22B - Ninewells Hospital - Ardler

A bus service operated by Xplore Dundee


Sundays only

Ardler, opp Camperdown Road 06:0207:02
Ardler, opp Macalpine Shops 06:0207:02
Ardler, opp Americanmuir Road 06:0207:02
St Mary’s, at Hoylake Avenue 06:0207:02
St Mary’s, at Scotscraig Grove 06:0307:03
St Mary’s, at Troon Road 06:0307:03
St Mary’s, at Larchfield Gardens 06:0407:04
St Mary’s, at Bower Mill Lane 06:0407:04
St Mary’s, at Benholm Place 06:0507:05
St Mary’s, at Drumlithie Place 06:0507:05
St Mary’s, at Ninemaidens 06:0507:05
St Mary’s, opp St Albans Terrace 06:0607:06
St Mary’s, nr Cox Street 06:0607:06
Downfield, at Loftus Street 06:0707:07
Downfield, nr Balgowan Avenue 06:0707:07
Downfield, nr Haldane Street 06:0807:08
Downfield, nr Kirkton Road 06:0807:08
Downfield, nr Gillburn Road 06:0907:09
Downfield, opp School Road 06:0907:09
Strathmartine, opp Binsted Avenue 06:1007:10
Strathmartine, nr Park Road 06:1107:11
Strathmartine, opp Dundee Contract Services 06:1107:11
Strathmartine, at Wedderburn Street 06:1207:12
Strathmartine, at Canning Street 06:1307:13
Strathmartine, at Main Street 06:1407:14
Hilltown, opp Constitution Street 06:1507:15
Hilltown, at Carnegie Street 06:1607:16
Hilltown, at North Ellen St 06:1607:16
Hilltown, at Cowan Street 06:1807:18
Stobswell, nr Erskine Street 06:1907:19
Eastport, at Graham Place 06:2007:20
Eastport, opp Weavers Yard 06:2107:21
Eastport, nr Wishart Centre 06:2207:22
Dundee, at Sinatras 06:2207:22
Dundee Seagate (stop 3) 06:2307:23
Dundee Waterstones (Stop 1) 06:2407:24
Dundee, opp Caird Hall 06:2507:25
Dundee Whitehall Street (Stop 2) 06:2707:27
Dundee Whitehall Street (Stop 2) 06:29 07:29
Dundee, at Union Street 06:2907:29
Dundee, opp Overgate 06:3007:30
W End, opp Brown Street 06:3007:30
W End, nr Hunter Street 06:3107:31
Logie, opp Urquhart Street 06:3207:32
Logie, at Bellfield Street 06:3207:32
Logie, opp Forest Park Road 06:3307:33
Logie, nr Abbotsford Street 06:3307:33
Logie, at Seymour Street 06:3407:34
Riverside, opp Victoria Park 06:3507:35
Riverside, nr Marchfield Road 06:3607:36
Riverside, adj West Park Road 06:3607:36
Riverside, adj West Grove Avenue 06:3707:37
Riverside, nr Glamis Road 06:3807:38
Riverside, opp Elliot Road 06:3807:38
Balgay Cemetry (opp) 06:3907:39
Menzieshill, opp The Shand 06:3907:39
Menzieshill, opp Dochart Terrace 06:4007:40
Menzieshill, at Servite House 06:4107:41
Menzieshill, opp Orrin Place 06:4207:42
Menzieshill, at Gowrie Court 06:4207:42
Menzieshill, opp Spey Drive 06:4307:43
Ninewells, opp Thurso Crescent 06:4407:44
Ninewells Hospital (Stance A) 06:4507:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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