23 - York - Knaresborough

A bus service operated by Transdev York

York - Knaresborough

York Piccadilly (PF) 06:50
York Low Ousegate (TF) 06:52
York Station Road (CE) 06:55
York Rail Station (RH) 06:57
York Blossom Street (BC) 06:57
York Cambridge Street (opp Mount Ephraim) 06:58
Holgate Hill (adj Holgate Bridge Gardens) 06:59
Holgate, opp Fox Inn 07:00
Holgate Park (opp) 07:01
Holgate, adj Grantham Drive 07:01
Holgate, opp Seldon Road 07:02
Holgate, adj Malvern Avenue 07:03
Acomb, opp Ouse Acres 07:03
Acomb, opp Plantation Drive 07:03
Acomb, adj Wheatlands Grove 07:04
Beckfield Lane, opp Low Poppleton Lane 07:04
Upper Poppleton, adj Wheatlands 07:05
Upper Poppleton, adj Garden Centre 07:05
Upper Poppleton, opp Red Lion A59 07:06
Hessay A59 (adj New Road) 07:09
Moor Monkton Crossroads (NW-bound) 07:11
Wilstrop Nun Monkten Lane End (W-bound) 07:15
Kirk Hammerton, adj Station Road 07:16
Green Hammerton Springbank Surgery (NW-bound) 07:17
Green Hammerton, adj Bernard Lane 07:18
Green Hammerton Rosedale Cottage (NW-bound) 07:18
Little Ouseburn Lane End (NW-bound) 07:21
Aldborough Hill Top (NE-bound) 07:28
Aldborough, opp The Square 07:29
Boroughbridge, adj Opp St James Square 07:33
Boroughbridge, opp Crown Hotel 07:36
Boroughbridge, adj Anchor Inn 07:37
Langthorpe Corner (NW-bound) 07:38
Langthorpe, adj East View 07:39
Kirby Hill Church Banks (N-bound) 07:40
Kirby Hill Blue Bell (N-bound) 07:41
Kirby Hill Church Close (E-bound) 07:41
Dishforth Airfield, opp Balk Top 07:43
Dishforth Airfield, opp Sycamore Drive 07:43
Dishforth Airfield, adj Main Gates 07:44
Dishforth Airfield, adj Sycamore Drive 07:45
Dishforth Airfield, adj Balk Top 07:45
Marton-le-Moor Moor Lane Junction (NE-bound) 07:48
Marton-le-Moor Chapel Lane (W-bound) 07:51
Bridge Hewick, opp Ray Lane 07:55
Copt Hewick, opp Luncarr Lane 07:57
Sharow Lister House (NW-bound) 07:59
Sharow Glebe Meadows (W-bound) 08:00
Ure Bank North Bridge (NW-bound) 08:02
Ure Bank North Bridge (SW-bound) 08:03
Ure Bank North Road (W-bound) 08:03
Ure Bank The Clock Tower (SW-bound) 08:04
Ripon White Horse (S-bound) 08:04
Ripon Bus Station Stand 2 (2) 08:06
Ripon Barefoot Street (E-bound) 08:11
Ripon Southgate (W-bound) 08:12
Ripon Wakeman Road (SE-bound) 08:13
Ripon Southgate (E-bound) 08:13
Ripon Camp Close (S-bound) 08:13
Ripon Gallowshill (S-bound) 08:14
Littlethorpe West View (SW-bound) 08:15
Littlethorpe Railway View (S-bound) 08:17
Littlethorpe Church (S-bound) 08:17
Littlethorpe The Potteries (S-bound) 08:20
Bishop Monkton Low Demains (S-bound) 08:23
Bishop Monkton, adj The Village Hall 08:25
Bishop Monkton, opp Lamb & Flag 08:26
Bishop Monkton, adj St Johns Church 08:26
Burton Leonard, opp Holber Hill 08:30
Burton Leonard, opp The Green 08:31
Copgrove, adj St Michael & All Angels Church 08:33
Copgrove, adj Jubilee Business Park 08:34
Staveley Royal Oak (E-bound) 08:37
Staveley The Green (E-bound) 08:38
Staveley Townend Cottages (S-bound) 08:38
Ferrensby, opp Green Lane 08:40
Arkendale White Cross (SE-bound) 08:40
Arkendale, opp Blue Bell 08:42
Arkendale Bluebell PH (W-bound) 08:42
Ferrensby Crossroads (W-bound) 08:44
Ferrensby, adj The Pond 08:45
Farnham, opp Whingarth 08:47
Farnham, opp St Oswald's Church 08:48
Scotton Lingerfield School (S-bound) 08:50
Scotton Pencob House (S-bound) 08:52
Scotton Poplar Green (S-bound) 08:52
Scotton Guy Fawkes (S-bound) 08:53
Scotton Mire Syke Lane (S-bound) 08:54
Scotton Park (S-bound) 08:54
Scotton Drive (SE-bound) 08:56
Scriven Appleby Ave (SE-bound) 08:57
Scriven Netheredge Drive (SE-bound) 08:57
Scriven Beechwood (SE-bound) 08:58
Scriven Lands Lane (SE-bound) 08:58
Knaresborough Stockwell Rd Surgery (SE-bound) 09:03
Knaresborough Castle School (SE-bound) 09:04
Knaresborough Bus Stn Stand C (C) 09:06

Knaresborough - York

Knaresborough Bus Stn Stand C (C) 15:15
Knaresborough Castle School (SW-bound) 15:15
Knaresborough Stockwell Rd Surgery (NW-bound) 15:16
Knaresborough High Bond End (NW-bound) 15:18
Scriven Lands Lane (NW-bound) 15:19
Scriven Beechwood (NW-bound) 15:20
Scriven Netheredge Drive (NW-bound) 15:20
Lingerfield Scotton Banks (NW-bound) 15:21
Scotton Drive (NW-bound) 15:22
Scotton Park (N-bound) 15:23
Scotton Mire Syke Lane (N-bound) 15:24
Scotton Guy Fawkes (N-bound) 15:25
Scotton Poplar Green (N-bound) 15:25
Scotton Pencob House (N-bound) 15:25
Scotton Lingerfield School (N-bound) 15:26
Farnham, adj St Oswald's Church 15:29
Farnham, adj Whingarth 15:29
Ferrensby, opp The Pond 15:32
Ferrensby Crossroads (E-bound) 15:32
Arkendale Bluebell PH Car Park (E-bound) 15:35
Arkendale, adj Blue Bell 15:35
Arkendale Lane End White Cross (NW-bound) 15:36
Ferrensby, adj Green Lane 15:37
Staveley Townend Cottages (N-bound) 15:39
Staveley The Green (W-bound) 15:40
Staveley, opp Royal Oak 15:40
Copgrove, opp Jubilee Business Park 15:44
Copgrove, opp St Michael & All Angels Ch 15:44
Burton Leonard, adj The Green 15:47
Burton Leonard, adj Holber Hill 15:47
Bishop Monkton, opp St Johns Church 15:52
Bishop Monkton, adj C of E Primary School 15:52
Bishop Monkton, adj Lamb & Flag 15:53
Bishop Monkton, opp The Village Hall 15:53
Bishop Monkton Railway Bridge (N-bound) 15:55
Littlethorpe The Potteries (N-bound) 15:58
Littlethorpe Church (N-bound) 16:00
Littlethorpe Railway View (S-bound) 16:01
Littlethorpe West View (W-bound) 16:02
Ripon Knaresborough Rd (N-bound) 16:04
Ripon Knaresborough Road (N-bound) 16:05
Ripon Southgate (NE-bound) 16:05
Ripon Wakeman Road (NW-bound) 16:05
Ripon Southgate (NW-bound) 16:06
Ripon Southgate (N-bound) 16:06
Ripon Barefoot Street (W-bound) 16:07
Ripon Bus Station Stand 3 (3) 16:09
Ripon The White Horse (N-bound) 16:15
Ure Bank The Clock Tower (NE-bound) 16:16
Ure Bank Station Hotel (E-bound) 16:16
Ure Bank North Bridge (NE-bound) 16:17
Ure Bank North Bridge (SE-bound) 16:17
Sharow Berrygate Lane (E-bound) 16:20
Sharow Lister House (SE-bound) 16:20
Copt Hewick, adj Luncarr Lane 16:24
Bridge Hewick, adj Ray Lane 16:24
Marton-le-Moor Chapel Lane (E-bound) 16:29
Marton-le-Moor Moor Lane Junction (NW-bound) 16:29
Dishforth Airfield, opp Balk Top 16:30
Dishforth Airfield, opp Sycamore Drive 16:30
Dishforth Airfield, adj Main Gates 16:31
Dishforth Airfield, adj Sycamore Drive 16:32
Dishforth Airfield, adj Balk Top 16:32
Kirby Hill Church Close (W-bound) 16:38
Kirby Hill Blue Bell (W-bound) 16:39
Kirby Hill Church Banks (S-bound) 16:39
Kirby Hill, opp East View 16:40
Langthorpe Corner (SE-bound) 16:41
Boroughbridge, opp Anchor Inn 16:42
Boroughbridge, adj Crown Hotel 16:43
Boroughbridge St James Square (E-bound) 16:44
Aldborough, adj The Square 16:48
Aldborough Hill View (SW-bound) 16:48
Marton Stockfield Lane (W-bound) 16:53
Marton Village Hall (S-bound) 16:55
Upper Dunsforth Keld Lane (E-bound) 16:58
Great Ouseburn, opp Branton Court 16:59
Great Ouseburn Green Hill (SE-bound) 16:59
Great Ouseburn Churchfield Lane (SE-bound) 17:00
Great Ouseburn Boat Lane (E-bound) 17:01
Little Ouseburn Village Hall (W-bound) 17:03
Little Ouseburn Village Green (SW-bound) 17:03
Little Ouseburn Lane End (SW-bound) 17:04
Whixley Stone Gate (SE-bound) 17:08
Whixley Vine Farm Close (SE-bound) 17:08
Green Hammerton Rosedale Cottage (SE-bound) 17:11
Green Hammerton The Bay Horse Inn (SE-bound) 17:12
Green Hammerton Springbank Surgery (SE-bound) 17:12
Kirk Hammerton, opp Station Road 17:14
Wilstrop Nun Monkton Lane End (SW-bound) 17:14
Moor Monkton Crossroads (SE-bound) 17:18
Hessay A59 (opp New Road) 17:20
Upper Poppleton, adj Red Lion A59 17:23
Upper Poppleton, opp Garden Centre 17:24
Nether Poppleton, opp Wheatlands 17:25
Acomb, adj Low Poppleton Lane 17:25
Acomb, opp Wheatlands Grove 17:26
Acomb, adj Plantation Drive 17:26
Acomb, opp Cranbrook Avenue 17:26
Holgate, opp Malvern Avenue 17:27
Holgate, adj Seldon Road 17:28
Holgate, opp Grantham Drive 17:29
Holgate Park (o/s) 17:30
Holgate, adj Fox Inn 17:31
Holgate Hill (opp Hollybank House) 17:32
York, adj Cambridge Street 17:33
York Blossom Street (BB) 17:35
York Rail Station (RB) 17:37
York Rougier Street (CG) 17:38
York Micklegate (CK) 17:39
York Clifford Street (TG) 17:41
York Ryedale Building 17:43
York Piccadilly (PF) 17:45

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