectory 12:02
Christchurch, opp Cemetery 12:03
Beechwood Christchurch Road East (o/s 260) 12:03
Beechwood, after Gibbs Road Top 12:04
Beechwood Road Top (before) 12:05
St Julians, after Vale View 12:07
St Julians, before Caldy Close 12:08
St Julians, o/s Centurion 12:09
St Julians, after Merlin Crescent 12:10
Barnardtown, after Oak Street 12:12
Shaftesbury Durham Road (o/s 48) 12:15
Barnardtown, before Christadelphian Hall 12:16
Barnardtown, after Junction Road 12:17
Newport Clarence Place (opp Iceland) 12:18
Newport Friars Walk (Stand 11) 12:22

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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