22X - Cobalt - Throckley

A bus service operated by Stagecoach North East


Monday to Friday

Cobalt - Throckley

Cobalt Silver Fox Way - Procter & Gamble (N-Bound) 16:1116:4117:11
Cobalt Quicksilver Way (SW-Bound) 16:1216:4217:12
Cobalt Business Park-Orange (SE-Bound) 16:1316:4317:13
Cobalt Silver Fox Way-Procter & Gamble (E-Bound) 16:1416:4417:14
Cobalt Link Road - South (S-Bound) 16:1416:4417:14
Cobalt Atmel Way (S-Bound) 16:1616:4617:16
Battle Hill Tyne Met Coast Road Campus (S-Bound) 16:1916:4917:19
Howdon Coast Road-Gibson Street (W-Bound) 16:2116:5117:21
Newcastle upon Tyne Monument Grainger Street (S-Bound) 16:4117:1117:46
Newcastle upon Tyne Central Stn Neville St (F) 16:5817:2817:58
Elswick Scotswood Road-College (W-Bound) 17:0017:3018:00
Elswick Scotswood Road-Dunn Street (W-Bound) 17:0217:3218:02
Elswick Scotswood Road-Brunel Terrace (W-Bound) 17:0417:3418:04
Elswick William Armstrong Drive-Monarch Road (W-Bound) 17:0417:3418:04
Elswick Newcastle Business Park (W-Bound) 17:0417:3418:04
Elswick William Armstrong Drive-Bamburgh Court (W-Bound) 17:0517:3518:05
Scotswood Road-Amelia Walk (NW-Bound) 17:0517:3518:05
Scotswood Road-Whitehouse Road (W-Bound) 17:0617:3618:06
Scotswood Road-Paradise (W-Bound) 17:0717:3718:07
Scotswood Whitehouse Enterprise Centre (W-Bound) 17:0717:3718:07
Scotswood Road-Vickers (W-Bound) 17:0917:3918:09
Scotswood Bridge (W-Bound) 17:1017:4018:10
Scotswood Road-B&q (W-Bound) 17:1017:4018:10
Lemington Scotswood Road-Bells Close (W-Bound) 17:1117:4118:11
Newburn Riverside Park Kingfisher Boulevard (W-Bound) 17:1117:4118:11
Newburn Riverside Park Goldcrest Way (S-Bound) 17:1217:4218:12
Newburn Riverside Park Goldcrest Way (N-Bound) 17:1317:4318:13
Newburn Riverside Park Kingfisher Boulevard (E-Bound) 17:1317:4318:13
Newburn Riverside Park Kingfisher Boulevard (E-Bound) 17:1417:4418:14
Lemington Scotswood Road-St Georges Terace (W-Bound) 17:1417:4418:14
Lemington (W-Bound) 17:1617:4618:16
Lemington Northumberland Road (W-Bound) 17:1617:4618:16
Lemington Road-Riverside Way (W-Bound) 17:1717:4718:17
Lemington Road-Keats Road (W-Bound) 17:1817:4818:18
Newburn High Street-Walbottle Road (NW-Bound) 17:1917:4918:19
Newburn High Street-Station Road (W-Bound) 17:1917:4918:19
Newburn High Street - Church Bank (NW-Bound) 17:2017:5018:20
Newburn Road-Chapel Court (N-Bound) 17:2117:5118:21
Newburn Road-Garage (N-Bound) 17:2117:5118:21
Throckley Newburn Road-Mayfield Avenue (N-Bound) 17:2217:5218:22
Throckley Hallow Drive-Newburn Road (W-Bound) 17:2317:5318:23
Throckley Hallow Drive-The Causeway (W-Bound) 17:2317:5318:23
Throckley Hallow Drive-Lowgate (W-Bound) 17:2417:5418:24
Throckley Leazes Parkway (E-Bound) 17:2517:5518:25
Throckley Coach Road-Leazes Parkway (N-Bound) 17:2517:5518:25
Throckley Coach Road-Wellfield Close (N-Bound) 17:2517:5518:25
Throckley Coach Road-Woodlands (N-Bound) 17:2617:5618:26
Throckley Hexham Road-Middle School (E-Bound) 17:2617:5618:26
Throckley Roundabout (E-Bound) 17:2717:5718:27
Throckley Newburn Road - Sainsburys (S-Bound) 17:2817:5818:28

Throckley - Cobalt

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 27 September 2022

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