22A - City Centre - City Centre

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in East Kent


Canterbury Bus Station (Bay A1) 18:3619:41then hourly until22:41
Canterbury East Railway Station (adj) 18:3719:4222:42
St Dunstan’s, after Westgate Towers 18:4119:4522:45
St Dunstan's Church (o/s) 18:4119:4522:45
St Stephen’s, adj Hanscomb House 18:4219:4622:46
St Stephen’s, adj Nursery Walk 18:4219:4622:46
St Stephen’s, adj St Michael's Road 18:4319:4722:47
St Stephen’s, adj Shaftesbury Road 18:4319:4722:47
St Stephen’s, adj The Archbishop's School 18:4419:4822:48
Hales Place Downs Road (NE-bound) 18:4519:4922:49
Hales Place, opp The Close 18:4619:5022:50
Hales Place Tenterden Drive Layby (S-bound) 18:4719:5122:51
Hales Place, adj Jesuit Close 18:4719:5122:51
Hales Place, opp Nethersole Close 18:4819:5222:52
Hales Place, adj Copinger Close 18:4819:5222:52
Hales Place Long Meadow Way (SW-bound) 18:4919:5322:53
Hales Place, adj The Close 18:4919:5322:53
Hales Place Downs Road (SW-bound) 18:5019:5422:54
St Stephen’s, opp The Archbishop's School 18:5119:5522:55
St Stephen’s, opp Shaftesbury Road 18:5119:5522:55
St Stephen’s, opp St Michael's Road 18:5219:5622:56
St Stephen’s, opp Nursery Walk 18:5319:5722:57
St Dunstan's Church (adj) 18:5419:5822:58
Canterbury, opp Temple Road 18:5419:5822:58
London Road Estate, opp Mill Lane Junction 18:5519:5922:59
London Road Estate, opp Miller Avenue 18:5620:0023:00
London Road Estate, opp Gentil Knyght 18:5720:0123:01
London Road Estate, adj Squire Avenue 18:5820:0223:02
London Road Estate, adj Miller Avenue 18:5920:0223:02
London Road Estate, adj Mill Lane Junction 18:5920:0323:03
Canterbury, adj Queens Avenue 19:0220:0523:05
Canterbury East Railway Station (opp) 19:0620:0923:09
Canterbury Bus Station (arrivals) 19:0920:1223:12

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 22 October 2020

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