216 - Bude to Crimp

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Bude - Crimp

Bude The Strand (NW-bound) 12:55
Bude Bencoolen Road (SE-bound) 12:57
Bude, opp Hawthorn Avenue 12:58
Budehaven School (NE-bound) 12:59
Bude Splash Pool (E-bound) 13:00
Bude Morrisons (E-bound) 13:01
Stratton Berkeley Close (NE-bound) 13:03
Stratton Skitches Corner (N-bound) 13:03
Stratton, opp Hospital 13:03
Stratton Tree Inn (SE-bound) 13:03
Stratton View Business Park (SE-bound) 13:03
Launcells Garden Centre (SE-bound) 13:04
Red Post Scorsham (E-bound) 13:05
Red Post Junction (E-bound) 13:06
Pancrasweek Weekstone Cottage (SE-bound) 13:10
Burnards House Farm (SE-bound) 13:11
Holsworthy Rydon Park (E-bound) 13:14
Holsworthy Trewyn Park (E-bound) 13:15
Holsworthy Pins Park (E-bound) 13:15
Holsworthy Sanders Lane (SE-bound) 13:15
Holsworthy Church (Stop B) 13:16
Holsworthy, opp Bodmin Street Church opp 13:16
Holsworthy HATS Theatre (SW-bound) 13:16
Holsworthy Woodland View (S-bound) 13:17
Pyworthy Village Hall (W-bound) 13:23
Churchtown Farm (SW-bound) 13:29
Bridgerule, opp Bridge Inn 13:31
Bridgerule Council Houses (NW-bound) 13:31
Bridgerule Jewell's Cross (NW-bound) 13:32
Bridgerule Jewell's Cross Garage (N-bound) 13:32
Buttsbear Cross Burn Farm (N-bound) 13:34
Red Post Junction (N-bound) 13:36
Launcells Cross, opp Cross Farm 13:37
Grimscott Estate (opp) 13:39
Hersham Cross (N-bound) 13:40
Hersham Venn Farm (N-bound) 13:40
Hersham Rhude Cross (NE-bound) 13:41
Kilkhampton Opposite Lymsworthy Farm (N-bound) 13:43
Kilkhampton Thorne (N-bound) 13:44
Kilkhampton The Square (N-bound) 13:46
Kilkhampton North Close (NE-bound) 13:47
Kilkhampton Taylor's Cross (N-bound) 13:47
Crimp Garage (N-bound) 13:51

Crimp - Bude

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/PLYC/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 15 June 2022

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