22C - Birstall Wanlip Lane - Abbey Lane - Leicester - Mayflower Road - Evington

A service operated by Centrebus (North)


Monday to Friday, school days

Evington - Birstall Wanlip Lane

Goodwood, opp Chatteris Avenue 07:46
Goodwood, adj Woodnewton Drive 07:46
Goodwood, opp Millersdale Avenue 07:47
Goodwood, adj Alcester Drive 07:47
Goodwood, adj Welland Vale Road 07:48
Goodwood, opp Landscape Drive 07:49
Goodwood, adj Susan Avenue 07:50
Goodwood Whitehall Road (just after) 07:51
Goodwood, adj Spencefield Drive 07:51
Evington, opp Goodwood Road 07:52
Evington, adj The Cedars 07:53
Evington, opp Grocot Road 07:54
Evington, opp Hextall Road 07:55
Crown Hills, opp Clovelly Road 07:55
Crown Hills, adj Plymouth Drive 07:56
Evington, adj Mayflower School 07:57
Evington, opp Kilworth Drive 07:58
Evington Valley Road (opp) 08:00
Evington, adj Conway Road 08:00
Evington, adj Chepstow Road 08:01
Leicester, adj Beckingham Road 08:02
Leicester, opp St Stephens Road 08:02
Evington, opp Hamilton Street 08:03
Leicester, adj Granville Road 08:04
Leicester, opp Saxby Street 08:04
Leicester, opp Prebend Street 08:05
Leicester Station Street (Stand EH) 08:06
Leicester Charles Street (Stand EJ) 08:07
Leicester Haymarket Bus Station (Stand HZ) 08:10
Leicester Orchard Street (Stand BM) 08:11
Leicester, opp George Street 08:12
Belgrave, adj Leicester College 08:13
Belgrave, opp Abbey Park Street 08:13
Abbey Park (adj) 08:15
Abbey Park, opp Abbey Meadows 08:15
Abbey Park, opp Swithland Avenue 08:16
Abbey Park, adj Blackbird Road 08:17
Abbey Park, adj Byford Road 08:18
Leicester, opp Chale Road 08:19
Belgrave, opp Corporation Road 08:19
Belgrave, adj Hobson Road 08:20
Belgrave, opp Thurcaston Road 08:21
Belgrave, opp McDonald's 08:21
Birstall, adj East Road 08:23
Birstall, before Kilby Avenue 08:24
Birstall, opp Sports Ground 08:24
Birstall, adj Acorn Close 08:26
Birstall, opp Church Hill 08:26
Birstall, adj Lawn Avenue 08:28
Birstall, opp Lambourne Road 08:29
Birstall, adj Windmill Avenue 08:31

Birstall Wanlip Lane - Evington

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