Bus Times

22B - Edinburgh - Livingston

A bus service operated by First Scotland East

Edinburgh - Livingston

Edinburgh, at St Andrew's House 23:24
Edinburgh Waterloo Place (Stop ZG) 23:24
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PQ) 23:26
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PX) 23:29
West End Shandwick Place (Stop SD) 23:31
Haymarket Station (Stop HH) 23:35
Coates, opp Magdala Crescent 23:35
Wester Coates (W-bound) 23:36
Coates, at Kew Terrace 23:36
Roseburn Gardens (after) 23:38
Roseburn, opp Ormidale Terrace 23:38
Murrayfield Road (opp) 23:39
Murrayfield Western Corner (W-bound) 23:41
Corstorphine, nr Balgreen Road 23:42
Corstorphine, before Pinkhill 23:43
Corstorphine, opp Edinburgh Zoo 23:44
Corstorphine, at Forestry Commission 23:44
Corstorphine, opp Belgrave Road 23:44
Corstorphine, after St John's Terrace 23:44
Corstorphine, o/s Kirk Loan 23:44
Corstorphine, opp St Ninians Road 23:45
Corstorphine, opp Drum Brae South 23:45
Maybury, opp Craigs Avenue 23:45
Maybury, opp Craigs Gardens 23:46
Maybury, after North Gyle Road 23:46
Maybury, opp Dechmont Road 23:46
Maybury, at Marriott Hotel 23:46
Gogar Roundabout (W-bound) 23:47
Gogarburn A8 (W-bound) 23:48
Gogarstone Road (after) 23:49
Ingliston Airport Roundabout (W-bound) 23:49
Ingliston Road (opp) 23:50
Ingliston Showground (opp) 23:50
Ratho Station, before Station Road 23:52
Ratho Station, opp Lochend Road 23:53
Newbridge, after Cliftonhall Road 23:54
Newbridge, after Bridge Street 23:55
Kirkliston, at Milrig Cottages 23:56
Kirkliston, after Gateside Road 23:59
Kirkliston, after Bowling Green Road 23:59
Kirkliston, opp Almondside 00:01
Kirkliston, after Station Road 00:01
Kirkliston, before Manse Road 00:01
Kirkliston, before Roundabout 00:01
Winchburgh, at Turning Circle 00:04
Winchburgh, opp School 00:04
Winchburgh Station Road (opp and after) 00:05
Winchburgh, opp Health Centre 00:05
Winchburgh, before Craigton Place 00:05
Winchburgh, opp Glass Road 00:06
Broxburn, before Greendykes Steadings 00:09
Broxburn, opp Greendykes Cottages 00:10
Broxburn, before Albyn Place 00:10
Broxburn, o/s Bridge Place 00:11
Broxburn, opp Post Office 00:12
Broxburn, at New Holygate 00:12
Broxburn, opp Kirkhill Road 00:13
Broxburn, opp Cardross Road 00:14
Broxburn, adj Cardross Road 00:14
Broxburn, opp Freeland Avenue 00:15
Uphall, opp Cemetery 00:16
Uphall, before Alexander Street 00:17
Uphall, before Oatridge Hotel 00:18
Uphall, opp St Andrews Drive 00:18
Uphall, after Millbank Place 00:18
Uphall, at Stankards Road 00:19
Uphall Station, at Railway Station 00:20
Uphall Station Primary School (opp and after) 00:21
Uphall Station, after Summerville Court 00:22
Pumpherston, at Turning Circle 00:23
Pumpherston, opp Napier Square 00:24
Pumpherston, opp Firth Road 00:25
Pumpherston, before Harrysmuir Path 00:26
Craigshill, opp Craigswood 00:27
Craigshill, opp Fire Station 00:28
Craigshill, after Melbourne Street 00:28
Craigshill, opp Hobart Street 00:29
Craigshill, opp Craigwillow Centre 00:30
Craigshill, opp Stirrup Stane 00:30
Craigshill, opp Letham Primary School 00:31
Craigshill, opp Dee Drive 00:31
Craigshill, at Pentland Park 00:33
Craigshill, opp Tay Walk 00:34
Livingston, opp Asda 00:36
Livingston, at Bank of Scotland 00:37
Livingston Bus Terminal (Stance A) 00:39
Livingston, opp The Centre 00:40
Howden, at Club Earth Nightclub 00:41
Howden Manitoba Avenue (opp and after) 00:42
Howden, at Civic Centre 00:43
Howden, at St Margarets Academy 00:45
Howden, after Braehead Roundabout 00:46
Howden, before St Johns Hospital 00:47
Howden, at St Johns Hospital 00:48
Ladywell, opp Cedarbank School 00:49
Ladywell, opp Eagle Brae 00:49
Eliburn, after Peel Roundabout 00:50
Eliburn, o/s Ward Place 00:51
Eliburn Lady Place (opp and after) 00:52
Eliburn, opp Oldwood Place 00:53
Eliburn, opp Kilne Place 00:54
Kirkton, opp Thirlfield Wynd 00:55
Kirkton, before Toll Roundabout 00:57

Operated by low-floor buses


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