23 - Newark - Farndon - Grantham Schools

A bus service operated by Marshalls of Sutton on Trent


Newark - Grantham

Newark, opp Gainsborough Drive 07:25
Newark, o/s St Leonards Church 07:25
Newark, opp Beaumont Walk 07:26
Newark, adj Lincoln Street 07:27
Newark, opp ALDI 07:27
Newark, adj Kirk Gate 07:27
Newark Castle Gate (SW-bound) 07:28
Newark Lombard Street (SE-bound) 07:28
Newark, adj Albert Street 07:29
Newark, adj Princes Street 07:29
Newark, adj Boundary Road 07:30
Newark, opp Dorner Avenue 07:31
Newark, opp The Maltsters 07:31
Newark, opp The Ivies 07:32
Farndon Long Lane (NW-bound) 07:35
Farndon Marsh Lane (NW-bound) 07:35
Farndon, adj Village Way 07:35
Farndon, adj Memorial Hall 07:36
Farndon, adj Chestnut Grove 07:36
Farndon, opp Church Street 07:37
Farndon, adj Grays Court 07:37
East Stoke Fosse Way (SW-bound) 07:40
East Stoke, adj Moor Lane 07:41
Elston, opp Eden Hall Gates 07:43
Elston, o/s Church 07:45
Long Bennington, opp Village Hall 07:59
Long Bennington, adj The Reindeer PH 08:00
Great Gonerby, adj Post Office 08:18
Great Gonerby, adj Primary School 08:18
Great Gonerby, opp The Knoll 08:19
Gonerby Hill Foot, adj Orchard Close 08:20
Gonerby Hill Foot, adj Cliffe Avenue 08:21
Grantham, adj Playing Fields 08:22
Grantham, adj Eden House Hotel 08:23
Grantham, opp Premier Court 08:24
Grantham, opp The King's School 08:25
Grantham, opp Slate Mill Place 08:25
Grantham, o/s St Mary's School 08:28
Kesteven & Grantham School (opp) 08:30
Grantham, opp Bus Station 08:33
Grantham, opp ESSO Filling Station 08:34
Grantham, opp Earlesfield Lane 08:36
Grantham, adj KFC Drive Thru 08:37
Grantham, adj Belvoir Avenue 08:38
Grantham, opp Bethesda Hall 08:39
Grantham Walton Academy 08:40
Schooldays Only
This service is ONLY available to school students.

Grantham - Newark

Grantham Walton Academy 15:37
Grantham, adj Bethesda Hall 15:37
Grantham, opp Belvoir Avenue 15:38
Grantham, opp Screwfix 15:39
Grantham, adj Earlesfield Lane 15:40
Grantham, adj ESSO Filling Station 15:42
Kesteven & Grantham School (adj) 15:48
Grantham, opp St Mary's School 15:49
Grantham, opp Gorse Rise 15:50
Grantham, adj Wyndham Park School 15:50
Grantham, adj Slate Mill Place 15:52
Grantham, adj The King's School 15:53
Grantham, opp Eden House Hotel 15:54
Grantham, opp Playing Fields 15:55
Gonerby Hill Foot, opp Cliffe Avenue 15:56
Gonerby Hill Foot, opp Orchard Close 15:56
Great Gonerby, adj The Knoll 15:57
Great Gonerby, opp Primary School 15:58
Great Gonerby, opp Post Office 15:58
Long Bennington, opp The Reindeer PH 16:13
Long Bennington, adj Village Hall 16:13
Elston, opp Church 16:26
Elston, adj Eden Hall Gates 16:27
East Stoke, opp Moor Lane 16:29
East Stoke Fosse Way (NE-bound) 16:30
Farndon, opp Grays Court 16:33
Farndon, adj Church Street 16:33
Farndon, opp Chestnut Grove 16:33
Farndon, opp Memorial Hall 16:33
Farndon, opp Village Way 16:34
Farndon Marsh Lane (SE-bound) 16:34
Farndon Long Lane (SE-bound) 16:35
Newark, adj The Ivies 16:37s
Newark, adj The Maltsters 16:37s
Newark, adj Dorner Avenue 16:38s
Newark, opp Boundary Road 16:39s
Newark, opp Princes Street 16:40s
Newark, opp Albert Street 16:40s
Newark Lombard Street (NW-bound) 16:41s
Newark Castle Gate (NE-bound) 16:42s
Newark, opp Kirk Gate 16:42s
Newark, adj ALDI 16:43s
Newark, opp Lincoln Street 16:44s
Newark, opp Beaumont Walk 16:44s
Newark, opp St Leonards Church 16:44s
Newark, adj Gainsborough Drive 16:45
Schooldays Only
This service is ONLY available to school students.

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Marshalls of Sutton on Trent