218 - Tonbridge - North Tonbridge

A bus service operated by Arriva Kent and Surrey

Tonbridge to North Tonbridge

Pembury, o/s Tunbridge Wells Hospital 06:4407:44then every 30 minutes until18:14
Vauxhall Lane (E-bound) 06:5007:5018:20
Tonbridge, adj Vauxhall Inn 06:5107:5118:21
Tonbridge, opp Goldsmid Road 06:5107:5118:21
Tonbridge, opp Lavender Hill 06:5207:5218:22
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade (Stop I) 06:5307:5318:23
Tonbridge High Street (Stop G) 06:5807:5818:28
Tonbridge Castle (Stop C) 07:0108:0118:31
Tonbridge School (adj) 07:0208:0218:32
Cage Green, adj Uridge Road 07:0308:0318:33
Cage Green, opp Greyhound House 07:0408:0418:34
Cage Green Pinnacles (E-bound) 07:0508:0518:35

North Tonbridge to Tonbridge

Cage Green Pinnacles (E-bound) 07:0508:05then every 30 minutes until18:0518:35
Cage Green, opp Penruddocke House 07:0508:0518:0518:35
Cage Green, opp St Philip's Church 07:0608:0618:0618:36
Cage Green, adj Winchester Road 07:0608:0618:0618:36
Higham Wood, adj Hopgarden Road 07:0708:0718:0718:37
Higham Wood, adj Dodd Road 07:0808:0818:0818:38
Higham Wood, adj Martin Hardie Way 07:0908:0918:0918:39
Higham Wood, adj Methodist Church 07:0908:0918:0918:39
Higham Wood Hunt Road (NW-bound) 07:1008:1018:1018:40
Higham Wood, adj Turner Road 07:1008:1018:1018:40
Higham Wood, opp Higham School Road 07:1008:1018:1018:40
Higham Wood, opp Raeburn Close 07:1108:1118:1118:41
Higham Wood, adj Darwin Drive 07:1108:1118:1118:41
Trench Wood, adj Whistler Road 07:1308:1318:1318:43
Trench Wood, adj Denbeigh Drive 07:1408:1418:1418:44
Trench Wood, adj York Parade 07:1508:1518:1518:45
Trench Wood Bishops Oak Ride (o/s 123) 07:1608:1618:1618:46
Trench Wood, opp Heather Walk 07:1608:1618:1618:46
Trench Wood, adj Greenfrith Drive 07:1708:1718:1718:47
Trench Wood Trench Road (SE-bound) 07:1808:1818:1818:48
Trench Wood, adj Tyne Road 07:1908:1918:1918:49
Trench Wood, adj Derwent Road 07:2008:2018:2018:50
Cage Green Pinnacles (S-bound) 07:2208:2218:2218:52
Cage Green, adj Greyhound House 07:2208:2218:2218:52
Cage Green, opp Uridge Road 07:2308:2318:2318:53
Tonbridge School (opp) 07:2508:2518:2518:55
Tonbridge Castle (Stop E) 07:2708:2718:2718:57
Tonbridge High Street (Stop F) 07:2808:2818:2818:58
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade (Stop J2) 07:3008:3018:3019:00
Tonbridge, adj Lavender Hill 19:03
Tonbridge, adj Goldsmid Road 19:04
Tonbridge, opp Vauxhall Inn 19:04
Pembury, o/s Tunbridge Wells Hospital 19:11

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AKSS/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 8 November 2023

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