228 - Huddersfield - Brighouse

A bus service operated by Arriva Yorkshire


Huddersfield - Cleckheaton - Brighouse

Huddersfield Bus Station stand Z 09:15then hourly until15:1516:1517:15
Huddersfield St. George's Square (stop S4) 09:1615:1616:1617:16
Huddersfield Leeds Rd Old Leeds Road 09:1815:1816:1817:18
Bradley Mills Leeds Rd Hill House Lane 09:1915:1916:2017:20
Bradley Mills Leeds Rd Vine Street 09:2015:2016:2017:20
Bradley Mills Leeds Road Retail Park 09:2115:2116:2117:21
Bradley Mills Leeds Rd Red Doles Lane 09:2115:2116:2217:22
Bradley Mills Leeds Rd Springbank Road 09:2215:2216:2217:22
Bradley Mills Leeds Road Queens Square (NE bound) 09:2315:2316:2317:23
Bradley Mills, adj Leeds Rd Old Fieldhouse Lane 09:2415:2416:2417:24
Deighton Leeds Road Syngenta (N bound) 09:2515:2516:2517:25
Deighton Leeds Rd Woodland Road 09:2615:2616:2617:26
Deighton, at Leeds Rd Whitacre Street 09:2615:2616:2717:27
Deighton, opp Leeds Rd Neptune Way 09:2715:2716:2717:27
Leeds Rd Deighton Road (adj) 09:2815:2816:2817:28
Leeds Road Bradley Junction Ind Est (opp) 09:2915:2916:2817:28
Bradley Leeds Road Brooklands 09:3015:3016:2917:29
Bradley, opp Leeds Rd Station Rd 09:3015:3016:3017:30
Leeds Rd Cooper Bridge (N bound) 09:3115:3116:3217:32
Mirfield, opp Leeds Rd Stocks Bank Road 09:3315:3316:3417:34
Mirfield Leeds Rd Far Common Road (E bound) 09:3415:3416:3517:35
Mirfield, opp The White Gate PH 09:3515:3516:3617:36
Roberttown Far Common Rd Fall Road (N bound) 09:3615:3616:3717:37
Roberttown Lane Commonside (at) 09:3815:3816:3817:38
Roberttown New Inn (NE bound) 09:3915:3916:3917:39
Roberttown Lane Robert Court 09:4015:4016:4017:40
Liversedge Roberttown Lane Headlands 09:4015:4016:4017:40
Liversedge Headlands Rd Huddersfield Road (N bound) 09:4115:4116:4117:41
Liversedge Headlands Road Halifax Rd (N bound) 09:4115:4116:4217:42
Liversedge Halifax Road Knowler Hill 09:4215:4216:4217:42
Liversedge, opp Halifax Road The Shears PH 09:4315:4316:4317:43
Liversedge Halifax Rd Gray Street 09:4415:4416:4417:44
Hightown, opp Halifax Road Laverhills 09:4615:4616:4617:46
Hightown Road Halifax Rd (after) 09:4715:4716:4717:47
Hightown Rd The Crescent (after) 09:4915:4916:4817:48
Hightown Road The Highlands (opp) 09:5015:5016:4917:49
Cleckheaton Hightown Road Ashbourne Gdns 09:5115:5116:5017:50
Cleckheaton, opp Hightown Rd Wilton Terrace 09:5215:5216:5117:51
Cleckheaton Greenside Mortimer Street 09:53s15:53s16:53s17:53s
Cleckheaton Bus Station stand A 09:5315:5316:5317:53
Cleckheaton Parkside Crown Street 09:5715:57
Cleckheaton, adj Westgate Richmond Street 09:5815:58
Cleckheaton, opp Westgate South Parade 09:5915:59
Cleckheaton, adj Moorside West End Drive 09:5915:59
Cleckheaton Moorbottom Lower Lark Hill 10:0016:00
Cleckheaton, opp Moorside Lark Hill Drive 10:0016:00
Cleckheaton Moorside New Lane 10:0016:00
Hartshead Moor Old Pack Horse PH (af) 10:0116:01
Hartshead Moor Halifax Road Scholes Ln 10:0516:05
Clifton, at Highmoor Lane Armytage Arms PH 10:0716:07
Clifton Common Thornhills Lane 10:0816:08
Clifton Common Ash Grove 10:0916:09
Brighouse Clifton Common Alegar Street (W bound) 10:0916:09
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Wood Street 10:1016:10
Brighouse Bus Station (Stand F) 10:1116:11

Brighouse - Cleckheaton - Huddersfield

Brighouse Bus Station (Stand F) 10:15then hourly until16:15
Brighouse Clifton Road Wakefield Rd 10:1616:16
Brighouse Clifton Common Alegar Street 10:1616:16
Clifton Common Ash Grove (adj) 10:1716:17
Clifton Common Thornhills Lane (adj) 10:1816:18
Clifton Highmoor Lane Armytage Arms PH 10:1816:18
Hartshead Moor, adj Halifax Rd Scholes Lane 10:2316:23
Hartshead Moor, opp Old Pack Horse PH 10:2416:24
Cleckheaton, opp Moorside New Lane 10:2516:25
Cleckheaton Moorside Lark Hill Drive 10:2516:25
Cleckheaton, adj Moorbottom Lower Lark Hill 10:2616:26
Cleckheaton Moorside West End Drive 10:2616:26
Cleckheaton Westgate South Parade 10:2716:27
Cleckheaton Westgate Richmond Street 10:2816:28
Cleckheaton Westgate Carr Street 10:2816:28
Cleckheaton Greenside Mortimer Street 10:29s16:29s
Cleckheaton Bus Station stand C 10:2916:29
Cleckheaton Parkside Crown Street 08:3209:3210:3216:32
Cleckheaton, adj Hightown Rd Wilton Terrace 08:3309:3310:3316:33
Cleckheaton Hightown Road Ashbourne Gdns (S bound) 08:3409:3410:3416:34
Cleckheaton Hightown Rd Quaker Lane 08:3409:3410:3416:34
Hightown Road The Highlands (adj) 08:3509:3510:3516:35
Hightown Rd The Crescent (opp) 08:3609:3610:3616:36
Hightown, opp Halifax Rd Hare Park Lane 08:3709:3710:3716:37
Hightown, adj Halifax Road Laverhills 08:3809:3810:3816:38
Liversedge, adj Halifax Rd Gray Street 08:3909:3910:3916:39
Liversedge, at Halifax Road The Shears PH 08:4009:4010:4016:40
Liversedge Halifax Road Knowler Hill (E bound) 08:4109:4110:4116:41
Liversedge Headlands Rd Halifax Road 08:4209:4210:4216:42
Liversedge Headlands Road Huddersfield Rd 08:4309:4310:4316:43
Liversedge Roberttown Lane Headlands (SW bound) 08:4309:4310:4316:43
Roberttown Lane Robert Court (adj) 08:4409:4410:4416:44
Roberttown New Inn 08:4509:4510:4516:45
Roberttown Lane Commonside (opp) 08:4609:4610:4616:46
Roberttown, opp Far Common Rd Fall Road 08:4709:4710:4716:47
Mirfield, adj The White Gate PH 08:4709:4710:4716:47
Mirfield Leeds Rd Far Common Road 08:4809:4810:4816:48
Mirfield Leeds Rd Stocks Bank Road 08:4909:4910:4916:49
Leeds Rd Cooper Bridge Road 08:5009:5010:5016:50
Leeds Rd Cooper Bridge (S bound) 08:5109:5110:5116:51
Bradley, before Leeds Rd Station Rd 08:5209:5210:5216:52
Bradley Leeds Road Brooklands (S bound) 08:5209:5210:5216:52
Leeds Road Bradley Junction Ind Est 08:5309:5310:5316:53
Leeds Rd Deighton Road (opp) 08:5309:5310:5316:53
Deighton Leeds Rd Neptune Way 08:5409:5410:5416:54
Deighton Leeds Rd Whitacre Street 08:5409:5410:5416:54
Deighton, adj Leeds Rd Woodland Road 08:5509:5510:5516:55
Deighton Leeds Road Syngenta 08:5509:5510:5516:55
Bradley Mills, opp Leeds Rd Old Fieldhouse Lane 08:5709:5710:5716:57
Bradley Mills Leeds Road Queens Square 08:5809:5810:5816:58
Bradley Mills Leeds Rd Springbank Road (W bound) 08:5909:5910:5916:59
Bradley Mills, at Leeds Road Retail Park 09:0010:0011:0017:00
Bradley Mills Leeds Rd Canal Street 09:0110:0111:0117:01
Bradley Mills Leeds Rd St Andrews Road 09:0210:0211:0217:02
Bradley Mills Leeds Rd Thistle Street 09:0310:0311:0317:03
Huddersfield Leeds Rd Gasworks Street 09:0510:0511:0517:05
Huddersfield Leeds Road Great Northern St 09:0510:0511:0517:05
Huddersfield Northumberland Street (stop P2) 09:0610:0611:0617:06
Huddersfield Bus Station stand Z 09:1010:1011:1017:10

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Contactless payment accepted

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